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Are you one of the 70 percent of people who love to side sleep? If so, then you likely know what it’s like to wake up and fluff your pillow just to get a good night’s rest. Side sleepers, unlike back and stomach sleepers, need additional support, which is why basic pillows just won’t cut it.

Since there is more distance between the mattress and the head, side sleepers must have extra support for their spine, shoulders, and neck. An ideal pillow for them should be larger in size and offer firmer support. The right materials for the job include buckwheat and memory foam, as they tend to alleviate pressure points in the shoulders and neck region.

Many pillows on the market claim to be the best for side sleepers, only to come up short. How can you get the most from side sleeping without facing any of the negative effects? Thankfully, there are a host of side-sleeping pillows (at different price ranges) that can alleviate any neck and shoulder pain. So, what are the best pillows for side sleepers?

The Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

The Best Pillows for Side Sleepers Comparison Table



Key Features


Nest Bedding best pillow for side sleepers review by

- Supportive CertiPUR-certified shredded memory foam
- Adjustable for any sleep style
- Breathable Tencel fabric keeps you cool

The Scrumptious by Drift best pillow for side sleepers review by

- Soft yet incredibly supportive
- Customizable design helps reduce snoring
- High-quality memory foam promotes air circulation


Cradle Me best pillow for side sleepers review by

- Promotes proper alignment and support
- Highest quality durable memory foam
- Can ease neck and back pain


Hullo best pillow for side sleepers review by

- The cover is removable and machine washable
- Buckwheat hulls are highly breathable
- Add or remove buckwheat hulls to adjust the loft

Leesa best pillow for side sleepers review by

- Great cooling properties from the ventilated gel layer
- Down-like quilted pocket layer makes it soft and fluffy
- Extremely adjustable

MedCline best pillow for side sleepers review by

- Unique patented side-sleeping technology
- Prevents the body from sliding down overnight
- Efficient against heartburn and acid reflux

Mediflow best pillow for side sleepers review by

- Clinically proven waterbase technology
- Adjustable levels of firmness
- Hypoallergenic & comfortable cotton shell


Wamsutta best pillow for side sleepers review by

- Your head won’t sink into the pillow
- Firm and durable polyester filling
- 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


Coop Home Goods best pillow for side sleepers review by

- Unique adjustable design
- The case is breathable and soft
- CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified


​​​​The Best Pillows for Side Sleepers Reviews

Nest Bedding: the most comfortable pillow

There are two key things that stand out when using the Nest Bedding side sleeper pillow: first, it’s extremely comfortable; second, it’s easy to alter the pillow’s profile.

You can find this pillow in three sizes – Standard, King, and Queen. Be sure to choose the size that’s best for you. All too often, pillows are too big or small for users, which can hinder one’s sleep quality. Nest Bedding is made of CertiPUR-certified shredded memory foam that can provide ultimate support without the firmness commonly associated with memory foams.

Nest Bedding can be adjusted for height and firmness. It arrives overstuffed, but with its zippered cover, you can easily remove or add foam to get the firmness and height you want. Similar to pillow size, the best pillows for side sleepers can be adjusted to whoever is using it. Everybody has a sleeping position they prefer, and this pillow ensures you have the proper firmness and height for your particular needs. With the right neck support, this is considered an excellent choice for side sleepers.

How does it feel when you use it? It comes with a soft cover that has a nice feel to it. The fabric is made of Tencel – a breathable material that will keep you cool throughout the night. Tencel, unlike cotton, has better moisture absorption properties. If you don’t think this is the best pillow for side sleepers, the manufacturer offers a 30-nights demo that can be returned without any problems.

The Scrumptious by Drift: the best anti-snore pillow for side sleepers

If you snore throughout the night, you need a side sleeper pillow that can alleviate the problem as well as relieve your back and neck pains. Drift will provide support for your neck and back, keep your spine aligned and relieve the pressure points that make it difficult to sleep. The unique design can decrease snoring or eradicate it completely. Snoring problems go back to breathing problems, and Drift offers the right amount of head elevation to ensure proper breathing while sleeping.

The pillow’s height can be altered, as it has a zipper that allows you to add to or remove filling to ensure you get the loft that best works for you. Unlike other options, it maintains its softness even after you adjust its height. With this side sleeper pillow, you don’t have to sacrifice on comfort for additional loft. You can have the best of both worlds.

The Drift’s filling is made up of 100 percent CertiPUR-US certified copper-infused foam, which simply means it’s much healthier than typical foam. Copper helps keep foam cooler and offers antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. And, if you needed another reason why this is the best pillow for side sleepers, the company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee (with no cost to you to ship it back) if you’re not impressed with it.

Cradle Me: the best cervical support pillow

When it comes to the best pillow for side sleepers who want cervical support, you just found it. This pillow can ease your neck and back pain thanks to its orthopedic design. Its ergonomic shape will gently cradle your head, neck, and shoulders while proving a sensual feel of a high-end pillow.

The majority of orthopedic pillows use gel for their filling, but not Cradle Me. It’s comprised of high-quality memory foam that will contour to the shape of your neck and head to ensure a good amount of support. Organic contours mimic the body’s natural curves and will adjust to the different sleep positions you get into much better than regular pillows.

With most pillows, you get one height at a time; Cradle Me has a butterfly shape that provides several height choices without needing to add or remove filling. This unique feature allows for support of the parts of your body that need it the most. With the memory foam filling, your muscles can stay relaxed, which helps to ease the pain in your shoulders, back, and neck.

Cradle Me side sleeper pillow uses only the best memory foam available – foam that is both odorless and non-toxic. It can also protect you against allergens that can cause health problems in sensitive individuals and hinder your ability to sleep well. Best of all, the 100 percent Polyester-blend cover can be removed, and machine washed.

Hullo (Buckwheat Pillow): the best organic choice

If you’re all about all-natural products, then Hullo may be just what you are after. Buckwheat pillows are extremely popular in Asia, as they have helped millions of people get the much-needed sleep they’ve been longing for. The pillow only uses organic materials – fabrics and filling. Plus, the manufacturer is looking to keep its carbon footprint low during the production process to contribute towards environmental conservation.

Comfort is the biggest thing for these pillows, which are simple in design and quite durable. The twill casing is comprised of 100 percent cotton fiber. The company works to get organically sourced buckwheat hulls that have been certified to be free of both herbicides and pesticides. They go through stringent cleaning processes to eliminate any bugs, dust, seeds, and other fragments that can alter the pillow’s quality.

Commonly-used pillows lock in heat, which can make the pillow uncomfortable for use – more so during the summer months. With no airflow, the warm air cannot escape from the fill. However, the buckwheat hulls let air move in and out of the pillow, which keeps it cool even when it’s really hot outside. There’s no reason to wake up and flip your pillow over because it stays cool throughout the night.

Most pillows you see on store shelves do not provide proper support, leading to strains on your neck, back, and shoulders. However, buckwheat hulls are extremely flexible, which means they move to your body’s shape to ensure all-natural support.

It’s important to find a pillow for side sleepers that can have its height adjusted, and with Hullo’s hidden zipper, you can create a perfect support structure for your head and neck. The pillow ships fully stuffed, which ensures you have plenty of buckwheat hulls to get the loft the way you want it. With its malleable quality, you’ll ensure there is support under your neck, so your spine stays straight, and your muscles will relax.

Special Note: Hulls cannot be cleaned in a washer machine. Instead, you’ll need to place them under the sun to disinfect them. If they get wet, place them in the sunlight to dry out.

Lessa Hybrid: the most adjustable pillow for side sleepers

When people talk about customizable pillows, they often mean the ones that allow to add or remove filling to adjust their firmness and height. And, they may be talking about the Lessa Hybrid Pillow, which aims to please side sleepers.

Lessa is customizable in every sense – it comes with a down-like quilted pocket layer on one side and a ventilated gel layer on the other side. There is also a removable insert in the center. This side sleeper pillow is both soft and fluffy thanks to its quilted pocket top, but it also provides ample support for your neck and head. It’s not like other memory foam pillows where your head sinks down into the surface. With Lessa, your head still stays on top of the pillow. Regardless of your preference for customization, the product was created to give users the best support and allow your body to relax and sleep.

Lessa gets its support from the ventilated gel layer, which also ensures the pillow stays in place while you sleep. Best of all, even in the dead of summer, it will stay cool on this side.

How can you clean this pillow to increase its longevity? Open the pillow’s zipper cover and take the gel insert out. You cannot wash this insert, but spot cleaning is recommended. For the remainder of the pillow and the cover, you can throw them into the washer machine.

An even better deal? Lessa offers a 100-night, in-home trial. If you’re unhappy with the product for any reason, you can get a full refund… no questions asked.

MedCline: the best wedge pillow

Of all options on the list, this is going to be the priciest of them all. Is it worth it, though? Absolutely!

MedCline has a unique design that includes an armrest, which side sleepers find useful. No worries about sliding down while sleeping, as the patented arm pocket at the top of the advanced positioning wedge ensures you won’t slide down.

The pillow uses four kinds of foam to improve overall comfort and support. When you sleep at an angle of the MedCline wedge, your stomach, head, and neck (entire torso) stay inclined. The manufacturer came up with its advanced sleeping position design – ideal for people who sleep on their left side. The pillow underwent five clinical trials and found it was extremely effective against coughing, choking, heartburn, regurgitation, nausea, and other health problems.

Thanks to this advanced positioning wedge, people can use their preferred pillow on top, which will make the transition to this new sleep position easier. The product comes in two sizes – large and small – all dependent on your height.

The plush cover, which is made up of 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester CBC velour, can be removed and washed. The fabric regulates the temperature and gives the utmost comfort. The foam, made in the U.S., contains no dangerous chemicals, which will improve the effectiveness, value, and comfort of this side sleeper pillow.

Mediflow: the best water pillow 

Mediflow makes use of the waterbase technology that an independent Johns Hopkins study has found to help alleviate neck pain and improve overall sleep quality.

For those who remember what a waterbed is, a waterbase pillow is similar to the waterbed mattress. It’s extremely comfortable to lay on but gives you the support you need to remain in a comfortable position all night long. Whether you sleep on your stomach, back or side or switch between any of them, the water moves with your head – no need to fluff or adjust this pillow.

A durable liner lines the interior of Mediflow, where you add water to a height that you feel comfortable with. With this side sleeper pillow, you can get the right height for your head to remain in perfect alignment with the spine. This can be hard to do with a regular pillow.

Another reason this is the best pillow for side sleepers is that it’s made of 100% cotton and hypoallergenic. It won’t get hot at any point in the night, so you stay cool even in the dead summer heat.
It is made in the USA and is very easy to care for. To show conviction in its product, the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back grantee as well as a three-year warranty for manufacturer defects.

Wamsutta: the best firm pillow for side sleepers

If an extra-firm pillow is what you are after, then you need to purchase Wamsutta. It is made with a polyester filling and a 100 percent cotton, 300-thread count cover. With the extra firm pillow, side sleepers will get the much-needed sleep they’ve longed for. The pillow will conform to the body while giving you the support it needs.

Wamsutta comes in sizes of King, Queen, and Standard, so there is an option for anybody in the house. The pillow’s filling is a synthetic material, which means its loftiness will be held for longer compared to down or other natural fillings. And, even though it’s got some height to it, your head won’t easily sink in this pillow.

And, if you’re still hesitant about this product, the manufacturer offers a three-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Coop Home Goods: the best shredded memory foam pillow

It’s not uncommon for side sleepers to enjoy the contour of memory foam. After all, the material will mold with the head and neck to reduce discomfort and prevent new pressure points from occurring.

The Coop Home side sleeper pillow offers a gusseted design for edge-to-edge support. It also includes padding with gel-infused, shredded memory foam as well as polyester microfibers. On top of consistently conforming to your body, the materials are also very breathable, so the pillow stays cool even in high heat temperatures.

This side sleeper pillow allows users to adjust the loft to meet their particular needs - you can add or remove fill at any time to increase or decrease the volume of the pillow. If you need even more bulk to your pillow, the manufacturer provides you opportunities to buy more filling.

Coop Home Goods uses a cover that is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites – great for people with allergies. It’s made of bamboo rayon and polyester that are both breathable and soft. Coop Home Goods puts all its products through a stringent, third-party lab test to ensure safety and uses only GreenGuard Gold and CertiPur-US-certified materials for their best quality. You won’t find any toxic chemicals in this product. Free shipping is available for every U.S. state, and the company offers a 100-night sleep trial with a five-year warranty.

How to Sleep on Your Side the Right Way

Many people find side sleeping best for getting high-quality sleep; however, it can lead to a host of issues with your posture if you are not careful. This is something you must be mindful of. It's not unusual to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in only to realize you're uncomfortable hours later. So, when shopping for a new side sleeper pillow and getting settled in for the night, there are a few factors to remember.

Place a Pillow Between The Knees

To keep your hips in a natural position, place a pillow in between your knees. You can find a specialty pillow for the job, as well as try a regular pillow first to see if it works for you.

Don't Sleep In The Fetal Position 

Many people sleep in the fetal position; however, it's much harder to keep the spine aligned in it. If you were to look at someone laying in this position from above, you would see that the spine is placed under a lot of strain and has many curves to it. You may feel comfortable with your legs pulled up to your chest, but it's not the best position to sleep in. 

Remember Your Hips 

Your hip position can have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. You want your hips to be perpendicular with the bed ( the side of the hip touching the bed should be directly below the opposite side). This will keep you from twisting the spine, which can add tension to the column.

Have Complete Neck Support 

You may have an ideal pillow for your neck in terms of height, but if your spine has no real support, it can easily become misaligned. Traditional pillows either give your head support or neck support, but contoured/cervical pillows will take care of both of them. 

Be Mindful Of Your Neck's Angle Compared To The Rest Of Your Body 

Most sleepers have either too thin or too thick of a pillow, which causes upward or downward curves in the neck. It's why people would rather use a pillow that offers adjustable height (loft). The best pillows for side sleepers will take loft into consideration.

Maintain A Straight Spine, Parallel To Your Mattress

A neutral spinal position is known for very little joint or muscle tension and curves in your spine. If you don't have a comfortable pillow for side sleepers, it's not easy to maintain a straight spine all night. 

It May Be More Than A Pillow

A new pillow for side sleepers may be the best way to deal with side sleeping problems. However, sometimes, it's not the end-all, be-all to them. Too soft of a mattress can also lead to little support. Side sleeping needs a balance of support and give in the mattress you're sleeping on. Your own body weight is carried in both your hips and shoulders, which can lead to spinal curves. 

Key Benefits To Sleeping On Your Side

Many people, every night, are sleeping on their side… for good reasons. There is a multitude of benefits to this sleeping position. It's easier on your back and neck than back or stomach sleeping, besides, is quite comfortable. What are some of the key advantages behind side sleeping?

Better Alignment Of The Spine 

When you're in the market for a new pillow for side sleepers, you want to keep in mind what will work best in keeping your neck and spine aligned.  

This is one of the biggest benefits of sleeping on your side, as it offers the most natural alignment that isn't affected by the kind of mattress you are using. Simply put, you've got some flexibility here. While you should have a bed that offers great support and comfort, people who side sleep can be rather tolerant of a less-than-ideal mattress. 

There is much to be said for an unaligned spine that is associated with a tremendous amount of different consequences. It can lead to morning headaches, which can become chronic if not addressed timely. A permanently misaligned spine may lead to chronic pain in your back, neck, lower back, hips, and on your shoulders that can hinder your lifestyle. 

Snoring Relief 

There are all kinds of reasons a person snores. Sleeping on your back can lead to snoring because the tongue falls back into the throat while you're sleeping. Side or stomach sleeping doesn't cause this to happen, which reduces the chance for snoring issues.

That doesn't mean you don't need a side sleeping pillow, though. After all, a pillow for side sleepers helps to keep the neck aligned. The moment an unnatural or unaligned curvature occurs in the throat, the airflow is blocked and can potentially cause snoring. 

Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

Many people complain about neck and shoulder pain after they sleep. This pain could be the result of a sleeping position but is not linked to a particular one. However, in many cases, side sleeping – whether you're sleeping on your right or left – can seriously alleviate pain in your shoulders, neck, and back. Why? This is mainly due to the relief on the pressure points and additional support – something the best pillows for side sleepers offer.

The goal behind these pillows is to improve the alignment of your spine that reduces the pressure and tension between the body and mattress. This is important because it lessens the stiffness and pain that is often felt in the neck and shoulders region. 

Disadvantages of Side Sleeping

Most people, instinctively, get onto their side to go to sleep due to the great comfort it has to offer. This is especially true if you snore while on your back or have back problems. Although it offers a plethora of benefits, there are also some negative issues associated with side sleeping. 


People who sleep on their side will lie with one side of their face on the pillow. As time passes, this will lead to wrinkles. If you sleep on one side for most of the time, the wrinkles will be more noticeable on that particular of your face.  

Fetal position issues

People who sleep on their side and in the fetal position may suffer from various health problems. For instance, they may have breathing problems because the diaphragm is constricted. For patients with arthritis or other circulatory system problems, it may be best to sleep in a log-like position.

Additional Pressure On Your Organs

When you sleep on your right side, it can raise the level of discomfort from heartburn. If you sleep on your left side, it can put more pressure on vital organs such as the lungs, stomach, and liver. However, placing a pillow under your neck as well as pillows under your waist and between your knees can alleviate some of this issue.

Side Sleeper Pillow Size

When you're buying your next side sleeper pillow, you really need to consider the size. Many people feel the bigger the size, the better; however, that's not necessarily how it goes. The best pillows for side sleepers are ones that provide a practical amount of support based on your height, weight, bed size, etc. What are the standard pillow sizes you can choose from, and what are their benefits?

Body – 48 to 54W" x 20L"  Body pillows are very long, which is great for side sleepers who want to snuggle with their pillow while sleeping. Pregnant women love body pillows because of the additional support and comfort for their stomach all night long.

Euro – Various Dimensions – Euro-size pillows are unique because of their square shape. The sizes vary in dimensions but are commonly seen in 20W" x 20L" and 26W" x 26L". Some people are not keen on using them while sleeping, but instead for a back or headrest. 

King – 20W" x 36L" People who toss and turn can benefit from a king-size pillow. However, it's also great for individuals who love to sit up and watch TV in bed, read or need a backrest. 

Queen – 20W" x 30L"  A queen-size pillow can be used by most sleepers who have a tendency to toss and turn. 

Super Standard – 20W" x 28L"  For people who see the standard pillow as too compact, there is the super standard option that is a bit larger. It's ideal for sleepers who toss and turn a lot. 

Standard - 20W" x 26L"  It's the most common pillow size. It's not recommended for people who tend to toss and turn during their sleep, but it's usually the cheapest choice on the market. 

Small – 20W" x 12L"  This size is typically seen with specialty pillows like buckwheat and cervical memory foam. They are elevated around the neck and dip under the head to ensure complete targeted support.

The Best Types of Pillows for Side Sleepers

The best pillows for side sleepers will be ones that maintain their shape and contour to the body. There are all kinds of materials that can be used in side sleeping pillows.


This is a soft, naturally-insulating material that comes from the belly of ducks and geese. Besides being moldable and light, down pillows have a higher loft to them – ideal for people who sleep on their side. The drawbacks to a down pillow that make it iffy to go with include: potential for allergies due to material and high price tag. 


While down pillows comprise mostly of ultra-soft belly fluff, these pillows use denser feathers from geese and ducks. Like down material, feather provides a high loft, which is why many side sleepers see it as the best choice. When you compare down and feather, feather pillows cost a bit less and are generally firmer. And, just like down fill, there is a risk for allergies for sensitive individuals. 

Synthetic Down 

Synthetic down offers nearly the same advantages as feather and down material, but there are two benefits to it that the other types don't give – no risk for allergies and a more reasonable price. 


This material is on the firmer side. While it adapts to your body shape, it's not going to flatten out with use. This is why people who side sleep often choose latex because it provides the best support for their spine and neck. The only drawback is that if you turn around in your sleep – going from your side to stomach or back - this type of core can be too unforgiving. 


Regardless of what you have heard about gel pillows, it really has nothing to do with a liquid. Rather, it's memory foam micro-fibers that surpass the conforming ability of shredded foam. These pillows can be easily cleaned, offer great back and neck support, and are hypoallergenic. However, for some individuals, this type of filling may be too soft and can clump up, unlike other materials. 

Buckwheat or Water-Fill

When choosing the best pillow for side sleepers, you want one that will give you ultimate support for your body's shape. Pillows made with a fillable inner core can do just that. A negative aspect of a water-fill pillow is that water heats up due to body temperature.

The buckwheat filling, however, will provide the utmost comfort and conform to the body. Like water, buckwheat moves fluidly because of its small size. Small gains keep knots from occurring in the pillow material, which ensures a smoother sleeping surface. Buckwheat hulls can release heat, so the pillow remains cool throughout the night. The best side sleeping pillow will be made with a zipper so that you can adjust buckwheat fill to your preferred loft and thickness. 

Memory Foam 

Unlike other types of foam, memory foam will return quickly to its original shape and won't fatten entirely. Since it's moldable, it will conform to the body's curves and change immediately as you move without the need to fluff. 

The best pillows for side sleepers are ones that use shredded foam since you can easily bend and mold the pillow, unlike a solid foam piece. The shredded foam will also allow air to freely move through the material, keeping the pillow temperature down (great for hot nights). While a solid memory foam core is ideal for people who want an extra-firm pillow, it should also allow plenty of room for air to move through, so the pillow stays cool while sleeping. 

Factors To Consider When Buying A Side Sleeper Pillow 


Some people look for pillows that will retain their shape while they sleep, regardless of how much they move. Other folks want a pillow they can tuck and fold for additional comfort. Do you put your arm under the pillow? Are you looking for a side sleeper pillow that can be placed under your neck but will still give your upper back support? If so, avoid any pillows with a solid memory foam core or gusseted sides. The best pillows for molding include ones with the following materials: buckwheat, gel fiber, shredded memory foam, water.


When you need a pillow under your head, you want one that offers pressure relief without allowing your head to sink too much into it. When shopping for a pillow to put between your knees, firmer models work better to keep the upper leg from twisting downward. 

Thickness (Loft) 

Side sleepers need pillows that offer them medium- or high-loft. Why is that? Sleeping on your side produces more space between your head and your mattress. Thick pillows will take this gap into consideration. Pillows that have a lower loft can cause a bend in your neck, which leads to both pressure and pain. 

Along with the sleep position, many factors need to be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing the right pillow loft: your weight, shoulder width, head size, and your mattress firmness.

Some manufacturers give users the option to adjust their loft by either adding to or removing filling. These types of pillows are ideal for people who sleep on their side because their thickness preferences tend to fluctuate. 


Most pillows have a curved or even surface. While most users recognize even-shaped pillows, their surface can also be curved. The cervical memory foam pillow is a prime example of the curved-surface pillow - it is elevated beneath the neck and recessed beneath the head. People who suffer from chronic shoulder or neck pain find this shape very useful. 


There are all kinds of materials that go into the best pillows for side sleepers such as buckwheat hulls, gel, water, latex, memory foam, and more. Their differences determine how much loft and comfort your pillow will provide. As a general rule, side sleepers don't want a pillow that allows their head to sink too far into the surface. In many cases, side sleeping pillows comprise of thick, resilient materials that tend to be heavier than people are typically used to. 

Company Reputation

Companies that claim to offer the best pillows for side sleepers are ones that provide some type of guarantee and will typically cost more than a common, ordinary pillow. Manufacturers want to be sure that users are protected against damages, flattened materials, or other issues they might have. By giving these assurances, the company stands by its products and will address any questions or concerns you may have. 

Other Important Considerations

With so many different options to choose from, it's easy to feel anxious about the entire process. After all, you don't want to waste your money on a product that doesn't work for you. For the best pillow for side sleepers, you need to factor in the shape and size of your body and your own personal comfort preferences. For instance, if you're not happy with a firm surface, then you may want to look for a softer option that still provides you with solid support of your head. 

What About Pillows For Pregnant Women and Young Children - Pregnant women must have more support for their stomachs, which can be found in a firm, but moldable side sleeper pillow. The best material for pregnant women is shredded memory foam as it provides ultimate support and still wraps around the body as it changes. 

Children who side sleep need as much support for their head, spine, and neck as the adults do, but the amount of space between them and the mattress is much less. If they're using a large or very thick memory foam pillow, it can cause neck pain because the spine is not aligned. Instead, go with a slimmer profile side sleeper pillow or a pillow that can be adjusted. 

Are You Buying The Pillow For Yourself Or Someone Else Ask yourself who the side sleeping pillow is for. Do you want one for yourself? If so, then you may need just one size or type of a pillow. If you're purchasing multiple ones for everybody in the home and your guests, it may be best to go with an adjustable material such as water, shredded memory foam or buckwheat hulls. This will allow them to customize their pillow in a way they feel best for themselves. 

How Warm Do You Sleep – It's not entirely possible to go to sleep when you're hot, and if you're hot while sleeping, you're liable to wake up. Be sure to look for natural materials that allow air to flow freely through the pillow and take the heat away from the body – in essence, cooling you down. 

Are You Arms Tucked Up or Under The Pillow Many people will place their arm under their head at night, which can cause a misalignment of the spine. This misalignment is due to the added head lift they create under their head. Be sure you find highly responsive materials that will embrace your arm rather than rest upon it. This ensures support for both your neck and head. 

Do You Sleep In More Than One Position – Many people find themselves going to sleep in one position but waking up to another one entirely. It's hard for toss and turners to find pillows that meet their unique predicament. Be sure to search for options that offer comfort for every sleep position and read reviews of people who sleep like you do. What are they saying?  


Your personal preferences will determine what pillow is best for you. Ask yourself what kind of support your body needs and what material you find most comfortable. While the above choices are deemed the best pillows for side sleepers, it really does boil down to what you think. There are many manufacturers on the market, which is why you need to do your homework and read what other people have experienced for themselves. While the above list of pillows is a start, you may find another option that's better for you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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