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Bamboo fabrics provide you with an incredibly soft and breathable option for your bedding. A durable material, bamboo is also much more sustainable than other textiles such as cotton.

There are various types of fabric that can be made from bamboo, including linen, Lyocell, and Rayon (Viscose). The gentle draping and cooling properties offered by these bamboo-based materials have made them a popular bedding choice for many sleepers.

Of course, not all bamboo bed sheets are made the same or offer the same quality and comfort. This guide will discuss the performance of the best bamboo sheets on the market today and some common concerns for first-time buyers. Our picks are based on our own research and testing of the products as well as verified reviews from other customers.


The Best Bamboo Sheets

The Best Bamboo Sheets Comparison Table



Key Features


Zen Bamboo Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- 40% bamboo-derived rayon, 60% brushed microfiber
- Hypoallergenic and stain resistant
- Easily maintained and machine washable

Zen Bamboo Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- Tight weave to prevent wear and tear
- 60% bamboo fabric and 40% microfiber
- Elastic edges to secure sheets to the bed

Cariloha Classic Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- Soft and lightweight
- Eco-friendly product
- Numerous sizes and color options available

LINENWALAS Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- 100% bamboo sateen sheets
- 300 thread count
- Soft and heat-regulating

MALOUF Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- 100% Rayon from bamboo
- Silky and soft to the touch
- Hypoallergenic, naturally resistant to odors

Royal Hotel Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- 40% cotton blend, 60% bamboo viscose
- 300 Thread count
- 18 inch deep pockets

eLuxurySupply Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- Made from 100% Rayon from bamboo
- Softer than cotton, cashmere, and silk
- Extremely breathable

Cariloha Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- 100% Viscose from Bamboo, 400 thread count
- Softer than 
1,000TC Egyptian cotton
- Naturally repels odors and allergens

LuxClub Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
- Bamboo blended with microfiber
- 14" deep pockets

The Best Bamboo Sheets Reviews

Zen Bamboo: The Best Wrinkle-Free Bamboo Sheets

Zen Bamboo Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- 40% bamboo-derived rayon, 60% brushed microfiber
- Hypoallergenic and stain resistant
- Easily maintained and machine washable

Price: $26.49

The advantage of using a blend of two fabrics, like in the Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 series bed sheets, is that it gives you benefits from both materials. Although these sheets are marketed as bamboo rayon sheets, they have a higher content of microfiber. Both of these materials help give the sheets their softness. The polyester make-up of the microfiber lets the sheets retain their color, provides them with durability, and keeps them wrinkle-free.

The Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 sheets are easy to care for, and they can be machine-washed. Between washes, they will remain cool, fresh, and free of any dust mites. They also come in a variety of colors to suit all tastes and decor.

The polyester content, however, does mean that these sheets do not offer as much of a cooling effect as other bamboo sheets do. To offset that, they are very affordable and come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Cosy House Collection: The Best Bamboo and Microfiber Blend Sheets

Zen Bamboo Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- Tight weave to prevent wear and tear
- 60% bamboo fabric and 40% microfiber
- Elastic edges to secure sheets to the bed

Price: $41.95

Since its foundation in 2014, Cosy House Collection has had the mindset of offering great quality bedding at a fraction of the cost of other brands. The Cosy House business model was to get their sheets directly to the end-user customers and cut out as much of the middle-operators as possible. This allows them to offer incredible prices for quality sheets, as well as free shipping and returns.

Cosy House sheets are a blend of 60% bamboo fabric and 40% microfiber. This combination offers a luxurious bed sheet, with a bamboo content that is higher than most bamboo sheets on the market. The bamboo element of these sheets keeps them wrinkle-free, odor and stain-resistant, breathable, hypoallergenic, and suitable for any skin type. They come in a variety of sizes and a selection of 14 different colors.

The job of the 40% microfibre part of these sheets is to regulate heat into and away from the mattress. Their strength and durability come from the tightly woven threads and strong elastic. For restless sleepers, an elasticated edge will keep the sheet in place. The deep pocket is suitable for mattresses up to 16 inches deep.

Piling is not an issue with these sheets, and this sets them apart from many of their competitors. Washing instructions on Cosy House Collection is simple; the blend of different materials means they only need a cold wash and can be tumble-dried.

The Cosy House Collection customer service stands behind their products, accepting all refunds, no matter when purchased. They just need you to send a picture to their Customer Service Center, and they will respond within 24 hours.

Cariloha Classic: The Best Viscose from Bamboo Sheets

Cariloha Classic Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- Soft and lightweight
- Eco-friendly product
- Numerous sizes and color options available

Price: $179.00

These classic bamboo sheets are produced by Cariloha and are made of natural bamboo viscose rather than a blend; this gives them a feeling of naturally occurring luxury. You will have soft, lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking bedding for a cooler night's sleep.

Bamboo fabric is also great at repelling odors, and it is quite resistant to piling. The few occasions that piling has been reported have occurred due to not following care instructions, so this is an important thing to keep in mind.

As far as price goes, you are definitely looking at the upper end of the market for Cariloha Classics. So make sure to take good care of these sheets in terms of washing and drying. Another thing to be aware of is staining as they seem to stain quite easily. So take care of using them whilst wearing makeup, and keep food and drink away from them. The lifetime guarantee is a nice bonus, but it does not extend to stains caused by misuse.

The Cariloha Classic has a fully elastic fitting sheet that is able to cover mattresses up to 18 inches thick. The flat sheet, however, has had several reviews stating that it is slightly short. All-in-all, the Cariloha Classics is a great option if you want 100% viscose bamboo bed sheets.

LINENWALAS: The Best Feel Bamboo Sheets

LINENWALAS Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- 100% bamboo sateen sheets
- 300 thread count
- Soft and heat-regulating

Price: Out of stock

How your sheets feel is one of the most important aspects of their performance. LINENWALAS Softest Bamboo Sheets certainly hit the mark when it comes to this aspect.

They are made from 100% bamboo rayon, with a 300-thread count sateen weave that gives them a smooth finish and allows for a great night's sleep. There are 4 standard pieces in a set of LINENWALAS sheets and 9 different colors to choose from. Each sheet has an elasticated edge and a pocket deep enough to fit a 16-inch thick mattress.

LINENWALAS are great sheets when it comes to regulating temperature, and many people note that they stay cool during the night, making them ideal for warm weather. They have also received positive reviews for their softness and overall quality. In fact, several reviewers have stated that LINENWALAS are the softest sheets they've ever used.

LINENWALAS offer their customers a satisfaction guarantee of 90 days. The main point of dissatisfaction comes from the difficulty of fitting the sheets to a mattress. The most praised features are their softness and comfort. The low price tag also sits favorably with the customers.

MALOUF: The Best Rayon from Bamboo Sheets

MALOUF Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- 100% Rayon from bamboo
- Silky and soft to the touch
- Hypoallergenic, naturally resistant to odors

Price: $208.00

Despite being a little more expensive than their competitors, Malouf bamboo sheets are a favorite in the hotel and B&B market.

Sheets made of Rayon from bamboo are not only soft and silky, making them incredibly comfortable; they are also extremely durable. Sheets in hotels and B&Bs can be washed 3-4 times each week, so they need to be durable to take this level of use without fading, fraying, or piling.

One common flaw with all bamboo bed sheets is that their silky texture makes it difficult to keep them on the mattress. Malouf has got around this issue by giving their sheets extra-deep pockets of 22 inches. According to customer reviews, this seems to have done the trick!

All Malouf products come with a 5-year warranty and offer very exact procedures for care and cleaning. Most of the negative reviews on Malouf sheets have come about as a result of piling or fraying caused by poor or incorrect maintenance.

Royal Hotel: The Best For Color Variety

Royal Hotel Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- 40% cotton blend, 60% bamboo viscose
- 300 Thread count
- 18 inch deep pockets

Price: $74.99

The first thing that might catch your eye with the Royal Hotel sheets is that their color is incredibly rich. These sheets are 60 % Bamboo Viscose which is the softest fabric in the world, and 40% cotton blend. It is also a very durable fabric, and it will resist pilling.

If you were to describe the Royal Hotel sheets, you would use the words' silky', 'soft,' and 'supple.' These sheets are also very lightweight and thin, which may be an issue if you like thicker, heavier bedding. However, their cooling properties and breathability should more than make up for this as they are incredibly comfortable in all temperatures, and you should never overheat when using them. Royal Hotel is also ideal for people with allergies or sensitivities to chemicals.

As with most other bamboo bed sheets, these will wrinkle when you take them out of the dryer. Overall, this is a good choice of bamboo-cotton blend sheets.

eLuxurySupply: The Most Breathable Bamboo Sheets

eLuxurySupply Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- Made from 100% Rayon from bamboo
- Softer than cotton, cashmere, and silk
- Extremely breathable

Price: Out of stock

These incredibly soft bamboo sheets from eLuxurySupply are produced using 100% rayon from bamboo. They are perfect for people who overheat during sleep, as well as bring suitable for cold weather too. Bamboo is a dynamic fabric, and it will adjust to your body temperature, allowing you to stay warm in the winter and keep cool during the summer.

When you use these naturally silky sheets, you will feel like you've spent the night in a luxury spa. They provide an exceptional level of comfort. However, the eLuxurySupply sheets also offer durability while remaining lightweight.

They come in a number of unique sizes, including Twin XL, Split King, and California King. All come with deep pockets capable of fitting mattresses up to 15 inches deep.

Caring for these sheets is simple. Just wash them in cold water using a mild detergent and tumble dry on a low heat setting. ELuxurySupply provides a 30-day return policy for which they provide a prepaid shipping label.

If you are trying bamboo sheets for the first time, these are a great buy. ELuxurySupply has pretty much everything: 100% Rayon from bamboo; softer than cotton, cashmere, and silk; breathable, temperature regulating, and hypoallergenic. If these sheets are not offering enough for, you probably won't find another bamboo sheet that is.

Cariloha Resort: The Best Bamboo Sheets for Thread Count

Cariloha Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- 100% Viscose from Bamboo, 400 thread count
- Softer than 
1,000TC Egyptian cotton
- Naturally repels odors and allergens

Price: $239.00

Cariloha offers a varied selection of the best bamboo sheets on the market. Their bamboo is completely organically farmed, making Cariloha an eco-friendly choice for your bedding.

Their bamboo sheets are made using 100% Viscose from bamboo, which makes them naturally hypoallergenic and odor resistant. They offer a fresh and relaxing feel, and their thermal regulation coupled with great breathability surpasses all expectations on comfort.

Cariloha Resort comes with a comfortable sateen finish, elevating them above the Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets in terms of softness. The Resort sheet set is at the high-end of the Cariloha range. They are incredibly luxurious and, with a 400 thread-count, provide softness and durability surpassing that of 1,000 thread-count Egyptian cotton.

Cariloha Resort bamboo bed sheets are available in a range of colors. Soft and subtle tones such as Almond, Beachwood, Blue Lagoon, Caribbean, Graphite, Ivory, Tahitian, and White will be complementary to any decor. With a deep 18 inch pocket, these sheets are made to fit most mattresses.

For this level of luxury, there is a price, and these will set you back over $200. They are, however, worth every cent, if it is truly luxurious sheets that you seek. They come with a satisfaction guarantee and are backed up by a lifetime exchange option. Simply send back your old sheets to Cariloha, and they will be replaced!

LuxClub: The Best Value Option

LuxClub Best Bamboo Sheets Review and Buying Guide by

- Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
- Bamboo blended with microfiber
- 14" deep pockets

Price: $34.95

Lux Club is a new player in the bamboo sheets market and has already captured the attention of bamboo bedding users around the world. They've earned an Amazon's Choice product rating for bamboo sheet sets and for a good reason.

Lux Club's unique selling point is that they have one of the best prices for eco-friendly, wrinkle-free, and silk-like bamboo sheets. If low price and free shipping were not enough, they also offer four pillowcases per set rather than two, as well as flat and fitted sheets.

Lux Sheets promise that their products will provide more comfort than the finest Egyptian cotton. They also guarantee durability from wear and tear, as well as breathability. The bamboo viscose fabric creates a bacteria-resistant environment that will stop bed mites from settling. This means you will have fresh smelling sheets for longer.

Lux Club bamboo bed sheets come in 4 different sizes and offer an exceptional range of 43 different colors. They can fit mattresses up to 14″ deep and are produced using a Rayon from bamboo blend. LuxClub's satisfaction guarantee runs for an amazing 12 months. So you have a full year to decide if you want to return your sheets or get a replacement set of your choice.

Bamboo Sheets Buying Guide – How To Purchase the Best Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo bedding has been increasing in popularity in recent years. The reason why so many people are using bamboo sheets comes down to their durability, softness, and breathability. Also, they appeal on an emotional level, as bamboo is one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world, growing quickly and thriving in different climate zones.

This short guide on bamboo bed sheets delves into their price, benefits, and other important buying considerations. It also looks at how bamboo bedding is made and what type of weave, thread count, and other product specifications you can expect. Without further ado, let's get started!

How Bamboo Sheets Are Made

There is a common misconception that bamboo bedding is actually made from strips of bamboo cane. Just to get things straight, bamboo fabric is produced from cellulose extracted from bamboo. This is a substance that forms the structure of bamboo's cellular walls.

Bamboo cellulose is removed and goes through various chemical processes that can include treating with carbon disulfide, or sodium hydroxide (lye), to produce the actual fabric. Because of these processes, the term' bamboo fabric' can be a little misleading, with some brands claiming these synthetic materials to be organic or that they contain only natural elements.

Bamboo fabric can be produced by one of two processes; mechanically or chemically.

  • During the chemical process, chemicals are used to soften the cellulose fibers. These are then crushed and processed to produce a fine yarn that can be woven to become a fabric.
  • With the mechanical process, bamboo leaves and other materials are stripped from the plant and crushed so as to isolate the cellulose. Spinning the cellulose then turns it into a fine yarn that can be woven to become a fabric.

Several types of fabrics can be produced from bamboo cellulose, including the following:

Lyocell From Bamboo

Lyocell is a material that derives from bamboo cellulose. Technically, this is a type of Rayon, but there is a slight difference in the process of making Lyocell and standard Rayon.

The difference lies in the way the cellulose is dissolved when producing Lyocell. Rather than using lye, an organic compound called NMO (N-Methylmorpholine N-oxide) is used. Although this technically makes Lyocell more eco-friendly, it still requires many chemicals to produce and is, therefore, a synthetic material. Lyocell from bamboo sheets are much less common than those made from Rayon or Viscose.

Viscose from Bamboo

Also known as 'Viscose made from bamboo,' this material is the same as Rayon. The only difference being in the name; the term Rayon is used in the USA, while in Europe, they refer to the same as Viscose. These two terms are interchangeable when speaking with most suppliers.

Rayon from Bamboo

This is the most common fabric for sheets to be produced from bamboo. Rayon is a synthetic fabric derived from bamboo cellulose (or other plants). It is produced by softening the cellulose with lye and then treating it with carbon disulfide. Rayon has got some great features such as softness and breathability. The term 'Rayon from bamboo' is more accurate than bamboo fabric. 

Other Materials

Another cellulose-based material that can be made from bamboo is Modal. However, this fabric is incredibly thin, making it unsuitable for making sheets with. 

Linen from bamboo sheets has made some headway in the bedding marketplace recently. However, they are few in number because the process of making them is extremely labor-intensive. This makes sheets made of linen-from-bamboo seriously expensive.

To reduce the amount of potential confusion around 'from bamboo' items, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has instigated rules governing the labeling of such products.

If the materials have undergone a mechanical process, they are to be labeled 'Mechanically Processed Bamboo'. Otherwise, they must be labeled as 'Rayon', 'Rayon from Bamboo', 'Viscose', or 'Viscose from Bamboo'. To date, there are no rules governing the labeling of Lyocell.

Consumers should be wary of vendors using terms such as 'bamboo fabric' or 'bamboo sheets' if they are being touted as organic. Regardless of the differences in their production processes, sheets made from Lyocell, Rayon, or Viscose all share the great qualities of breathability, durability, and softness.

Benefits of Bamboo Bed Sheets

Ease of Care

If you think that bamboo bed sheets are going to be difficult and time-consuming to clean, you would be wrong. Bamboo sheets are very easy to keep care of. Because they are odor resistant, they require less washing than cotton equivalents. When they do require a wash, it can be done on a regular washing machine cycle, with lukewarm water, and dried in a tumble-drier on low heat.


The quality level of your bamboo bedding depends upon the type of fabric used to produce it. Think of your sheets as an 8-year investment on average, before you will need to replace them. Purchasing the best bamboo sheets that you can afford will allow you to get the most value back from their durability.

Color Variety

There is nothing that is unique or inspiring about the shape or design of bed sheets. There is also, generally, a standard set; 1 or 2 pillow covers as well as a fitted and standard sheet. This standard set make-up is the same regardless of the size you purchase. There is, however, a difference when it comes to color variations; higher-end sheets tend to have a richer and more vibrant color selection so you can find a color to match any bedroom decor.

Environmentally Friendly 

Bamboo is classed as a weed, and it grows without the need for pesticides or watering. There is no need for replanting after each harvest, and it is incredibly quick growing; some species can grow 4 ft in a single day. Compare this to cotton, which requires a lot of pesticides and regular watering to grow.


Natural bamboo linen sheets repel bacteria that are commonly found in homes and bedrooms. These sheets are also antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and resistant to germs. This helps to reduce the spread of common illnesses if you are sharing a bed with a partner. It also makes bamboo a great material choice for towels and toothbrushes.


Farming and growing cotton involve the use of pesticides, which can be harmful and result in skin irritations. Because bamboo has a natural resistance to insects and pests, there is no need for farmers to use pesticides to grow it. When you switch to bamboo bedding, you will notice less sniffling, due to the lack of dust mites in the sheets. The harsh chemicals that are used to soak bamboo Rayon, however, negate this benefit.

Stain Resistance

Buying 100% Rayon from bamboo sheets may seem like a luxury purchase, but it will certainly save you money in the long run. These sheets are resistant to staining and very easy in terms of care. You will not even need to wash them that often, as simply hanging them in the fresh air is enough to bring them back to perfect condition, naturally removing odors and discoloration. Just avoid leaving them too long if it's too hot or during the midday sun.

Cooling and Moisture-Wicking

All fabrics have a temperature which is dependent on the material it is woven from. 100% Rayon from bamboo sheets have an internal temperature that is a full three degrees cooler than cotton. This is why many users believe bamboo sheets to be the best sheets for keeping them cool at night. They are also great at wicking moisture away from the body, leading to a drier and cooler sleep on hot summer nights. 

Soft and Comfortable

Sheets produced out of bamboo, are of the highest quality in terms of softness and comfort. Users continuously comment that they are even smoother than the top quality Egyptian cotton sheets.

Some Concerns Regarding Fabric Made from Bamboo

Despite bamboo fabrics being sustainable, there are some concerns about them with regard to safety, environmental issues, and consumer protection. These concerns include:

Spurious Marketing Claims

As well as some of the naming practices being called into question, some brands of bamboo bedding claim their products are antibacterial. While the bamboo plant is antibacterial, only a trace of this quality exists in the fabric. In fact, the FTC has issued a strong warning against companies making such claims.

Air and Water Pollution

Another negative aspect of carbon disulfide is that it is an air and water pollutant. Making bamboo fabrics can lead to both air and water contamination.

Safety of Workers

The process of making Rayon and Viscose can expose workers to carbon disulfide, which is a volatile compound that can cause serious health issues if it is inhaled. There are protective measures that employers can take to protect workers from carbon disulfide exposure. However, some experts argue that current guidelines for acceptable exposure are too high.

Considerations When Buying Bamboo Sheets

There are a few key aspects to consider when you are buying sheets made from bamboo-based fabric. Here are a few of them:


The weave is the method of interlacing yarns to create the fabric. There are 3 types of weaves in common use for making bamboo sheets:

  • Twill: The twill weave is over and under, but the pattern is offset, creating diagonal ribbing. Twill weaved fabrics are exceptionally durable and drapey.
  • Sateen: This weave can be multiple-over and one-under stitches in both directions. A sateen weave has a silkier feel, and it gives the sheets a distinctive sheen. They also tend to be thicker than sheets made with a percale weave, so they are less breathable. 
  • Percale: This is a simple one-under-one-over weave pattern. Fabrics made this way are lighter, stronger, and have a more crisp feel to them. Percale-weave sheets have a distinctive feel, likened by many to that of a man's dress shirt.

Organic vs. Non-Organic Fabrics

Generally speaking, organic fabrics are produced without using chemicals or pesticides. Often, brands tout their bedding and other fabric products as organic; however, this claim is meaningless without the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. GOTS, who is the recognized authority for this topic, mandates the following to be considered organic fabric:

  • If production involves wet-processing procedures, the facility must have a waste-water treatment plant.
  • All dyes and other chemical inputs must meet certain toxicology and environmental impact criteria.
  • The textile must contain at least 70% of organic fibers.

GOTS considers the vast majority of bamboo-based fabrics NOT to be organic since the bamboo cellulose goes through chemical or mechanical procedures to melt it. However, if the cellulose comes from bamboo plants that are organically grown, the label may state that the sheets have been made from organic materials.

So, if bamboo bed sheets are being touted as organic, check for the GOTS certification. Otherwise, be suspicious of such claims.


Size is probably the most important consideration when purchasing any sheets. There is no point in buying some that are too large or too small for your mattress. Most bamboo bed sheets come in industry-standard sizes, so getting something to fit your mattress is not difficult. Take note of the pocket size too, and make sure they are big enough to fit the depth of your mattress. 

Thread Count

Thread count is another important factor when choosing your sheets. The thread count is calculated by the number of horizontal and vertical threads woven into one square inch of fabric. In a sheet that has been produced well, a higher thread count will mean a softer and stronger sheet. Sheets offered with a thread count greater than 400-600 should be regarded with suspicion. Many bedding manufacturers use multi-ply yarns and count each strand in the thread to give its thread count. This can inflate the count by 3 or 4 times, which can be misleading for customers. It is always best to go for a sheet that uses a single-ply yarn.

Neutral Colors

As bamboo bed sheets have great durability, they will last a long time. So, you should carefully consider the color options for your new sheets. Dark, rich colors may fade despite the fabric remaining in good condition. Since changing duvet covers or other bedroom items may be more frequent, we recommend selecting neutral colors that will match evolving décor. Neutral colors also provide a relaxing and calming sleep environment. Conversely, bright or visually striking colors can stimulate the brain and bring about sleep problems.


Care instructions for different types of bamboo bed sheets vary. Some will require hand-washing, others need to be dry-cleaned, and the simplest can be washed by machine and tumble-dried. You may desire the luxury of the best bamboo sheets; however, the time required for care and maintenance of them may not suit you.

Warranty, Sleep Trial & Return Policy

Before you make your purchase, you should fully understand the product's guarantee, sleep trial, and return policies.

Warranty. This is an agreement between the manufacturer of the sheets and the customer. If the sheets do not perform to the standards described or if there is a defect with the product, the manufacturer promises to refund or replace them. Issues such as damage during use or laundering, tearing, normal discoloration, etc. are not generally covered by the product guarantee. Most sheet warranties last for up to five years; however, some brands do not offer any type of guarantee for their products. 

Sleep Trial. As the name suggests, a sleep trial gives customers the opportunity of testing sheets for a period of up to 120 nights. If the customer is not completely satisfied with the product, they can return it before the trial ends and receive a refund. Sleep trials are, however, something of a rarity as the sheets come into contact with the user's skin. Make sure you read the small print if a sleep trial is offered.

Return policy. This will detail if a product can be returned and how the return is carried out. Typical return policy for a set of sheets allows customers to return unused and unopened items within a period of between 30-90 days. Customers may receive a full or partial refund, including or excluding shipping costs.  

Cleaning and Maintenance

Sheets made from bamboo fabrics need to be treated like the high-quality fabrics that they are. Understanding how to wash your bamboo bed sheets will assist you in keeping them in good condition so that you are able to enjoy them for a long time. Check out the tips below to understand how to maintain your beautiful bamboo bedding.

Wash Using Cold Water. Similar to most quality fabrics, Rayon from bamboo sheets respond best to washing in cold water. The results you get with cold water are just as good as hot-water washing, without the inevitable subtle deterioration caused by the heat. The exception to this rule is when you wash your sheets for the first time. Unless they have been pre-shrunk, you should wash them once in hot water. This will help the fabric to shrink to its precise size.

Remove Stains Naturally. Any stains on your bamboo bed sheets should be pre-treated with a natural stain remover. For instance, you could treat a stain with some vinegar and water before washing. Another method is to use a few drops of natural castile soap combined with the same amount of baking soda and borax. This makes an effective, non-toxic stain remover that is gentle on your sheets. You can even try using this as a replacement for your laundry detergent.

No Dryer Strips or Bleach Required. Your bamboo bedding will last longer and stay in better condition if you avoid using harsh dryer strips or bleaches.

No Fabric Softener Required. The softness of bamboo bed sheets means they require no fabric softeners.

Separate From Rough Materials. Washing your bamboo bed sheets alongside coarser materials can cause them to pill.

Wash the Same Colors Together. Do not risk ruining the look of your sheets through color-bleeding. Keep your whites and colored fabrics separate.  

Gentle Drying. Drying outdoors in the sun and breeze is best. If this is not possible, use the coolest setting on a tumble drier. 


Are Bamboo Sheets Expensive Compared To Regular Sheets?

This depends on which end of the bedding market you are referring to. If it's high-end bamboo sheets you are looking for, then these will be more expensive than a set of reasonable quality cotton sheets. But, of course, the quality is much superior, so it is not a like-for-like comparison.

There are more affordable bamboo sheets available. These tend to be blended with another textile such as microfiber. They are still soft and generally need less maintenance. Of course, they come with lower quality and reduced durability. Also, using microfiber decreases the sheets' breathability; microfiber production is not good in terms of environmental friendliness either.

Where To Buy The Best Bamboo Sheets?

If you've done your research and you have decided to buy some bamboo sheets, we would recommend Amazon as the best store. They have the largest selection of bamboo sheet sets, and you can get some great deals on price and shipping.

Where Do The Best Bamboo Sheets Come From?

Something else you may wish to consider when deciding upon which bamboo sheets to buy is the country of origin. Certain countries have few restrictions and have no labeling monitoring. Buying your bamboo sheet sets from these countries may not be in your best interests.

According to the FTC's Textile Fiber Rule​​​​, certain textiles for sale in the United States are required to have labels identifying the generic names of constituent fibers along with their percentages by weight in the product. It also requires that the manufacturer's name and location are marked. 

Several US retail companies have been fined by the FTC for selling fabric products with misleading information on the labels. This is despite the fact that they were not in control of the labeling operation. Foreign companies are not usually held to the same standards and regulations as American businesses. So, naturally, there is an element of risk when buying from international suppliers.

Bear this in mind when ordering bamboo bedding from online stores such as Amazon. Amazon is a US-based company, so the products they sell must comply fully with the FTC rules.

How Eco-Friendly Are Bamboo Sheets?

With environmental issues and climate change at the forefront of many people's minds, this is a question that gets asked quite frequently. Making a conscious decision to buy organic products benefits not just those involved in the transaction, but the wider environment too. Bamboo bed sheets are definitely more eco-friendly than cotton sheets. However, some are more environmentally friendly than others. So, look out for the OEKO-Tex certification on the label.

When Did Bamboo Sheets Come On The Market?

Bamboo fabrics are not new to the market; they have been used by many companies to produce a wide variety of products for some time now. But, the most popular bamboo fabric products are sheets, pillows, mattress toppers, and various types of clothing, including socks and underwear. Bamboo bed sheets are becoming more popular each year as more and more people try them over cotton.

How Long Will Your Bamboo Sheets Last For?

Touching bamboo sheets, the first thing that you will notice is their softness. This gives a false impression that they are not very durable. However, bamboo sheets will last you several years, and their durability is excellent compared to cotton. 

Most companies offer their customers peace-of-mind with a return period between 90 days to one year. Warranties may cover piling, which can often be a problem with bamboo sheets.

You should always buy your bamboo sheet sets from a reputable supplier; this way, you can be sure about what you are purchasing. But, whichever supplier you choose, bear in mind that bamboo sheets have no infinite durability; eventually, they will need replacing like all other bedding. 

What other Materials are Bamboo Sheets Made of?

Bamboo bed sheets can be made from 3 different types of materials:

  • Bamboo Viscose / Rayon
  • Bamboo Linen
  • Bamboo Lyocell

Sheets manufactured from bamboo viscose produce some of the softest bedding on the market. They are softer, more durable, more breathable, and cooler than high-end cotton sheets.

How Are Bamboo Sheets Produced?

The production process for bamboo fabrics kicks off with growing bamboo plants. The bamboo stalks are cut just above the base so that they can start to grow back immediately and don't need to be replanted. This compares favorably to cotton, that needs to be replanted every time it is harvested.

The bamboo stalks are then cut into smaller chips and soaked in recycled chemicals so that they become soft and can be pressed into a pulp. You should have no concerns about the chemical recycling process as it takes place within a closed-loop system. This avoids the chemicals being released into the environment and keeps the process environmentally friendly.

The final stage involves the pulp being dried and formed into sheets, which then become bamboo fabrics. The completed bamboo fabric is both softer and around 3 degrees cooler than cotton. 

Should you Buy Bamboo or Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

People don't usually associate words like 'softness,' 'luxury,' or 'comfort' with bamboo. Bamboo is a strong and robust plant that has only just recently been identified for its fabric making qualities. However, bamboo fabrics produce sheets that are softer than those from Egyptian cotton; and they are friendlier to the environment too.

Bamboo fabric's popularity has exploded recently, and it has taken the bedding market by storm. Bamboo sheets, mattress toppers, and, believe it or not, underwear are now readily available to buy. Its popularity can be put down to the sheer comfort and softness that the fabric provides. Combine this with the eco-friendly aspect, and you have a product that appeals to a wide range of buyers.

If replacing your present sheets is something that you're thinking about, maybe you should consider bamboo fabric for your next set. It will be a great decision. If you do, make them the best bamboo sheets set you can afford at the time as they really will be a good long-term investment.

How Do Bamboo Bed Sheets Compare To Cotton?

The qualities of bamboo bed sheets are not widely known, so many people are unsure if buying them is a good decision or not. Here are a few of the reasons why bamboo sheets compare well to cotton:

  • Easy to care for
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Silky smooth, luxurious feel
  • Softer than Egyptian cotton
  • More cooling than cotton
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Great value

Bamboo fabric is an excellent choice for your sheets for the reasons listed above. Not only do they provide more softness and breathability than cotton, but bamboo sheets are also more eco-friendly than their cotton equivalents. Bamboo is one of the most renewable plants on the planet, and it can grow up to 4ft every day. Also, it does not have to be replanted when harvested; it just keeps on growing.

While the manufacturing process of bamboo fabrics uses chemicals to soften the cellulose, it takes place in a closed-loop process so that the chemicals can be recycled after use again and again. So, if you are searching for a softer alternative to cotton or one that is more eco-friendly, bamboo bed sheets tick both these boxes.


Well, there is a lot to think about with bamboo sheets, and hopefully, this guide has helped you make an informed decision about your purchase.

Getting a brand new set of quality bamboo bed sheets will provide you with soft and comfortable bedding for years to come. Bear in mind all the information you got from this guide, and you will be sure to get the best bamboo sheets for your needs.

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