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For many years, we would just accept the message that pillows were for our head. As time has gone on, we’ve gotten more experimental and realized that we could also get comfort and support by using pillows behind our backs, between our legs, under our shoulders, and more. For this reason, we’ve seen the addition of a full body pillow in the market.

With one look online, you’ll find body pillows in a U-shape, like a long tube, and in various other designs depending on which body parts you want to support. Because of their tremendous versatility, you can now cushion and prop up your knees, hips, shoulders, neck, back, and/or ankles. As well as fussy sleepers, full body pillows are popular among pregnant women, people with muscle/joint pain, and even athletes.

With this in mind, it leads to just one question; which is the best body pillow? In today’s guide, we’re going to show some examples. From here, we’ll explain some buying considerations, the different types of body pillows on the market, and even the main benefits of choosing this product!

The Best Body Pillows

The Best Body Pillows Comparison Table



Key Features


Snuggle-Pedic best body pillow review by

- Remains cool enough for comfort
- Fully machine washable
- 4-month sleep trial & 20-year warranty


Coop Home Goods best body pillow review by

- Adjustable to suit your preferences
- 100-night sleep trial & 5-year warranty
- Cooling & machine washable


Leachco Snoogle best body pillow review by

- Designed specifically for side sleepers
- Ideal for expectant mothers
- Provides support for the whole body


PharMeDoc best body pillow review by

- Provides back support
- Offers correct spinal alignment
- Lifetime manufacturer warranty


Meiz best body pillow review by

- Perfect for lounging, reading, and sleeping
- Adjustable filling
- Extra soft velvet cover

QUEEN ROSE best body pillow review by

- Full body support
- Relieves pressure points in the back
- Machine-washable soft velvet cover


Utopia Bedding best body pillow review by

- Can be washed in a machine
- Great value for the money
- Soft, supportive and durable


MALOUF Z best body pillow review by

- Traditional, down-like feel
- Polyester fibers have been infused with gel
- Retains its shape & doesn’t shift or clump


Comfort-U by Moonlight slumber best body pillow review by

- Relief from pressure and pain
- Several options for firmness
- Long, U-shaped design


​​​​The Best Body Pillows Reviews

Snuggle-Pedic: The Best Body Pillow Overall

When it comes to comfort, breathable material, and all the other features you would expect from a full body pillow, we believe Snuggle-Pedic to have the best overall option. Made right here in the US, it blends support with softness thanks to the shredded memory foam filling. Not only is it made at home, it uses CertiPur-US, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly bio green materials; thus, the pillow is non-toxic and resistant to dust mites.

Regardless of how you sleep, Snuggle Pedic will conform to your body, allowing for proper orthopedic support at all times. Since the filling is finely shredded, you aren’t restricted with positioning - it will adjust to each position you sleep in. Also, the pillow won’t sink over time. Each morning, it will return to its original shape which means that your legs, back, knees, and hips get the support they need night after night (they also stay aligned while you sleep). Another advantage of the shredded filling is that you can mold it to your desired shape; some choose flat and wide while others want a bulky pillow.

One of our favorite features is the soft hypoallergenic removable cover; without this, the life of the pillow reduces significantly. Thanks to the viscose bamboo fiber, it can regulate temperatures and prevent users from overheating. As a 20” x 54” full body pillow, it’s large enough for the tall among us.

Of course, you should remember that the density of memory foam can make it heavy… but this is required for the comfort and support discussed previously.

Coop Home Goods: The Best Adjustable Body Pillow

We’ve seen the best body pillow overall, but what about an adjustable feature? Well, this goes to Coop Home Goods because it allows us to adjust the filling via a zipper. If it feels a little too firm, just undo the zipper and remove some of the filling to make it more plush for your needs. Alternatively, add filling to increase support. Since side sleeping is a healthy sleep position that reduces the likelihood of snoring, this position is encouraged by the pillow.

Why should you consider this full body pillow? For us, one of the main advantages is the medium-firm blend of microfiber and memory foam; the latter is also gel-infused. It will keep you cool and comfortable every night. Made in the United States, Coop Home Goods has the GreenGuard Gold certification alongside the CertiPur-US Seal of approval. If you haven’t seen these before, it essentially means that the product is meeting the strictest standards for low VOC emissions and suitable for all ages.

With the cover, there are two main materials in play: 60% polyester and 40% bamboo-derived viscose rayon. The cover is completely washable as well as the pillow itself!

If you plan on washing this body pillow, we should warn you that since it’s rather large in size, it becomes heavy when wet. Also, some users have been left disappointed after opening their machine and finding the foam filling strewn all around. Since there is a risk of the bamboo cover ripping open or coming undone during laundering, we think it’s best to follow the directions of the manufacturer. A safer bet might be just to wash the cover instead.

Leachco Snoogle - The Best for Side Sleepers

The problem with most body pillows for side sleepers is that they’re either too hard or too high. Thanks to the Snoogle from Leachco, these two issues aren’t a problem as it follows the natural contours of your body from head to toe for maximum comfort. The horseshoe-shaped head pillow allows you to attain the position and height that is just right for you. A longer midsection is ideal for a stomach width or even a full back. Then, we have a slightly curved end which is placed between the knees, and you’re all set for a cool, comfortable night.

If you like to fidget before you get comfortable, the Snoogle is perfect here also. Although the filling is polyester and this can retain heat, we haven’t seen too many users upset at this feature. On the other hand, being easily adjustable, the pillow is perfect for sleeping and relaxing.

Meanwhile, there’s a removable cover which you can throw in the machine whenever you want to freshen it up. A lot of people love the shape and design of this full body pillow and consider it to be highly comfortable. As body pillows go for side sleepers, you won’t find many better.

PharMeDoc: The Best for Pregnancy

While pregnant, getting comfortable is difficult (while awake and asleep!). Fortunately, there are some fantastic full body pillows that will help, and we’ve chosen the PharMeDoc in this guide. With excellent reviews from expectant mothers, PharMeDoc is actually a line of several pillows; our favorite is the C-shaped design body pillow with a jersey cover.

Using a polyfill blend, there’s a balance between soft comfort and firm support as soon as you place some weight onto the pillow. We like the fact that it is large enough to substitute multiple positions, and that it can be used in different ways. While some will utilize the pillow when on their side, others will fold it over as support for the feet or head. Even as a nursing pillow, we’ve seen pregnant women get the support they need for their back, hips, head, neck, and knees.

All in all, comfort means better sleep. With this pillow, you shouldn’t experience as many disruptions through the night, nor should you wake up with back pain associated with pregnancy. Although we’re focusing on pregnant women here, this full body pillow has also found an audience in people recovering after surgery or anyone needing more support. Also, it brings several pillows into one after years of using separate pillows for the back, head, legs, and neck.

Just to top it off, the hypoallergenic cover has a zipper and can be washed in the machine. As long as you do this every so often, you get a nice scent as you sleep and while also extending the life of the pillow.


Meiz: The Best for Reading

We don’t always get into bed and sleep straight away, and this is something Meiz has considered with their full body pillow. With a U-shape design, it’s easy to get comfortable while reading or just relaxing before sleep (as well as during sleep itself!). Again, this product has a use as a maternity pillow due to its comfort, support, and softness. In addition to this, it’s also for people who are recovering from injury, or fed up of balancing several pillows on top of one another. It can support the hips, knees, head, back, feet, and stomach properly.

Just lie back in the center of this U-shaped pillow, and you’ll have a great position for reading. Regardless of whether you use a new tablet/e-reader or a traditional book, you can use the ends to prop it up. Even when resting or doing other crafts or tasks in bed, you’ll almost certainly have a great partner in this pillow.

In this guide, we haven’t really spoken about storage, and it’s a concern for many. Luckily, the Meiz body pillow can be hung in the closet. Suddenly, it’s no longer getting in the way, and you can simply pull it out when it’s next required.

We’ve found this full body pillow to be useful in the following scenarios: leg swelling, back pain, pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, poor posture, hypertension syndrome. What’s more, it can help people who constantly find themselves tossing and turning during the night. Rather than sleeping awkwardly and waking up all stiff, you can get comfortable, relieve all tension, and encourage proper blood circulation.

Over time, the adjustable polyfill material stays odor-free and retains fluffiness for better comfort and support. Meanwhile, you can wash the cooling hypoallergenic cotton cover whenever it’s needed.

Queen Rose: The Best Body Pillow for Back Pain

We all know how frustrating it is to have back pain, right? Suddenly, even the simplest of tasks become difficult whether it’s getting into a bath, picking up children, or getting comfortable while reading. Fortunately, there are body pillows to provide support, alleviate the tension, and encourage high-quality sleep at night. For us, Queen Rose is one of the best.

Shaped like a ‘U,’ the polyester filling material is durable, which means the pillow should stay with you for many years to come. What’s more, the velvet cover is soft to the touch and is considered hypoallergenic, machine washable, and anti-bacterial.

In terms of support, Queen Rose soothes aching muscles and relieves pressure points in the back. By cradling the legs and back, you get the support you need as well as a comfortable sleeping position. Depending on what you like, you could even support your head with the top of the ‘U’ or focus on the lower body instead. Users have noted its use in reading, nursing, watching TV, and performing other tasks due to its flexibility; this is by no means a ‘one-trick pony.’

In fact, we’ve even seen couples both using this full body pillow. While one uses it during pregnancy for support and comfort, the other employs it to either get comfortable or relieve back tension and pain.

Warning: After removing the pillow from the packaging, follow the instructions, and be sure to allow enough time for the pillow to expand.

Utopia Bedding: Best Budget Option

It’s all well and good talking about the best body pillows in different areas, but what about readers on a budget? If this is the case, we have Utopia Bedding, and this plush body pillow comes in at 20” by 54”; making it just the right size for keeping you comfortable and supporting the natural contours of your body. Designed specifically for side and stomach sleepers, the ball fiber filling and the support this provides is also useful for pregnant women.

Contained within a soft cover (100% cotton, 240-thread count), this full body pillow provides pressure relief for the abdomen, shoulders, hips, and back - all areas that can ache after a long day at work. With the cover, this is durable and breathable. You will feel the softness when you use it for the first time, but you should also feel its sturdiness, and this comes from double-stitched edges (this should remove the need for a replacement any time soon!).

If you like to wash your covers frequently, the manufacturers have considered this, and it stands the test of time more effectively than most other budget products. Over time, the investment covers itself and, even if you want a replacement, it’s affordable enough anyway.

MALOUF Z - The Best Cooling Body Pillow

For those in warmer climates, you need a body pillow that keeps you cool rather than making things worse. With this in mind, we’re suggesting the Malouf Z, which is available in King and Queen sizes. Using plush, gel-infused polyester fibers, this is all contained inside a soft and breathable microfiber cover. These breathable materials help the pillow maintain a cool, comfortable temperature. For this reason, we also recommend this full body pillow for pregnant women.

While others clump over time, Malouf Z will retain its shape night after night. Even with its rigidity, it still should be moldable enough when trying to find a comfortable position. How does the pillow offer such resilience and consistency? Through what’s called tiny siliconized microfibers.

Designed for light and average weight groups, some in the heavier categories have still found use with this soft body pillow. Rather than using special cases and covers, you’ll be able to throw on a traditional case which reduces the investment and hassle somewhat (it also means you can keep a uniform appearance in the bedroom!). The Gelled Microfiber is backed by a three-year warranty.

Comfort-U by Moonlight Slumber: The Best Body Pillow for Taller People

Finally, we also wanted to provide an option for taller people since they can sometimes have trouble with regular body pillows. Since most models are less than 54 inches, this causes all sorts of problems. Fortunately, the Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U full body pillow comes in at 60 inches, and the polyester microfiber lends itself to comfort and support.

As well as improving circulation and regulating body temperature, the pillow will keep the back, hips, shoulders, and neck aligned as you sleep. For those who prefer extra pillow support or are pregnant, we recommend curving it between the legs and around to the back. Even if you’re relaxing in bed while watching TV or reading, the pillow can go behind the head. Whichever way you plan to use Moonlight Slumber, it will remain plump and ready for use for a long time.

Thanks to the breathable cotton cover and synthetic down core, air circulation is good, and you shouldn’t ever feel uncomfortably hot while sleeping. With the synthetic down core, in particular, scientists essentially consider it an extended polymer which means that it retains shape while allowing air to pass through. Over time, you can shape the pillow in different ways thanks to the flexible design, and it’s even soft, squeezable, and lightweight just to add the cherry on top.

Why else should you choose the Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U full body pillow? Well, it’s odorless, hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, machine washable, and, like every good pillow, luxuriously comfortable.

The Basics of Full Body Pillows 

We’ve seen some examples of the best body pillows, let’s learn more of the basics before digging into the main benefits and uses. 

​​​​What is a Body Pillow?

Sounds simple enough, but what actually constitutes a body pillow? When does a normal pillow become a body pillow? In recent times, it seems as though a standard has developed, and full body pillows tend to be at least 48 inches long. Traditional pillows can help with body posture and cervical support, but they lack in the other comfort needs you may have such as relieving pressure points and joint pain … and this is where a body pillow comes in. 

As well as length, one of the biggest differences between traditional and body pillows is the latter’s shape. As we’re going to explore in the next section, there are various ways to cushion and support the body during sleep. Rather than tossing and turning to get comfortable, it’s possible to find a relaxing position almost immediately with a full body pillow. This can help alleviate areas that cause issues and reduce the risk of waking several times per night. 

In case you didn’t know, side sleeping is the healthiest position as it helps improve sleep quality and (hopefully!) reduces snoring. This is another area in which body pillows excel as they are often designed for side sleepers. For pregnant women, this aids pregnancy by optimizing blood flow to the baby. 

Furthermore, many people prefer body pillows because they can consolidate multiple pillows into one. Why mess around with several pillows trying to get comfortable when one larger pillow will do the trick?

Benefits of Using a Full Body Pillow 

Just in case you were in any doubt as to why you should consider a full body pillow, it isn’t just about comfort. Here are the main benefits; 

1. Improves Alignment 

When you’re lying on your side, discomfort and pain can come from your body weight pushing on your hips. As a result, we adjust the shoulders and slide the leg forward, which creates a twisted frame and, sadly, poor alignment of the spine. While hugging a body pillow as you sleep, there’s no need to twist as all your weight is distributed evenly. This is why the body pillow is so helpful for people with back issues.

2. Encourages Breathing and Circulation 

Now you have proper alignment, blood circulates around the body nicely and, with the body elevated slightly, breathing also improves. We can provide a sigh of relief to all partners too because an elevated frame should reduce snoring, so it almost works as an anti-snore pillow too. 

3. Comforting Hugs 

Often, we see this benefit go under the radar, but we cannot underestimate the value of a good hug. We all love hugs because of their instant comforting effect. The reason why we hug parents as children and hug partners as adults is because it makes us feel safe and happy. Whether you sleep with a partner or alone, hugging a body pillow can have the same effect, and we drift off with a smile on our face. 

As we hold onto something, it’s easier to calm the mind as the muscles relax better. As mental health issues become more prominent in society, insomnia often comes from not being able to switch off the mind. Thankfully, full body pillows have brilliant reviews in this regard. 

4. Lessens Tossing and Turning 

Whether it’s yourself or a partner, tossing and turning can quickly get frustrating. While some people are able to fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow, others need to constantly shift and turn just to get comfortable. Often, this is a result of the body feeling some form of discomfort. Even when the mind is relaxed, the body can get restless just trying to find the right position. 

With a body pillow, you’re much less likely to toss and turn. We can hold onto something supportive with an added bonus - your pillow won’t produce excessive amounts of heat (like your partner often does). It might be romantic to hold onto a partner, but we have to appreciate that they need to get comfortable too; we can’t sacrifice their comfort just so we stop moving. 

Over time, the brain is trained, and the pillow becomes a symbol of relaxation and comfort of your nightly routine. Just like reading or getting into pajamas signal that it’s time to go bed, the body pillow will encourage and promote restful sleep. 

5. Pressure Point Relief

Did you know that a firm mattress aggravates pain and pressure points? Whenever the hips fail to feel proper support, the body moves, and we end up twisted or in a terrible position. Since this happens most nights, it leads to excess pressure on the arms, poor spinal alignment, and other issues. 

As you can probably guess, the solution here is a full body pillow. As it comforts the body and sits between the knees, the body stays aligned, and the hips have the support they need. When the lights go out, the body can relax, and you shouldn’t wake up in the morning feeling even more tired than before. 

Can I Use a Body Pillow? Will I Benefit? 

With everything we’ve learned in this guide, you know that body pillows support the whole body while stopping twisting in the pelvis, arching in the spine, and pressure in the hips and shoulders. Does this mean that absolutely everybody will benefit from such a product? Well, there are some who benefit more than most; 


In this guide, we’ve concentrated on solo sleepers, but turn the pillow on its side, and you have support for two people in a bed. Especially for couples who sleep close to one another, most body pillows will accommodate support for both partners. 

Sufferers of Back Pain

We’ve generalized with the sub-heading, but it could also include anybody suffering from problems with; 

  • Flu 
  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Spinal issues 
  • Arthritis 
  • Infectious diseases 
  • Autoimmune disorders 
  • Injuries 
  • Strains and pains

Pregnant Women 

For back sleepers, while pregnant, sleep becomes a difficult subject because of the high concentration of weight in their midsection. By sleeping on the side with a pillow between the knees, a pregnant woman can cradle the extra weight and get extra support in all the right areas. Expectant mothers feel more comfortable with the support for their back as well, something a body pillow can certainly help with.

Stomach Sleepers 

When sleeping on our stomach, there’s a risk of increasing both pressure and pain, and this is why doctors advise against it. That being said, introducing a full body pillow can alleviate the risk somewhat because it allows stomach sleepers to rest on a soft surface without straining their neck. Elsewhere, you might find comfort half-way between stomach and side position with the pillow underneath. 

Side Sleepers 

Although experts will tell you that sleeping on the side is best for our health, the problem often comes with the shoulder and arm taking all the weight. With a pillow between the knees, we can reduce this burden while also encouraging proper alignment (between the spine and pelvis). For anybody who experiences bruising or chafing in the ankles, a full body pillow will also stop them from rubbing together. 

Back Sleepers

If you’re a back sleeper who isn’t too comfortable sleeping on top of a body pillow, there are two solutions. We understand that uneven support will lead to even more pain and discomfort, so the first option is to turn the pillow sideways. Otherwise, you can try smaller body pillow sizes such as King, Queen, and Standard. 

Types of Body Pillows

Often designed for side sleepers, it’s true that body pillows help us find a healthier position while sleeping. Over the years, lots of stomach sleepers have been able to improve their sleep and encourage spinal health. When researching this area, you’ll find all sorts of different shapes, and this is important to keep in mind. While some designs focus on hip and back pain, others pay more attention to the head and neck support. Here are some of the most popular shapes; 

U-Shaped - As one of the more common designs and one we’ve mentioned throughout this guide, a U-shaped body pillow looks like two straight pillows joined together with an adjoining curve for the neck and head. In the recovery period after surgery and during pregnancy, this is likely to be your best choice. Why? Because you can play around with a U-shaped body pillow, fold it, twist it, and do whatever you need to do to get comfortable. 

Generally speaking, the width is between 40 and 50 inches while the length is 60 inches. With this in mind, it takes up most of a twin bed and perhaps half of a king or queen bed. For this reason, they’re often ignored (especially for those with partners who don’t want to sacrifice space). However, don’t dismiss U-shaped body pillows too quickly because they’re considered the strongest for support and pain relief. 

C-Shaped - Firstly, these body pillows have long arms shaped like a ‘C,’ and they bend slightly inwards. Since they fold quite easily, they can be employed in different ways. Normally, they provide support for the neck, head, and body. Depending on how you want to use a C-Shaped body pillow, you can lean into the long arm or use it to support the hip, knee, shoulder, and head. 

In terms of dimensions, C-shaped pillows normally extend beyond 60 inches while offering a width of between 24 and 30 inches. The benefit of choosing this design is that you can fold or twist it in different ways, and this is useful if you’re just lounging rather than trying to sleep. Also, it can be transformed into a J-shaped pillow (more on this in a moment!). 

L-Shaped - As you can probably guess, this body pillow is designed like an ‘L,’ and it’s a versatile one. While some use it as a neck, head, and body support, others will put it between the legs to provide support for the knees and hips. By aligning the hips, the lower back has less stress, and experts say there’s also a reduced risk of stretching tendons and ligaments in this area. 

Ultimately, the dimensions you find for L-shaped body pillows can vary. On the one hand, they can have both sides at the same length, such as 24 inches (and an 18-inch width). In other cases, the curved section will be shorter than one side. For example, we’ve seen L-shaped pillows with a 24-inch short length and 36-inch long length. 

J-Shape - Although similar to the L-shaped pillow, the J-shaped pillow provides support for the full body. It tends to have more options in the way of support for the neck and head. While the L-shaped pillows can have equal arm lengths, the J-shaped pillow always has a longer body, and this is how you tell them apart. In total, these body pillows can go past 80 inches, and the J-hook offers enough curvature to support the knees, hips, neck, and head (or however else you wish to use it). 

Straight - Finally, this is probably the most common option alongside the U-shaped body pillows, and they’re almost exclusively 20 inches by 54 inches. If you want to relieve pressure on the joints, support the back, or provide hip support, this is a great way to go because you can still use your normal pillow for the neck and head. To stop snoring, the slight slope will also help. 

Pillow Filling Types

As you probably noticed when going through the examples, you can choose from a variety of fills for your body pillow. 

Down - When people first use down-filled pillows, they wonder why this secret has been kept from them for so long. A down-filled body pillow feels like sleeping on a cloud! Then, inevitably, users start to feel a lack of support, and this is the biggest issue with this fill. Also, some people are allergic to down. As a result, many companies have developed synthetic down so we can get the same fluffy feel but without the reactions and risk to health. Down breathes well and is lightweight, but it’s not cheap. 

Microbeads - If you’ve ever had a beanbag, you’ll find some resemblance in microbeads. Easily moldable, microbead pillows are incredibly light. Yet, their support is less firm than some people like or need.

Memory Foam - When the joints are aching after a long day at work, memory foam will mold to the contours of the body and provide specialized support. Despite the comfort levels, there are some problems with memory foam, including the cost, weight, and the fact that it can get too firm or too hot during the night. 

Shredded Memory Foam - As an alternative to traditional memory foam, more manufacturers have started working with a shredded version which is exactly as it sounds; normal memory foam but shredded into pieces. This way, you get all the same excellent support but in a lighter, softer, and cooler way. 

Polyester - Due to their low cost and good support, synthetic fills are popular; often, the softness of the pillow depends on how tightly it is filled. Although breathability is low, and they can get hot, synthetic fills are washable and hypoallergenic. 

Buying Considerations

While we’ve been buying bedding for many generations, full body pillows are a new niche within this market. How do you know what to look for? We’ve compiled a few considerations below! 

Warranty and Return Policy

You might not find the best body pillow at the first attempt. With a sleep trial, you can return a pillow that doesn’t work and continue with testing. If the return policy allows and the pillow isn’t right, you’ll get a full refund with no questions asked. 

These days, most companies have faith in their products, so they will provide a warranty that lasts for a number of years. As long as the defect is not your own fault, the manufacturer may repair or replace the pillow. Be careful, don’t just assume that a pillow comes with a warranty because this isn’t always the case.

Size and Shape

We can expect full body pillows to be long, but the number of shapes and sizes might just surprise you (as we saw in an earlier section!). At the very minimum, and for comfort through the night for your body, we recommend getting one that stretches from your head all the way past your knees. In terms of measurements, tall people should look for over 72 inches or longer while average height people should be fine with 54 inches. Don’t forget your bed size too. 

When researching, you’re likely to come across straight, flat pillows more frequently than any other. This being said, you might find more support from circular pillows, and they’re especially useful for the chest and knees. For the neck, head, and back support, the best designs are U-, J-, and C-shaped pillows. 

In particular, U-shaped body pillows, despite their large size causing potential issues, provide the most support and are ideal for pregnant women or anyone with back injuries. However, they can lead to an increased buildup in heat. If you want to avoid this completely, we recommend covers made from bamboo or other breathable materials; phase-change materials are also better than synthetic materials. 

Fill Materials

Polyfill is a popular type of pillow fill because it’s simple, offers everything we need from a pillow, and is breathable. After pressure from consumers, more producers are also paying attention to natural and organic materials such as down, feathers (sometimes blended with shredded memory foam) so this is another consideration you might make before purchasing. At the very least, you should look for pillows that don’t have potentially harmful chemicals. Especially for the pregnancy niche, we’re sure you don’t want to expose yourself or your baby to toxic substances. 

Cases and Covers 

In a previous section, we’ve covered filling, and we urge you to pay attention to this detail. Meanwhile, the material on the outside of the body pillow is also important for your experience. There are many different textures and fabrics, and you need one that provides comfort, but that is also breathable and soft. With these features, you won’t overheat, and you can stay comfortable all night long. 

Body pillows can have a cover as well as a pillowcase. These come in four main fabrics; 

  • Bamboo - Soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, antimicrobial, but can be expensive. 
  • Cotton-Poly Blend - Cheap, durable, and easy to clean. 
  • Cotton - Washable, durable, comfortable, and breathable. 
  • Polyester - Washable, durable, but tends to be hot.

We also recommend looking for a machine washable cover. It’s not a necessity, but it will make everything so much easier. 

Firmness and Responsiveness

When we think of a pillow, we believe there’s just one standard firmness, but this isn’t the case at all. While some are extremely soft, others are noticeably firm. In the middle, we have somewhat of a compromise that supports the joints without being too uncomfortable. It’s natural to think that soft is best, but a pillow that’s too soft will lack support and lose shape over the course of a night. 

While on this note, there’s also something to be said for responsiveness. Will the body pillow respond to your movements and contour to provide support in the areas needed? Of course, this is a specialty for memory foam and one reason why it’s such a popular fill material. 

Sleeping Position 

Next up, you also need to consider your favored sleeping position before investing in a full body pillow. If you sleep on your stomach or back, we highly recommend straight pillows that are more firm than soft. This way, you prevent straining your back and neck. If you like to change positions several times over the course of a night, straight pillows will also be your answer. 

With U-, C-, and J-shaped body pillows, they are designed for back pain sufferers in most cases because of the soft spinal support. Meanwhile, anybody recovering from a serious injury or suffering with sciatica or fibromyalgia need to pay more attention to their mattress. Even with the best pillow in the world, you aren’t going to see results without getting a mattress that balances softness and firmness for your preferred position. 

If you’re pregnant, you’ve hopefully already seen that body pillows can replace or become maternity pillows in many scenarios since they can cradle the stomach and provide good support. 

Height and Loft 

As you consider which part of your body needs support from the pillow, you can start to focus on products with the right height. If extra padding is the most important feature for you, your body pillow needs to have enough loft and fill to adequately cushion you. For example, supporting the back requires more loft than supporting the knees.

Also, remember that down, and shredded memory foam pillows are easier to mold to our needs than others. With one-piece pillows, the loft range is consistent but somewhat limited. Recently, more adjustable pillows have entered the market, and this is brilliant news because we can add/remove fill depending on what we need. 

Other Considerations

Do you have any allergies and/or sensitivities? With so much of our body in contact with the pillow, allergies are sometimes a problem. If you have allergies or other sensitivities, pay attention to the materials used in your chosen pillow. 

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? While some want a body pillow for comfort, others want to relieve tension and pressure (and even pain). If you have back pain, for example, you need extra support, and this comes from the irregular pillows such as those with a C, J, or U shape.

Are you pregnant? If you’re expecting a child, firstly congratulations. Secondly, longer pillows are normally more comfortable because you can support the back and tuck the pillow in between the legs.

Are you a hot sleeper? Where you live and how warm you get in bed is also important. If you sleep hot, look for feathers, shredded foam, and materials that encourage air circulation. In the cover, we recommend avoiding synthetic materials (such as rayon and polyester) and sticking with cotton and other natural fibers. 

Does the pillow include a case? As you can imagine with the strange shape, C-, U-, and J-shaped body pillows don’t allow for simple cases. Rather than hunting high and low, it’s probably easier to buy a product that comes with a case. 

How much does the pillow weigh? Do you plan on moving your body pillow from room to room (or even from home to home)? If so, consider that memory foam can be heavy. If you aren’t planning on moving it from your bedroom, you can look free from restrictions. 

How tall are you? For most people who use a pillow between the knees, and aren’t too worried about their ankles, a standard body pillow will suffice. If you do like to separate the ankles or are taller than average, 54 inches may not be enough. With a little testing and reading reviews online, you’ll soon find the right product length for you. 

Do you have a specific budget in mind? If yes, this will immediately reduce the number of available products to a specific window, and you don’t have to waste time looking at options that are too expensive. While some extend beyond $100, you’ll find high-quality body pillows between $20 and $60. 


If you take one thing from this guide (hopefully you’ve learned lots!), remember that full body pillows come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and firmness levels. While some users enjoy using one during pregnancy, others need it after surgery. Meanwhile, some people just want to increase their comfort and sleep quality in an average night. When we sleep better, we have more energy the next day and are able to concentrate more. In the long-term, this means working towards goals and potentially enjoying more success not only in a professional setting but in our personal lives too. 

With the right comfort and support, you can encourage correct alignment and relieve any tension and pain that might exist. As a sleeping aid, it’s a fantastic product and one that has transformed many lives. As long as you’re willing to test and find one that suits you, the potential rewards are huge! 

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