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With winter right around the corner, you may be looking for products that will increase the coziness and comfort level during those cold days and nights. While you can throw layer upon layer of blankets on your bed, another worthwhile option is a heated mattress pad.

With electric heating pads, you can stay nice and toasty all night without the incessant need of a heater – also helping to lower your electric bills. It sits right on your mattress – similar to what you'd see with memory foam pads that most people are familiar with. The premise of a heated mattress pad is to warm your mattress up, ensuring you won't get too cold as you sleep. Yes, you do have other options to choose from, but they have certain drawbacks.

You may consider using an electric blanket to keep you warm at night, but there are two reasons why you need to consider a heated mattress pad instead.

  • An electric blanket cannot be used for extended periods of time – they can short out, which may cause a fire. 
  • You also can't clean them near as easily as you can a pad.

If having an electric mattress pad for those cold, winter nights sounds good to you, you need to learn what to look for in these products. There are many things to consider – safety, durability, price, etc. – which is why you need to do your homework to find the best heated mattress pad for your bed.

The Best Heated Mattress Pads

  • Chillpad Cubethe best heated mattress pad for temperature range
  • Sertathe best heated mattress pad for low voltage
  • Sunbeamthe best value heated mattress pad
  • Perfect Fitthe best waterproof heated mattress pad
  • Electrowarmththe best heated mattress pad for couples
  • Beautyrestthe best microfiber heated mattress pad
  • Sunbeamthe best cotton heated mattress pad
  • Sablethe best hypoallergenic heated mattress pad

The Best Heated Mattress Pads Comparison Table



Key Features


chiliPAD Cube 3.0 best heated mattress pad review by

- Wide temperature range from 55 to 110F
- Manual remote control
- Ability to adjust the temperature on both sides of the bed

Serta best heated mattress pad review by

- Extremely safe – auto-shutoff feature and low power heat
- Extremely thin wires
- Stretchy plush 100% polyester cover

Sunbeam best heated mattress pad review by

- Soft quilted polyester cover
- Low-voltage for safety
- Dual-heating zone on both King and Queen pads


Perfect Fit best heated mattress pad review by

- Waterproof and stain repellant
- Low voltage heat
- Preheat feature

Electrowarmth best heated mattress pad review by

- Auto shut-off and 10 heat settings
- Quilted plush polyester cover
- Multiple single- and dual-sided options

Beautyrest best heated mattress pad review by

- 200-thread count quilted top offers improved comfort
- 5 temperature settings
- Automatic shut-off feature

Sunbeam All Season best heated mattress pad review by

- 250 Thread 100% Quilted Cotton Top
- Controls on both sides
- Automatic 10-hour shut off feature

Sable best heated mattress pad review by

- 10 heating settings with an auto-off timer
- FDA-registered as Class 2 Medical Device
- Comes with 3m length cable length cable


The Best Heated Mattress Pads Reviews

Chillpad Cube: The Best Heated Mattress Pad for Temperature Range

The Chillpad Cube is designed with a central unit that fits under your bed and connects to a cotton and polyester pad that's placed underneath your sheet. It's made up of a copious amount of silicone micro-tubes that are intended to circulate water. The device either cools or heats the water to adjust the temperature of your bed. Since the tubes are very thin, you are unlike to feel them when lying down.

The Chillpad Cube electric mattress pad isn't just designed to heat up the bed, but also cool it down if needed (in a range of 55 to 100 degrees). Thanks to the two zones of tubes, each side of the bed can have a different temperature. You can easily change the temperature by either the main unit or a wireless remote.

The mattress pad has an 80-watt power rating per cube, which is significantly lower than an AC and will auto shut off after 10 hours of continuous use. This means you can sleep comfortably all night long and save money, too.

While it's considered the most expensive heated mattress pad available on the list, its performance and array of features justify the cost. If you're unsure if this is the right mattress pad for you, the company offers a 90-day risk-free trial.

Serta: The Best Electric Mattress Pad for Low Voltage

The Serta heated mattress pad can be used any time of the year thanks to its low-voltage heat that won't scald you to the point of being uncomfortable. It's a great choice for people who are concerned about overheating or already have warm blankets and want something a little extra. It comes with built-in, thin wires that are evenly spaced three-inches apart from each other to ensure even heat distribution. The wires are barely noticeable but provide warmth when you need it.

Since the electric heating pad doesn't generate a lot of voltage, it's given a two thumbs up for its safety. It uses the patented non-hazardous low-voltage technology, which emits no EMFs, will not harm pets, and is safe in the presence of moisture. After 10 hours, the pad will automatically shut off for safety and convenience.

Serta has 10 heat settings to choose from, and the Zoned heating and dual controllers are offered on all mattress pad sizes. You don't have to sacrifice your comfort or your partner's preferences any longer. Every pad comes with a preheat feature that lets you warm the whole bed up before you're ready to snuggle in for the night.

It also offers a backlit display that includes an auto-dimming feature so you can make adjustments in the dark. The electric mattress pad is made of a stretchy but thick, soft polyester cover that ensures you don't feel the wires inside. The manufacturer also added an inner layer of fiberfill and soft fabric to give a little more comfort and support to the sleeper. In fact, every wire is enveloped in a layer of fiberfill that points the heat downward towards you, so you can get an even distribution of heat without 'hot' or 'cold' spots.

One of the great things about this mattress pad is that you can wash it in the washer machine, and it comes with a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

Sunbeam: The Best Value Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam's quilted mattress pad is well-regarded for its soft cover. It comes with five ounces of polyester fill sewn into it, which can be thrown in both the washer and dryer for easy cleaning. The generous amount of fill creates a softness level you don't see in other electric heating pads. And, with the additional cushioning, you're less likely to feel the wires when you lie down on it.

Another reason this low-priced heated mattress pad is so worthwhile is that it comes with a low-voltage heat system to provide safe and comforting temperature regulation. An EasySet Pro controller includes 10 heat settings, and the ThermoFine system ensures consistent, evenly distributed heat across the bed.

Sunbeam can sense both the room temperature and body heat and make adjustments to the temperature during the night. On the King and Queen sized pads, there is a dual setting that allows each person to control the heat for their side of the bed with a separate controller.

It also comes with a preheat function, which allows you to warm the bed up before you go to sleep. If the electric mattress pad has been on for 10 hours, it will shut off automatically, which is why it's considered so safe for use. Sunbeam also provides a five-year limited warranty to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Perfect Fit: The Best Waterproof Electric Mattress Pad

The heated mattress pad from Perfect Fit is very safe - it will warm your bed while also protecting it. It's waterproof with a 233-thread count polyester/cotton shell, making for a very soft mattress pad. The manufacturer has used a special TPU Laminate waterproof barrier as well as a Scotchguard stain repellant finish to ensure the pad is protected against all kinds of accidents and spills.

Perfect Fit is constructed with a patented Safe & Warm low-voltage technology that's built within the pad. It comes with a small power supply box that will change the 120V AC home current into a non-hazardous low-voltage DC (something you see with batteries), which will ensure warmth, safety, and protection even if the pad becomes wet.

The heating wires of the Perfect Fit electric pads are very small – nearly undetectable. During construction, the wires were placed three inches apart from each other, which ensures an even heat distribution — no worries of cold or hot spots.

On the Queen size pad, there are two separate zones, which include easy-to-understand non-slip controllers that allow each person to adjust their side's temperature. If you want a warm bed to crawl into, make use of the preheat and hold feature. Just turn it on, and the pad warms up to the setting you placed on the pre-set dial. It holds that temperature until you want to turn it down. Perfect Fit electric mattress pad has a 10-hour automatic shut-off feature and includes a built-in overheating temperature reading for your safety.

The controller has a huge backlit display that includes an auto-dimming feature, so it's convenient to use during the night without having to turn on the lights. Best of all, the pad can be washed and dried without any stretching or shrinking.

Electrowarmth: The Best Heated Mattress Pad for Couples

Couples do not always share the same temperature preferences, which is why the dual-sided heated mattress pads are so ideal. Both sides can be programmed to a different setting, ensuring that the couple gets the temperature they like. It's the ultimate compromise.

The Electrowarmth electric heating pad comes in nine different sizes with the dual control options – Full, Queen, King, California King, Short, and XL. Individuals can also choose between different sizes, as well. However, it's the dual-control pads that are ideal in saving couples money on their utilities.

This electric mattress pad can be programmed for 10 different heat settings – mild to extremely warm. It shuts off after 10 hours for power conservation, convenience, and extra safety. When users turn the pad back on, it switches to the last setting it was set for. It's ETL approved, and a key benefit of the designation is the shut-off feature to keep the Electrowarmth pad from overheating.

The pad comprises of a soft, polyester cover and comes with a fitted skirt that will hold it in place on the mattress up to 13 inches thick. You can remove the pad and wash and dry it easily in conventional machines. Electrowarmth, which is made in the US, offers a 30-night trial and a one-year warranty.

Beautyrest: The Best Microfiber Electric Mattress Pad

This mattress pad is made of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester blend top with a 200-thread count that ensures users feel comfortable all night long. With its fitted skirt, Beautyrest will stay in place regardless of how much you move while sleeping. It's got a medium level of firmness, which is ideal for people who love a somewhat firm, somewhat soft sleeping surface.

The Beautyrest electric heating pad made use of the Secure Comfort technology to alleviate the fear of electromagnetism - it eliminates almost all electromagnetic field emissions. The company also added the 10-hour auto shut-off feature so the pad won't overheat and cause a fire. They made sure to use flexible wires that are soft enough that you don't feel them while sleeping. The quilted top provides you with even more of the optimal comfort you are looking for.

What sets this electric mattress pad apart from other pads is it only has five settings – rather than 10 – and it has a push-button style controller. This is great for people who have difficulties using their hands in the turning motion. However, the controller could be problematic for people who can't see well – the numbers are on the small side.

You can easily care for the pad by placing it in the washer machine, but be sure to read the manufacturer's guide to ensure proper care and maintenance. Twin, Full, and Twin XL sizes come with one controller while the King, Queen, and Cal King sizes are equipped with two controllers.

Sunbeam: The Best Cotton Heated Mattress Pad

If you desire an all-cotton heated mattress pad, Sunbeam, with its quilted cotton top and a 250-thread count construction, is what you've been looking for. It has dual controllers that offer 10 heat settings providing 10 hours' worth of heat, which will automatically shut off after that time. With the preheat feature, no more are you going to climb into a cold bed.

The electric mattress pad is designed to fit mattresses up to 21 inches and is washable and dryable in machines. There are other aspects of this that make it a worthwhile product. It's very soft and thick, which means you don't feel the wires inside of it. Plus, it uses the ThermoFine Warming System Sensor, which adjusts the temperature to deliver consistent warmth. The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty.

Sable: The Best Hypoallergenic Electric Mattress Pad

People who struggle with allergies shouldn't have to suffer from the cold all night. The electric mattress pad is completely hypoallergenic, with a polyester soft plush cover that is highly breathable and safe for the skin. The fiberfill is lightweight and porous, and it can be put through the washer and dryer without any problems.

All this, and it also comes with the various features you would want in a heated mattress pad:

10 heat settings and auto shut-off that can be set from one to nine hours.
Low-voltage output, which keeps your electric bill low.
Even distribution of heat due to wires that have been carefully placed inside thick and comfortable microplush hosts.

The pad is held in place with corner elastics and useful for mattresses up to 18 inches deep. Sable offers fast heating - it can heat up within 10 minutes or less, which means you're not feeling cold in the meantime, waiting for it to heat up. It also comes with an extra-long cord so you can easily access the controls and make any necessary adjustments.

Due to the soft fabric, you'll feel comfortable all night long. And, if you need to make adjustments during the night, you can use the remote control with display to do so. It's one of the best heated mattress pads you can buy and well worth the investment in the grand scheme of things.

What Are Heated Mattress Pads

Heated mattress pads are personal electric heating appliances that are placed on top of the mattress to ensure you stay warm while sleeping. These pads are usually used in the winter and come in the standard bed sizes – king, queen, full and twin. However, the materials that they come in can differ as well as their features (such as dual-sided temperature gauges and timers).

How Does a Mattress Pad Work

It's important to understand the mechanics of electric mattress pads before you look into the different factors that make it so worthwhile. Unlike a cooling pad, which uses fabric and fillings to control the temperature, a heated mattress pad uses a wire heating element that coils around the pad in a winding shape. It comes with a temperature control unit that can regulate the temperature – either up or down - so you also need to plug it into a socket. 

Benefits Of a Heated Mattress Pad

There are a number of reasons people will buy electric mattress pads, including the following:

Safe with Auto Shut-Off 

Manufacturers have designed electric mattress pads with an auto shut-off feature, which means you can turn on the pad to the preferred level of warmth, and once it's been reached, the system automatically shuts off to prevent overheating. Overheating is both problematic and deadly, leading to heat strokes and burns. 

Protect Your Mattress

The key behind mattress pads is to protect your mattress. They provide a barrier between you and your mattress, and the stitching won't easily fray from wear and tear. Plus, your mattress won't get dirty, stained, or wet, which also extends its lifespan. Additionally, if your mattress is too firm, the pad will soften it up. 

Alleviate The Weight

Many people say they like cold weather because they can put on more clothes or add on more blankets, but they can't take enough clothes off in the summer. Rather than bogging yourself down with clothing or lots of blankets, use one of the best heated mattress pads to keep you warm.

Stress Relief

When it comes to working a long day, the body experiences stress and tension. However, giving your body warmth means alleviating your tension and stress level. With an electric heating pad, you can set a certain temperature that will keep you warm all through the night. It's also great for when you want to have a relaxing moment or meditate. 

Better Blood Circulation

When the body is warm, the blood expands and lets the heart pump out more of it. This increase in blood circulation means an increase in oxygen supply, which can lead to a better sleeping experience. It can also help with other conditions including but not limited to:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cramps
  • Numbness
  • Stroke 
  • Vertigo

Fibromyalgia Relief 

Most people never expect to suffer from fibromyalgia, but it's a pain that's felt throughout the entire body and feels as if you're bruised up all over. It's a condition that can't be cured but can be managed – using products that will alleviate pain whenever it occurs. The symptoms of fibromyalgia include increased cold sensitivity, mood swings, muscle tension, and ranging pain. You can alleviate the symptoms by keeping your body warm and not lying down on a cold surface. Anybody who has this condition is advised to use a heating mattress pad to warm up during a cold night or whenever these symptoms come up.

Better Side-Sleeping Experience 

Side sleepers love the idea of getting a good night's sleep, which is something an electric pad can offer them. After all, a drawback side sleepers often face is numbness on their arms and shoulder. This is something that is drastically reduced when sleeping on a heated mattress pad because it allows for better blood circulation while also alleviating pain from various pressure points on the body.

Pain Relief

For people who suffer from body pain – be it joint pain, back pain, or neck pain – the heat can be soothing. Electric mattress pads can ease the pain by boosting the circulation of blood in your body and decreasing muscle tension. Lower back pain is often attributed to stress, anxiety, and tension, and even though an electric heating pad won't absolve the culprit, it can relieve uncomfortable symptoms for many people. 

Save Money 

A central heating unit must warm up the entire house – even if you're not in a room. Alternatively, electric mattress pads are designed to heat your bed and nothing else. There's no reason to waste your money or energy heating up a room. The investment you make with a heated mattress pad is paid back in lower utility costs during the colder months. And, since some pads come with a cooling option for warmer months, you can save that extra money during the summer and give yourself some additional cooling comfort as well. 

Temperature Control 

The premise behind an electric heating pad is to create a warm bed for you to fall asleep on, and while some pads will only heat up, others will offer cooling down feature as well. They are placed under your sheets, which ensures the heat stays in and close to the sleeper's body. For some people, the heat makes them fall asleep faster and sleep better. Many people also find that with these mattress pads, they don't wake up freezing. By preheating your mattress before you go to bed, you can also avoid climbing into a cold bed at night. 

Drawbacks of Electric Mattress Pads

Electromagnetic Radiation

All electrical products will emit electromagnetic radiation when in use. It's why researchers advise individuals to limit the length of time of using electric mattress pads until further studies can be conducted. Scientists want to learn if there are any effects of long-term electromagnetic exposure and if it does cause cancer.

Not for Children or Pets

Do your pets or kids sleep with you? If so, then a heated pad is not the way to go. First off, pets can damage the pad, either by clawing or chewing on the material. When this happens, they expose the wires and damage the insulation - thus, increasing chances for accidents. For children, their skin is sensitive, and a mattress pad that's too hot can burn them without you even knowing. Any deep sleepers such as elderly people or diabetic patients should avoid using heated pads for the same reason.

Fire Hazard 

The key disadvantage to electric mattress pads is the increase in fire danger. After all, electrical appliances often pose fire risks. While a heating pad system goes through an array of professional tests to ensure safety and accident prevention, and may even come equipped with an auto-shutoff feature - nothing is foolproof. And, as the electric heating pad is used and years pass, its wiring may become frayed/damaged, which increases the chances for fire.

Not Suitable For All Beds

There is limited use to electric mattress pads – they cannot be used on waterbeds or mechanical beds. Obviously, you should never use an electric mattress pad on a waterbed since water and electricity are often deadly. If you have a bunk bed, you cannot use an electric heating pad on the top bunch since it can stretch the cord out and increase the fire risk. 

Other Concerns

It's also advised that people who cannot read or use the controls avoid using these products. People who rely on an oxygen tank should never use a heated mattress pad. The control box could spark and cause an explosion that could lead to death. Pregnant women should speak with their doctor before using heated pads if they are concerned.

Main Features Of The Best Heated Mattress Pads

There are many manufacturers who produce electric heating pads that come with various functions and features. So choosing the right one for you can be somewhat challenging. What are some things that you need to consider?


Your heated mattress pad must fit securely on your bed to keep it working effectively and safely. If the pad is too tight, it can pinch the cords or make it easier for you to feel the cords. Too loose and it will bunch up – another safety issue as overheating is problematic. When choosing what size to get, look at your bed and mattress size. What are some of the common mattress pad sizes on the market?

  • King – The King size pad fits mattress of 76x80 inches. 
  • Queen – The Queen size pad is ideal for a 60x80 inch mattress. 
  • Full – The Full size pad fits mattress of 54x75 inches.
  • Twin XL – The Twin XL size pad will fit a 38x80 inch mattress. 
  • Twin – The Twin size pad will typically fit a 38x75 inch mattress.

This is a general sizing guide to help you find the best heated mattress pad for your bed. If you have another bed, you need a mattress pad for – baby bed, camper bed, etc. – you'll need to talk with the store's customer service to see if they have any in stock for them.


The number one reason people purchase a heated mattress pad is for the warmth it provides on a cold night. However, you shouldn't give up comfort for that. Be sure you invest in a pad that will be comfortable for you. For this to happen, you want one that offers a good balance between firmness and softness, fit your body's shape, and distribute heat evenly. A mattress pad with a thick fill is much desired because it will provide you with ultimate support. You also want to make sure the wires have been hidden deep inside the pad, so you don't feel them while sleeping and moving around. 


A concern many people have when using electric mattress pads is the safety aspect. For the most part, these products are deemed safe, but there are features that can ease your anxiety of using them while sleeping. What are some of these features?

Overheating Protection – Some manufacturers have added an overheating protection feature, which will detect if the pad is getting too hot and must be turned off. 

Automatic Shut-Off – If you're in a rush and forget to turn your electric heating pad off, this safety feature will eventually shut it off for you. Most pads will automatically shut off at the 10-hour mark to ensure safety and convenience.

UL Certification – These standards are applied to various consumer products. The UL 964 standards are designated for heated bedding. This certificate lets people know that the product was tested by an independent agency/organization.

Low Voltage 

There are several manufacturers that produce heated mattress pads using the low voltage – 12v or 24v – that can be plugged into a home's electrical outlet. Many people are worried about EMF exposure since it can lead to cancer development. If you do invest in a heated mattress pad, find one that offers a small power box supply that will change the 120v AC into a low voltage DC (kind of the same way a battery works).


There are two types of controllers – analog or digital – and which one you get is up to you. An analog controller means you have a dial to make your adjustments. A digital controller means you push a button to change the heat level. Most people find a dial is easier to mess with in a dark room. 

Heating Element 

A heated mattress pad's primary part is the heating element. For most pads, manufacturers use tiny wires and place them all around the pad. The electricity will warm the wire up. The wires need to be extremely thin so you cannot feel them. However, you want them to be evenly distributed, so the pad is evenly warmed – no cold or hot spots. However, there are some specialty pads that use heated water or air rather than electric wires. 


The biggest complaint you'll read about in electric mattress pads reviews is the design where the power cord is at the foot of the bed – an issue tall people seem to have. If your feet tangle the bed, you certainly want to find a pad that has its cord at the front. 

Power Cord Length 

Since you have to plug the mattress pad into an electrical socket, consider how your room is set up before you buy one. You should never use an extension cord for heated beddings or other heating devices, which is something to bear in mind when you're making your decision. 


Whatever mattress pad you get, it should be something that is waterproof – be it bladder problems or drinking liquids. 

Ease of Use

If an electric heating pad has a lot of functions to it, it becomes difficult for one to use. If you want something simple to use, go with one that comes with digital controls and intuitive buttons as well as easy-to-understand instructions. You want the settings to be as clear as possible. The controller should include a large enough display so you can read it at night but not so bright as to disrupt your sleep. 


There are several parts to a heated mattress pad – the cover, the controller, and the heating element. Since the pad will go under the sheets, you rarely make direct contact with its cover. Still, the cover's materials will have an effect on your comfort level and warmth. 

Cotton – This is a breathable material, which is also very soft. It's used in many products, including electric heating pads. The cotton's thread count will determine how durable and soft the cover is. 

Polyester – This is a synthetic material that's often used for covers. It's both soft and stretchy, but it isn't very breathable. If you sweat, it doesn't take the moisture away. One kind of polyester is a microfiber that is brushed to create an extra-plush feel. It's not uncommon to see a mixture of both materials to be used in bedding products.

Be sure you purchase a cover that is thick enough so you cannot feel the wires. You also want to have a skirt to hold the corners down, as the pad can bunch up if not "tied" down. This can lead to uneven heat distribution and increase safety risks. 


The reality of electric mattress pads is that they cost less than a new mattress but can still be high-quality. Of course, the type of materials used determines the quality. If you purchase a pad made of superior-quality materials, it may be years before you need to replace it. You also want to be sure the pad's cover is made of high-quality fabric and won't easily disintegrate. Keep in mind that the higher the thread count, the better the quality. You also want to purchase a pad that includes only thin, flexible wires for a comfortable sleeping surface. Reputable manufacturers often offer a warranty for their products as well. In fact, the best heated mattress pads will have at least a five-year warranty. 


The prices of these pads will differ based on many reasons noted above – size, features, materials, etc. So, if you need a King size heated pad that is made of cotton and uses a digital control, then you're going to pay more then for a Twin size pad with the same features. People on a budget are often concerned most about the price. However, don't let this be your only concern. You really need to look at the safety features and quality first before considering the price. 

Care and Maintenance 

Heated mattress pads contain electrical parts, which is why you need to read the manufacturer's manual to understand how to care for and maintain the product properly. Constantly inspect the wiring and controller to be sure there are no signs of damage or discoloration. If you notice any troubling issues, you should stop using the product immediately. 

Machine Washable 

Can you actually throw electric mattress pads into a washer? For some companies, this was the design. Remember, your pad will be taking in moisture and perspiration, which means bacteria and other organisms can thrive on it. To reduce their development, you should clean your pad regularly. In most cases, the wires will need to be removed, and the pad washed on a short cycle in cold water. Be sure you follow your bedding manufacturer's care instructions to ensure proper washing and keep it looking and feeling like new. 

Warranty and Return Policy 

Some electric mattress pads manufacturers offer a sleep trial/return window that allows consumers to use the pad and return it– no questions asked – if they are unhappy for any reason. If you're unsure if you want a heated mattress pad on your bed, this is a huge benefit. In addition, it's important to consider what kind of warranty a manufacturer offers – some have warranties for only a year while others offer them up to five years. Since there are electrical parts that can stop working over time, the warranty is a useful aspect of protecting your investment. While this isn't always the case, a short warranty timeframe may indicate a lower-quality product. 

Additional Features To Look Out For In Electric Mattress Pads

Some people would rather have the ability to make adjustments to their heated mattress pad – some things they may want control over include:

  • Auto-dimming 
  • Timers, auto shut-off
  • Preheating 
  • Heating/cooling options
  • Dual controls
  • Temperature controls


It's always a great idea to find a product that offers an auto-dimming feature since it can let you easily make adjustments in the dark without full disruption to your circadian rhythm. 

Timers/Auto Shut-Off

With a timer and auto shut-off feature, you can set the mattress pad to turn on or off at a specific time or to automatically turn off after a set period of time (usually 10 hours). These features are great for two reasons – safety and convenience. 


Some models have a function to preheat the pad, and then hold the temperature, so the bed will be warm when you're ready to go to sleep. 

Heating/Cooling Options

You are not going to want to stay warm all year long, which is something some manufactures considered when designing their pads. You may want to find a product that comes with a cooling feature, as well as the heat feature.

Dual Controls

The majority of Queen or King size heated mattress pads come with dual controls. Basically, if two people share the bed, each can have control of the heat on their side. This can be useful if you're constantly bickering about being too cold or too hot. 

Temperature Controls 

One of the biggest things people want to personalize is heat settings. After all, if the heated mattress pad you have isn't keeping you warm all night long, then what's the point of having it? This is why you want easy-to-understand temperature controls. You also need to look at how many heat settings the pad is designed with. The more settings, the more customizable the heat can be to your preference. The majority of electric mattress pads offer temperature settings from one to 10, but it's not uncommon for some manufacturers to offer less while others offer more. More settings mean more control for you. 

Safety Tips For Heated Mattress Pads Users

Like any electrical product you use, there are risks you must be mindful of. Any product that can be used as a heat source has the potential to become flammable, and electric mattress pads are no exception. However, they are typically safe because they lie flat. Unlike heated blankets, they don't bunch up, so the wiring won't become easily frayed and overheat. 

Plus, most mattress pads available on the shelves today are much safer than products sold years back. That's because technology has improved significantly, and they now include an array of safety features such as being resistant to flames or automatic shut-off if the device is overheating.

Still, there are some safety precautions to remember when you use a heated mattress pad;

  • You want to ensure it stays in good shape, so inspect your pad often for any potential issues. Look for tears or rips as well as fraying wires. You don't want the cord to get stuck between the mattress and box spring, so be mindful of this as well. 
  • If you're not going to use the pad, don't turn it on until you do. Be sure you use the timer feature to make sure the device will turn off. And, before you leave for the day, go ahead and unplug it first thing in the morning. 
  • Buy a mattress pad that will fit your bed properly. If you have to, get out a tape measure and make exact measurements – length and width. If a mattress pad is too big or small, it could easily become damaged. 
  • Never use an extension cord to heat your bedding. Instead, connect the pad right to your 110-120v outlet. 
  • Never allow your pets or kids to play with an electric heating pad. Don't let them jump up and down on the bed or play with the controls. Since this is an investment, you want to make sure the pad will last a good long while – allowing more use from it.
  • Never use a heated mattress bed on a bunk bed, mechanically-adjustable bed, or a waterbed. If the waterbed suddenly springs a leak, it will come into contact with the pad and could be dangerous for you. A mild shock is just as bad as a serious one, as you could still be left with an injury or burn.
  • If you notice any issues with your electric pad, it's best just to replace it. If the manufacturer offers a warranty on it, make sure to take advantage of it to replace yours. Or, if the warranty is no longer available, throw your pad out and buy a new one. A damaged heated mattress pad can be dangerous for you and your household. 
  • Be sure you read the manufacturer's instructions on how to care for the product. Also, ensure it's completely dried before using it. If the pad is still wet when you turn it on, you could get an electric shock.
  • Don't fold the pad when it's being used. Never take a queen or king size mattress pad and fold it over to fit a full or twin size bed.


Can A Pregnant Woman Safely Use A Heated Mattress Pad?

Pregnant women may worry about using an electric heating pad because they fear a high body temperature may hurt their baby. After all, when a woman's temperature rises, so does her baby's. Too high of a temperature for a developing baby can lead to birth abnormalities. However, as long as the core temperature remains steady (and doesn't rise), there is no reason why pregnant women cannot safely use a heated mattress pad.

Do They Use A Lot Of Energy?

Most electric mattress pads will use anywhere from 60 to 90 watts on the highest setting. The usage is based on per side – so an entire pad can consume up to 180 watts altogether. When talking about it from a money standpoint, it's about 2 to 3 cents if run for an entire night.

What's The Lifespan Of A Heated Mattress Pad?

By following the manufacturer's care and washing instructions, the pad could last up to five years. This is why it's not unusual for a manufacturer to offer a five-year warranty for their product. 

Is It Safe To Use A Heated Mattress Pad With A Memory Foam Mattress?

There is no reason why you cannot use a heated mattress pad with a memory foam mattress, but it's important to note that memory foam is sensitive to temperature changes. When exposed to a warmer temperature, it softens up. When it's cooler, the foam will harden. If you want a firm mattress, then using a heated mattress pad on the lowest heat setting is advised.

Can You Feel The Wires?

One of the biggest complaints you'll read about in heated mattress pad reviews is the feeling of wires when lying down. However, this is more problematic in older models or less expensive ones. Newer models will use thinner wires, which means if the product comes from a reputable manufacturer and is high-quality, you're unlikely to feel the wires coming through the fabric.

Can electric mattress pads cause fires?

The answer to this question is yes. There is a chance for an electric heating pad to cause a fire. According to Wikipedia, there are about 5,000 fires every year due to electric blankets; however, 99 percent of those involved are made before 2001. 

Keep in mind that heating blankets are not the same as pads. A pad stays flat underneath you while a blanket can become bunched up, overheat, and lead to a fire. Plus, most of today's electric mattress pads have an automatic shut-off feature that will turn the pad off after some hours. And, to go a step further, many of them use low-voltage that can reduce the risks of fire even more. 

What You Need To Remember…

A great and economical way to stay warm during those cold winter nights is to use a heated mattress pad. The great thing about these pads is that the heat comes from underneath you. Thus, they can help alleviate muscle and joint pain that can occur when your body is freezing. 

Be sure to do your homework to find the best heated mattress pad. You want one that will decrease your electrical bills and eliminate that overwhelming need for all those heavy blankets on your bed. 

You may be worried about the safety of electric mattress pads, but today's models are far safer to use in your home than those of the yester-years. With regular cleaning and inspection, there is no reason why you can't use the same pad for years. 

While there are many manufacturers and models to choose from, the decision of which one is best for you isn't that hard. Just remember to invest in a pad that fits your particular bed, has the features you want, and a great warranty.  

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