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Ever woken up in a sweat and desperately tried to kick off your covers in order to cool down? If so, you aren’t alone. In fact, this is a common problem. When the hotter months roll around, sometimes even removing the duvet isn’t enough to stay cool because the heat radiates from the mattress itself. Whether you want to get better sleep during warm weather or tend to get hot regardless of the season, buying a cooling mattress topper can help you sleep through the night.

Rather than going into debt and investing heavily in a new mattress, this more affordable solution might just be what you’ve been looking for with your sleep. Especially when you’re trying to hide the fading performance of an old mattress, this extra cushion can add a new lease of life that you notice from the very first night. Even with a new mattress, there’s no reason why you can’t benefit from the increased breathability and comfort of your cooling mattress pad.

If you see the term ‘passive cooling pad,’ this means the topper will sleep cool without changing the bed’s temperature. Most of these are made from materials like gel-infused memory foam or latex. On the other hand, an ‘active cooling pad’ will have a built-in feature to help with cooling; this could be a water tank, fan, or something different altogether.

Buying mattress pads can be difficult since you can’t try them all out in person, so we’ve compiled a short list of the best cooling mattress pads taking the guesswork out of your purchase. We’ve considered performance, motion transfer (for couples!), washable covers, pricing, and more. Hopefully, you’ll find the best cooling mattress topper for your needs!

The Best Cooling Mattress Pads

The Best Cooling Mattress Pads Comparison Table



Key Features


SleepBetter best cooling mattress pad review and buying guide by

- Outlast Adaptive Comfort Technology (for cooling)
- 3 inches of thick temperature-sensitive memory foam
- Machine washable, hypoallergenic cotton cover

Latex for Less best cooling mattress pad review and buying guide by

- 100% natural latex is safe and breathable
- Provides exceptional comfort and support
- Antimicrobial, mildew and dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic

Natures Sleep best cooling mattress padreview and buying guide by

- Increased airflow with large open memory foam cells
- Soft polyester microfiber (washable and hypoallergenic)
- Patented gel memory foam system

ExceptionalSheets best cooling mattress padreview and buying guide by

- Comfortable, soft, and breathable
- Tested in lab conditions and certified safe
- Plush rayon from bamboo cover

LUCID best cooling mattress pad review and buying guide by

- Helps to eliminate pressure point pain
- Infused bamboo charcoal regulates moisture, temperature, and odor
- Resistant to bacterial growth and naturally hypoallergenic


ViscoSoft best cooling mattress pad review and buying guide by

- Gel-infused 2’’ topper relieves pressure points
- No trapped body heat with excellent airflow
- CertiPUR-US certified memory foam

chiliPAD Cube best cooling mattress pad review and buying guide by

- Energy efficient
- The adjustable, water-based system regulates the surface temperature
- The wide temperature range – 55-110F (12.8-43.3C)

The Best Cooling Mattress Pads Reviews

SleepBetter: The Best Memory Foam Cooling Mattress Pad

When it comes to memory foam, we couldn’t ignore the SleepBetter Iso-Cool topper. Just as the name suggests, coolness is provided with a 300-thread count 100% cotton cover, three inches of visco-elastic memory foam, and RichLoft polyester fiberfill (with Outlast Adaptive Comfort Technology). What does this last one mean? Well, it maintains a moderated body temperature throughout the night. As soon as you start to get hot, the pad will draw this heat away.

As long as your mattress is under 20 inches, the 15-inch TightGrip skirt will fit perfectly. Also, the cover can be thrown in the machine, and it will remain hypoallergenic. As well as comfort, many of the positive reviews online for this product have suggested use in minimizing pain. If you see people talking about the weight of the topper, this is actually just a result of the thick foam. Considering the great feeling, you’ll get when climbing into bed for the first time; we don’t think the extra weight is a huge problem.

Latex for Less: The Best Latex Cooling Mattress Pad

For both the latex market and anybody worried about synthetic and harmful materials, we have the ideal solution in Latex for Less. As you can see above, the company uses 100% natural latex, and it has three different safety certifications; GOTS, Oeko-Tex, and Eco-Institut. Basically, there are no synthetic additives, no fillers, and even no chemical smell.

If you’re having problems with your existing mattress or just want to keep yourself protected, there aren’t too many better options. It’s completely natural, antimicrobial, resistant to dust mites and mildew, hypoallergenic, and more. On top of this, users can choose between firm, medium, and soft support (and two or three inches profiles).

The reason we all need to be careful with latex normally is that many manufacturers create their latex from several sources. When latex from trees with different ages are pulled together, the end product is less durable and doesn’t offer consistent support. With Latex for Less, we have a reliable brand because they use certified Dunlop latex, and it all comes from the same source. The pads don’t break down or sag, they’re resilient and will last for a long time, and they even keep their color. By the time you enter bed each night, it will have returned to its original shape and will be ready for another night of pressure point relief.

If you look at this product online, you’ll see the many positive reviews it has with customers. They love the support for the back, hips, knees, and shoulders (regardless of sleeping position), they love the completely natural material, and they enjoy the balance the topper provides between comfort and support. Although there’s no cover with the packaging, it does help with remaining cool with plenty of distributed aeration, and this is important given the theme of our guide today.

Nature’s Sleep: The Best Cooling Option For Support 

As our next product, we’ve chosen one based on the support it provides, and it’s from Nature’s Sleep. Although the most expensive on this list, we believe it’s worth the extra investment, and it all starts with the amazing AirCool IQ Gel technology. Thanks to this clever system, you get the comfort and support you would expect from thick toppers, but without the extra material and weight.

You’ll notice that the memory foam is only three inches, but it performs much like a five-pound memory foam mattress topper. The foam is light, offers visco-elastic technology, and it boosts airflow after reacting to the body of the sleeper (this occurs through the larger open memory foam cells). Therefore, the pad will mold to your body for comfort while also keeping you cool with a breathable material. Not only this, you should toss and turn less while reducing aches and pains in the neck, hips, back, and shoulder. We’re confident in the quality of the foam, and this is confirmed with the CeriPUR-US certification.

If you look online, you’ll notice positive reviews all around, and there seems to be a particular theme around the lack of noise created by this cooling mattress topper. Whether you sleep on the back, stomach, or back, you won’t be disrupted by creaks in the night, and it shouldn’t come with any odors.

To keep the pad in place and protected, a plush microfiber cover sits over the top. As a 300-thread count cover, you’ll be glad to know it can go in the machine, and it’s also hypoallergenic. With an 18-inch stretch, the cover will not only sit on top but wrap around the sides, and this means a protected pad (and mattress too!).

ExceptionalSheets: The Most Plush Feel Cooling Option

For the best plush option, we’ve decided to go for ExceptionalSheets for its breathability, unbeatable comfort and gentle support. Thanks to the choice of bamboo, you have a cooling mattress topper that’s utilized in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. For example, Courtyard, Marriott, and Omni have all welcomed the pad in recent times.

With a silky feel of the plush rayon from bamboo cover, you won’t believe how great it feels against the skin when first climbing into bed. However, we don’t want you to think it’s all about the feel because the RevoLoft Cluster Fiber filling is hypoallergenic and will help to keep the pad in shape. With the fiber balls trapping air, airflow is encouraged, and you should stay cool through the night too.

If you haven’t seen RevoLoft and their ‘fiberfill’ technology before, it essentially feels as good as goose and duck down (but without the allergies and inevitable poking that normally comes with it!). If your mattress uses memory foam, an innerspring, or latex, the pad will work perfectly. In fact, this cooling pad even has great reviews with mattresses that are known to hold heat, and this includes Tempur-Pedic.

As long as the mattress is under 18 inches in depth, the pad will fit. Also, you shouldn’t get frustrated with moving filling thanks to the double-needle baffle box stitch with the 160-thread cover. What’s more, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC - CFR Part 1632) has marked the pad as safe; it contains no flame-retardant chemicals and has been tested extensively in a lab.

LUCID: The Best Bamboo Charcoal Infused Cooling Mattress Topper

Next up, we have the LUCID cooling mattress topper and one that has StayFresh bamboo charcoal infusion. As you may know, charcoal is a brilliant ingredient for limiting odor, and this means the topper should stay fresher for longer. Additionally, the ingredient also wicks away excess moisture, and this should prevent sweating and discomfort even when the temperature outside threatens an uncomfortable night.

Another reason why we believe this is one of the best cooling mattress pads is because of the PureFlow ventilation system. Rather than allowing the heat to build, air flows, and the pad has maximum breathability. If you want a pad that offers support, we’ve got more great news because the LUCID product will mold to the body, support the lower back, and keep the spine in a neutral position. Overall, you should feel relief from pain in the knees, elbows, and hips.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a two-, three-, or four-inch thickness with the thickest option cradling the body more than the others. For those worried about hygiene, the memory foam resists bacterial growth, and the whole thing is naturally hypoallergenic. Just in case this wasn’t enough, there are no harmful chemicals used in production, and we know this thanks to the CertiPUR-US certification. It also comes with a three-year warranty.

ViscoSoft: The Best Gel-Infused Cooling Mattress Pad

If you choose this ViscoSoft cooling mattress topper, we believe you will love four different factors - relief for the pressure points, lack of motion transfer, temperature regulation, and body contouring.

In fact, make that five because it’s also more affordable than most toppers on this list. Therefore, it has earned its place in this list as a ‘best cooling mattress topper.’ Ultimately, the designers have focused on overheating, and it offers brilliant airflow to reduce trapped body heat as a result. With the memory foam, you also benefit from an aligned spine; through the night, it will perform better than cheaper alternatives (with a lower density) because the body won’t sink into the foam.

Made in the USA, we also like the fact that it has low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions for indoor air quality, has been regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and passes the CertiPUR-US guidelines. If you experience chronic pain or are a new parent, we believe the ViscoSoft to be perfect.

According to the manufacturers, the pad comes in at 42 pounds, and this is quite heavy compared to others you might find. Therefore, they make an effort to have the pad delivered to the doors of customers rather than having to get it home from a store. Also, ViscoSoft has ensured that the weight comes from high-quality materials. If there happens to be an issue with the product, you’ll have the protection of a three-year warranty (for all manufacturing defects).

ChiliPAD Sleep System: The Best Active Cooling Mattress Pad

In the introduction, we mentioned active cooling systems, and we’re going to bring this idea to life now with the ChiliPAD Sleep System mattress pad. When it comes to active cooling systems, this is the best cooling mattress pad you’ll find, and it’s perfect for those who have tried (and disliked) water beds. Whether you get too hot or too cool, this thermal regulating hydro-powered mattress pad regulates your temperature throughout the night.

Firstly, you’ll have a 25-ounce control unit, a remote control for quick adjustments at night, as well as a machine-washable hydronic pad. As silicone micro-tubes circulate water, the temperature of the existing mattress is controlled. If you want to make small adjustments, just use the remote control between 13 and 43 degrees Celsius (55-110°F).

Originally, the idea came from cold therapy, and the recovery benefits this brings. Especially for those who experience night sweats, hot flashes, body pain, or menopause, the cooling capabilities lead to a much more enjoyable sleep experience.

What about the logistics of the pad? This system works with each mattress size, so there’s no need for concern here. If you share a bed with a partner, there’s an option to choose two ‘sleep zones’; each partner can control their zone. With 80 watts per cube power rating, this is much lower than something like an air conditioning system. If you leave everything on in the morning, it will automatically shut down after 10 hours of continuous use so that you aren’t wasting energy (and money!).

Do You Need a Cooling Mattress Topper?

We’ve seen the best cooling mattress topper products, but do you actually need one? Over time, science has shown us that our body temperature needs to drop in order to fall asleep. In fact, we also know that low temperatures encourage the production of melatonin. When our bed is too hot, melatonin production slows, and we’re less likely to reach the deeper stages of sleep. With a cool mattress topper, therefore, the aim is to improve sleep quality and comfort. 

Here are some benefits of choosing a cooling mattress pad; 

Full Calendar Use - Often, people think cooling pads are only for summer, but this isn’t true. As you’ll see, when you start using one, they allow for the perfect sleeping environment throughout the calendar year. As the pad regulates the bed’s temperature, you can avoid overheating and find comfort even in the most extreme heats. 

Perfect for Couples - With clever water-cooling and forced-air systems, an active cooling mattress topper can isolate zones on the bed. Suddenly, both you and your partner can set your own temperature and sleep better than ever alongside one another. 

Improves Comfort - For side sleepers, especially, this extra layer of cushioning will work wonders for overall comfort. If you suffer from neck or back pain, it’s the most affordable method of alleviating this problem. 

Cool and Dry - Firstly, with the cooling gel and other technologies we’ve seen in the brilliant products above, heat should dissipate, and this means you aren’t left sweating and feeling uncomfortable. 

Low Cost - Mattresses are expensive, but pads can improve your comfort just as well for a much smaller fee. 

Saves Money - Do you currently run an expensive air conditioner in the evenings? After investing in a cooling pad, this is no longer necessary. Not only are air conditioners expensive to run, but they also dry the air, which normally means you’ll need to spend another sum of money to buy a humidifier too. 

Active vs. Passive Cooling Pads and Toppers 

You may have noticed that we’ve used the terms ‘topper’ and ‘pad’ in this guide, and this is something we will address in the next section. For now, how do cooling pads work? If your mattress tends to trap heat, or maybe you sleep hot anyway, cooling mattress pads are wonderful products because they regulate body temperature and reduce sweating. This being said, do you require an active or passive cooling pad?

Passive Cooling Pad

Firstly, we explained earlier that passive cooling pads use special materials as opposed to an external system to cool the bed. Gel-infused foams would be an example since they absorb and then transfer body heat. Visco-elastic polyfoam (gel-infused memory foam) is a polyurethane-based material treated with chemicals to become responsive to body temperature and then infused with cooling gel beads or swirls. With ventilated materials, no excess heat is stored, and you don’t have to overheat while sleeping. 

Additionally, you might find this term refers to naturally cool materials. This includes; 

Duck/geese feathers 

Lamb/sheep wool

Natural latex

Even with active cooling pads, they’re still likely to use covers that add to the cool experience. For example, manufacturers tend to prefer rayon, cotton, and bamboo fabric. 

Generally speaking, passive cooling pads are softer than those with active systems, so they can add more comfort to your sleep (they also require less maintenance). 

Active Cooling Pad 

On the other hand, materials aren’t enough for some companies, so they introduce water pumps, attachable fans, and other external cooling systems. One thing we love about active cooling pads is that the user has more control over temperature settings and other small features. Despite the name, these cooling pads can also provide a warming effect during winters. For couples, you might find pads and toppers with two independent fans (as long as you’re willing to spend a little more money!). 

However, with these designs, it’s important to think about fire risks, the constant flow of electricity, and increased utility bills. 

Semi-Passive Cooling Features 

Did you know there’s actually a third option? That’s right, and these semi-passive cooling pads require freezing before use. By doing this, the heat is removed, and the cooling effects can spring into action when you go to sleep. Sadly, many users find the need for constant refrigeration frustrating, and the effects don’t last for too long. 

Difference Between Pad, Topper, and Protector 

If you’re confused with the terminology that surrounds this niche, allow us to explain. With a topper, this is a removable layer that rests on top of a mattress to provide support, softness, and comfort. Traditionally, a pad was a thinner option, but the lines between the two have blurred in recent years. Both pads and toppers come in a number of sizes and thicknesses, and toppers may allow for a dual firmness for couples on King and Queen mattresses. 

What about a protector? There are many similarities between toppers and pads, but a protector is something different altogether. With a topper, this can make up for a poor mattress, improve firmness, isolate motion, and, as we’ve seen in this guide, prevent heat retention. With a protector, this isn’t so much a layer of padding but a fitted sheet or a zippered encasement. Rather than providing comfort and support, it protects the mattress from debris, mold, spills, stains, allergens, and bed bugs. 

The reason we wanted to introduce the idea of a protector is that many believe pads to be a wonderful combination of toppers and protectors. Often, they offer some cushioning and some waterproof properties. Yet, it’s important to be careful and read product descriptions because some brands will play fast and loose with different terms. 

How Different Materials Perform in Terms of Cooling

While making your decision, you’re likely to come across various materials. With this in mind, we wanted to provide a brief guide on how they work, and which would suit your needs! 


If you choose down and feathers, the interesting thing is that you’ll essentially have a cushion of air separating you from the mattress, which will effectively protect your body from sleeping hot. Of course, the potential downside is that some people have skin hypersensitivity and allergies to this natural material. If you’re worried or have any concerns, have a conversation with your doctor. 


It’s natural to think that natural wool would be the last thing you would want in a cooling mattress topper. Yet, wool can adapt to your body temperature and maintain it throughout the night. It’s what we call ‘hygroscopic,’ and this means we won’t sweat through the night. 

Cotton and Bamboo 

These two materials are usually used with the cover fabric. Sadly, a poor cover will ruin the experience of even the best cooling mattress pad, so it’s important to consider. With regenerated bamboo fibers and cotton, they both have high thermal conductivity, and they’re breathable. As you sleep, air flows under the body, and you remain cool. 


If you’re conscious of the environment, latex is a good choice as it comes from rubber trees. We can stay cool and avoid the problem of trapped heat because of the open cell structure. What’s more, there’s less sinking, and latex is incredibly responsive; this may also help you with temperature regulation. We recommend researching carefully when a brand says they use latex because some will combine natural and synthetic latex. Depending on the materials' proportion, the cooling properties of these models may vary.

Egg-Crate Foams

This is a material we haven’t yet mentioned, and it’s the first of our two synthetic materials. Due to its structure, egg-crate foams are breathable and, when infused with gel, offer a double effect with body temperature regulation. In terms of cooling, the level to which this material will help depends on its density and material quality. The denser the foam, the more durable and effective the cooling mattress topper is. 

Gel-Infused Foams 

As the second synthetic material, this is a new breed of memory foam which has been designed to deal with the known heat-trapping issues. With special gel microbeads inside, the foam will adjust to body temperature while maintaining a steady microclimate all through the night. 

Who Will Benefit the Most from a Cooling Mattress Pad?

We all have unique needs, so it’s useful to look at just who will benefit from a cooling mattress pad the most. If any of these apply to you, we highly recommend investing today! 

Comforter Needs 

If you like to sleep with a comforter or a fluffy blanket on top, the main problem is the retained heat. Therefore, you need to introduce airflow, and this is more efficient with a cooling mattress topper than by turning on the air conditioning. 

Warm Climate 

In a similar way, anybody living in a warm climate could use one of these products. Running the air conditioner constantly gets expensive, so why not invest in a solution that has the potential to last for many years? You save energy, you save money in the long term, and you get a good night’s sleep for the first time in a while. 

Couple Requirements 

You might be a perfect fit in life, but are you a perfect fit in bed? Not all couples are, so a mattress topper with active cooling systems allows for individual control. You can both get comfortable without arguments and one having to sacrifice their comfort each night. 

Hot Flashes 

As we get older, the sleeping habits we used in our younger years don’t quite work their magic. For women going through the menopause, hot flashes can ruin a good night’s sleep, and this is where a cooling mattress topper comes in. When the hormones fluctuate and overheating becomes the norm in bed, having the right pad can make all the difference. We aren’t saying that it will end all your problems, and you won’t still feel the need to put your head in the fridge from time to time, but it will certainly help to regulate temperature more effectively. 

Hot Mattress

Put simply, those who continually wake up hot and sweaty thanks to their mattress will almost certainly benefit from a cooling mattress pad. 

Buying Considerations 

What do you need to consider before buying the best cooling mattress topper for YOU? Let’s take a look! 

Bed Size 

What is the size of your bed? If your bed doesn’t conform to the standard US bed sizes, you might have difficulty finding a cooling topper that fits (and stays in place over the course of a full night). Across the internet, you’ll see all sorts of promises that toppers and pads stretch to fit nearly every size. In reality, this isn’t exactly true. While some will stretch and grip well when they first arrive, it won’t take long before they lose elasticity, and you’re left adjusting the pad every single night. If you don’t have a traditional size at all, you will need to dig a little deeper into the market than most. 


After spending money on a cooling mattress pad, the last thing you want is to be looking for a replacement shortly after. Therefore, durability is the next buying consideration. For this, we recommend looking at the pricing of pads and also reading the reviews from customers. If you can make the mattress pad last for a few years, this is ideal, and you can consider it money well spent. The cheaper you go in the market, the more likely you are to need a replacement much sooner. 

Even if it means spending more money in the short-term, buying a durable pad with excellent reviews (like the ones suggested earlier) allows for peace of mind. We should note that, since the pad will be on the front line, it’s unlikely to outlast the mattress itself. 

Ventilation and Infusions

Over the years, memory foam mattress toppers have gained a reputation for retaining heat; hopefully, this guide has gone some way to ending this myth. Especially when the cooling mattress pad is infused with copper, gel, or graphite, there’s no reason why we can’t sleep comfortably without overheating. These days, both memory foam and latex foam toppers can be infused with one of these materials. Also, pay attention to whether or not the product has ventilation holes since this will encourage airflow.


Also, we shouldn’t forget that the mattress pad will be the highest layer on a given bed; it needs to be comfortable to sleep on night after night. Again, we can’t read too much into customer comments with this consideration because people like different things. This is subjective and is just one reason why couples have trouble both finding comfort in bed. With a cooling mattress topper, it needs to provide support without being too firm, it needs to be plush without becoming too soft, and this is a difficult proposition. 


You need to trust in your cooling mattress pad and feel safe, and this is something that comes with CertiPUR-US certification. When a product has this certification, it means it has been tested and has passed safety measures and quality assurance procedures. 

Hypoallergenic and Waterproof Properties

If you want to avoid spills seeping through to the mattress, it might be worth checking the waterproof qualities of all potential cooling mattress toppers. Meanwhile, those with allergies should consider hypoallergenic toppers; this will ensure a comfortable sleep both now and into the future. 


Next up, the way you feel in bed is often determined by the firmness of your mattress, and the same is true for toppers and pads. When pads are firmer, there’s less sinking, and you won’t feel wrapped up in the material. With soft pads, we sink, and the material starts to hug us, which is a nightmare in the warmer months. If possible, stick with firmer pads if you want to prevent overheating. 


Generally, pad density sits between three and five, and it’s something that affects comfort as well as the pad’s ability to cool. When a cooling mattress pad is dense inside, there’s less space for air to pass through, and this means a potential for overheating. With a low density, there’s more space, and this allows for temperature regulation. 

On the other hand, sinking is a problem with less dense pads, and this is why it’s important to manage the delicate balance. If you carry more weight than the average person or experience back problems, you need the extra support that comes with dense mattress pads. If you follow the advice of somebody else blindly here, you might choose a pad that doesn’t quite suit your needs, so put yourself first. 


Thankfully, we’ve gone into great detail with the material, so you should now have a better idea of how it works and what type of material you need. In terms of popularity, we find that latex and gel-infused memory foam take the crown. With their ability to cool without requiring an additional fan or water-based system, airflow is encouraged, and we can stay cool with little effort. 


You’re likely to find three main options for thickness; 

Two inches - As the thinnest option, this is for situations where the mattress still offers great support, and you only want to utilize the cooling properties. We recommend a thin wool topper or a thin gel pad. 

Three inches - As the middle option, this combines comfort and support. You get the cooling properties, additional back support, and extra comfort. 

Four inches - With the most luxurious experience, four inches is all about high-quality foam and providing the most support (useful if your mattress is older and worn). 


Often, we see too many people paying attention to firmness, comfort, support, thickness, and everything else…but they forget the cover. We believe that a good cover should be simplistic; with too many materials, they get in the way of the airflow, and the cooling sensation isn’t as strong as it should be. We’ve seen plenty of thick covers over the years, and they all prevent effective circulation. Also, lots of material means the potential of holding onto heat. 

Instead, look for covers with little material and the ones that use breathable fabrics. Ultimately, we think cotton and bamboo are the best options for a cooling mattress topper. 

Maintenance and Storage 

Another consideration that often goes forgotten is the care and storage side of things. If you live alone and will need to move the pad between rooms, having a heavy model may soon get frustrating. You might move home, stay in two different homes, or have another reason to move the pad; if so, pay attention to the weight of your chosen topper. 

On a similar note, how do you plan on storing the topper? How do you care for it? Can it be stored away whenever you don’t need it? Will it need cleaning professionally? If not, does it fit into the washing machine? These are all questions you need to answer. 

Manufacturer Warranty 

As the final buying consideration, we always recommend going for a manufacturer who provides some protection just in case something happens to go wrong. In the world of commerce, the vast majority of warranties go unused. But, as those who have been caught out will tell you, it’s always worth having help when you need it. As well as checking a warranty exists, look through the text, and see exactly what’s covered. 

The Best Cooling Mattress Topper Buying Tips 

Before we go into the final section and answer some common questions, here are some buying tips that may help you to decide between two products! 

Don’t forget your budget. With so many fantastic products on the market these days, there’s no need to break the bank. However, remember what we said about price and quality. If you can stretch a little further for higher quality, it’s normally a wise investment. 

What do you prefer in terms of feel? Over the years, memory foam has become incredibly popular, and this material comes with a slow sinking sensation. Elsewhere, there’s another audience that enjoys the bounce that comes with a more responsive foam. For example, latex is often bouncy. Think about what you prefer before buying a cooling mattress pad. 

Since it will affect how deeply you sink into the surface, the next buying tip is to think about your weight. For those who are larger, you’re in danger of sinking further, and this means losing both support and comfort. The lower you sink, the hotter you become. 

For back sleepers, look for a product with a balance between support and comfort. Meanwhile, side sleepers need a soft topper, and stomach sleepers should go for a design that prioritizes firmness and proper support for the hips. 

Just because you’re a hot sleeper, this doesn’t mean you fall into the same category with the same needs as everybody else. You might read that a topper has kept lots of people cool, but you cannot assume that you will have the same positive experience. Look for numerous cooling features and be willing to try more than one cooling pad (don’t assume that none will work just because the first didn’t). 


What is Outlast technology?

Essentially, Outlast technology utilizes PCM (phase change materials) to increase comfort. Based on your body temperature, the materials absorb and release heat. If you’re worried about making an investment that only comes in handy during the warmer months, this isn’t the case at all with PCM. When you’re warm, the pad will take some of the heat. When you’re cold, it will release heat. No matter what month, you’re comfortable in bed, and sleep comes easy. 

Will a cooling mattress pad help when my memory foam mattress gets hot?

If you have a memory foam mattress and it gets hot at night, a cooling topper may just resolve the issue. By regulating temperature and encouraging airflow, materials like gel memory foam can help your bed massively. 

How long can I expect a cooling mattress pad to last?

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a definitive answer here because it all depends on the mattress pad itself. If we look at the industry, generally, thinner pads should last for between two and three years. On the other hand, those with advanced cooling systems might stretch to five years and beyond (some keep their pads for a decade!). 

How do I deal with warm summer nights when my mattress gets hot?

If you get too hot in the warmer months, we recommend looking at the best cooling mattress toppers above. Designed to promote air circulation and allow breathing for the mattress itself, it’s an affordable way to deal with a common problem. You can also invest in more breathable covers and sheets (bamboo is always a great start!). 

Will a cooling pad actually help?

Ask the thousands of people who have tried one and never looked back. Designed for cooling, they remove the retained heat problem and keep you cool through the night. This being said, there are some exceptions to the general rule, and one is people who have a health problem. There could be an underlying reason for your sweating and overheating, so please don’t assume that a cooling pad will resolve all your problems. 


This brings our best cooling mattress pad guide to a close; we hope you’re now closer to a decision and understand the different materials, options, buying considerations, and more. With extra cushion for comfort, some support, and cooling features, these mattress pads have the potential to really transform your sleeping habits. 

Don’t forget, your needs are most important when buying a cooling mattress pad or topper. You have a list of reliable and brilliant mattress pads above, but only you can make the right decision. Do you want an active cooling system or passive cooling materials in your pad? Do you want a soft or firm sleep surface? What’s your bed size? Are you carrying extra weight? Once you answer the most important questions, it becomes easy to find what you need! 

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