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It’s a bit trickier than most people think – to buy a pillow that’s really comfortable to use and sleep on regularly. This is especially true of sleepers who suffer from chronic pain or have other conditions that demand a supportive cushioning for their shoulders, neck, and head.

There is a multitude of factors that go into buying the most comfortable pillow but the two most common include:

  • Material composition – When it comes to your pillow, you need to consider the material composition of the cover and fill. Pillows can comprise of all kinds of materials. 
  • Thickness (loft) – When looking for the right loft, you need to consider your weight, shoulder width, head size, and your regular sleeping position. 

You also want to factor in the pillow’s pressure point relief, price, heat retention, and moldability. 

So, how can you choose the right pillow, especially when there are so many factors that you must consider? There are many choices out there, but with a bit of research, you can find one for your much-needed rest after a long day out and about. Check out our choices below to see if any one of these sounds promising to your sleep needs. 


The Most Comfortable Pillows

The Most Comfortable Pillows Comparison Table



Key Features


Casper Sleep most comfortable pillow review by

- All-cotton cover with breathable percale weave to boost airflow
- Pillow-in-pillow design loaded with microfiber fill
- Easy to clean thanks to the removable outer cover


Sleep Restoration most comfortable pillow review by

- Hypoallergenic; resistant to stains and dust mites
- Useful for any sleep position
- Gel-fiber filling offers the best support and comfort


Bluewave Bedding most comfortable pillow review by

- Amazing cooling features
- Washable bamboo fabric cover
- Slim design ideal for back and stomach sleepers


Coop Home Goods most comfortable pillow review by

- Improved breathability
- Adjustable design offers added comfort
- Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant


Simmons Beautyrest most comfortable pillow review by

- All-natural latex provides ultra-firm support
- Available in a variety of sizes
- 250-thread count sateen cover


CozyCloud most comfortable pillow review by

- Hypoallergenic bamboo cover
- Chiropractor created and recommended
- Offers proper spine and neck alignment


WENERSI most comfortable pillow review by

- Superior underlying support
- Uses only high-quality materials
- Shapes well with even feather distribution


Down & Feather Co. most comfortable pillow review by

- Uses 100 percent goose feathers
- Great for any sleeping position
- Offers 10-year warranty


Beans72 most comfortable pillow review by

- Completely adjustable
- Five different sizes to choose from
- 100 percent unbleached cotton cover


The Most Comfortable Pillows Reviews

Casper Sleep: The Most Comfortable Down Alternative Pillow

Casper Sleep most comfortable pillow review by

- All-cotton cover with breathable percale weave to boost airflow
- Pillow-in-pillow design loaded with microfiber fill
- Easy to clean thanks to the removable outer cover

Price:  $65.00

The special design of the Casper pillow is unlike any other pillow you will come across on the market in your search for the most comfortable pillow. It has an inner insert that’s put inside the main pillow and zipped up to create a standard-size pillow.

The inner insert comprises of polyester microfiber fill and crumpled microfibers, which offer good head and neck support. It’s located in the middle of the pillow, giving you the support you need when lying down. The pillow’s outer layer uses softer, longer fibers that allow for more comfort and a softer feel.

While a medium-firm pillow, it can be shaped thanks to its flexible filling. If you love to hug your pillow, this is a good option for you. If you were to measure the stuffing against other standard pillows, the loft is quite high (good for side sleepers). If you need a lower loft, it’s possible to unzip the pillow and take out the inner insert to get the thickness that you prefer.

Casper Sleep comes with a two-inch gusset, which is a robust material sewn into the pillow’s edges to offer users firm support. This gusset ensures the pillow attains and keeps its shape, and allows for an evenly distributed fill and proper alignment of the neck and spine.
The cover is made entirely out of Pima cotton weave that was created to ensure free-flowing air and breathability features, so it won’t lock in heat. You can remove the cover and throw it in the washer to get it clean.

One drawback of this pillow is that it runs hot and has no cooling features other than the cotton cover. If you sleep hot and need a pillow with more cooling features, then this is not the right option for you.

You can take advantage of the company’s 100-night sleep trial. Should you not like the product, you can return it for a full refund. Casper Sleep comes in a standard size, along with a three-year warranty. The pillow is amazing in terms of comfort and support, and the price isn’t all that bad either.

Sleep Restoration: The Most Comfortable Fiber-Filled Pillow

Sleep Restoration most comfortable pillow review by

- Hypoallergenic; resistant to stains and dust mites
- Useful for any sleep position
- Gel-fiber filling offers the best support and comfort

Price:  $35.99

Sleep Restoration is a gel-filled fiber pillow that is made to be plush and have a “hotel pillow” quality. It’s extremely soft, but with an added firmness, so you get plenty of support while still being comfortable. It has a no-shift construction, which is great because you don’t want to feel the stuffing of the pillow bunching up or moving under your head. While simply uncomfortable, this can result in neck pain too.

Sleep Restoration comes with gel fiber – a micro-denier, which is a synthetic polyester that’s been designed to produce the feel of premium goose down without the allergens issues and high price tag. The gel fiber is also free of chemicals, hypoallergenic, and is resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites. The synthetic fill is very strong while also soft, making it an ideal pillow material to manufacture.

Another great aspect of gel fiber is its cooling properties, thanks to plenty of air pockets that allow for increased airflow and cooling properties. Additionally, Sleep Restoration is covered with an all-cotton weave that improves airflow and breathability as well. As you sleep, your body produces heat, and a cover with good airflow will expel the heat from the pillow.

There is no zipper on this pillow, which means you cannot adjust it. You’ll also need to wash or clean the pillow with the cover on it since it can’t be taken off. However, the pillow can be washed in a machine, making it easy to stay clean.

When you buy the Sleep Restoration Gel pillow, you get two pillows. If you find that you don’t like it, the manufacturer offers a 30-day return policy. It’s the ideal option for people who want comfort and breathability in their pillow at a great price.

Bluewave Bedding: The Best Memory Foam Pillow

Bluewave Bedding most comfortable pillow review by

- Amazing cooling features
- Washable bamboo fabric cover
- Slim design ideal for back and stomach sleepers

Price:  $39.95

Back and stomach sleepers should be using a thin pillow while they sleep, so as to keep their spines aligned. This is where the Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim pillow comes into play. It has an ultra-slim loft (at just 2.5”). With a loft this thin, it’s considered one of the thinnest pillows on the market. Since it uses memory foam, the pillow will compress even more without going entirely flat.

The great thing about Bluewave Bedding, though, is that you can buy it in various loft sizes (3.25-inch or 4-inch), which meets the needs of any sleeper regardless of their body type, shape, or size. The additional height means even more support for better neck and head positioning - a great option for back sleepers who think the 2.5” loft is too thin for their taste.

The pillow’s unique dual-shape design provides multiple ways in which to get comfortable. One side has a smooth-rounded edge while the other side is flat, giving the pillow its stability.

Bluewave Bedding is very firm but soft to the touch with a supportive bottom. It can shape around your head without the feeling of sinking in. Even though it’s thin, it does offer pressure point reduction while providing you with the slight uplifting support the head needs above the mattress.

If you find the pillow is too firm or too soft, there are alternatives that you can choose for your ideal comfort level. There are also extra firm and extra soft choices to go with too.

The memory foam contains gel, which works to protect you from getting overheated, which is common for other foam products. The foam is compressive itself, and the closed-off structure means air can’t generally flow through, which can cause the pillow to warm up. However, with the Ultra Slim pillow, the gel expels the heat because of the natural heat conduction that helps in regulating temperature. Thus, you experience no excessive buildup of heat.

Although a solid memory foam pillow can’t be washed, the bamboo fabric cover can be. The company opted to use Bamboo for its cover materials because of its cooling and breathable properties. Plus, it takes the moisture off the skin, which allows you to sleep cooler. The pillow is also great for allergy suffers, as the material is hypoallergenic and resistant to odors and allergens.

Another positive aspect of Bluewave Bedding is its sewn-in zipper feature, which won’t allow it to snag or scratch anything. It also has double-stitched seams for increased durability. The foam inside the pillow is enveloped by a thin, all-cotton breathable cover that, while cannot be taken off, can be spot cleaned.

The company offers customers a limited three-year warranty on all products it sells, including the Ultra Slim memory foam pillow. The warranty will not cover wear and tear problems, only structural and material defects. If you have an issue with the product, they may offer you a refund, replace or repair the pillow. You also have a 30-day refund window if you find that the pillow isn’t comfortable to use. Just send it back within 30 days, with no charges for shipping.

Coop Home Goods: The Best Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Coop Home Goods most comfortable pillow review by

- Improved breathability 
- Adjustable design offers added comfort
- Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant

Price:  $59.99

The Coop Home Goods shredded memory foam pillow may be the most comfortable pillow to get you a good night’s rest. It’s ideal for all types of sleepers, regardless of their sleeping position, due to its ability to conform to your body’s shape and size.

The manufacturer used high-quality materials for their pillow, but it’s still reasonably affordable. The shredded stuffing comprises of visco-elastic memory foam and has a unique design to it that provides increased airflow compared to the typical solid memory foam pillows.

What makes Coop Home Goods so nice is that the filling can be adjusted to meet your specific loft needs. Add or remove as much as you want until you find what is best for you.

Although soft, the pillow still provides the right amount of support. It can contour to your head’s shape, and still lets you change positions during the night. Best of all, even though it has shredded foam for the filling, you don’t feel those individual pieces. In fact, it feels as if it’s just one whole piece of foam. Still, the pieces provide added comfort and adjustability.

Another great aspect of Coop Home Goods is that it’s resistant to various allergens and dust mites. The filling has been given the CertiPUR-US certification, which means the product was created without using any toxic materials – lead, formaldehyde, mercury, etc.

To re-fluff your pillow (if you feel it starts going flat), the manufacturer suggests putting it into the dryer for 10 minutes. In fact, it is recommended that you do this at least once a month anyway to maximize performance.

The pillow comes with a high-quality removable viscose rayon outer cover, which can be washed in a machine. The breathable cover, which is 60 percent polyester and 40 percent bamboo, will help to keep you cool as you sleep. The inner case enveloping the foam filling comprises of a tight-knit interlock fabric that feels smooth to the touch. It’s white and thin, unlike the external cover.

If you want to get the most from this pillow, you should have some familiarity with memory foam products. The shredded memory foam still gives you a memory foam contour – something you may or may not like. Therefore, before you buy the Coop Home Goods pillow, be sure you are comfortable using memory foam in general.

The company does offer a 30-day trial period where you can return the product if you don’t like it. The pillow is proudly made in the USA, comes in 2 sizes: Queen and King and has a five-year warranty.

Simmons Beautyrest: The Most Comfortable Latex Pillow

Simmons Beautyrest most comfortable pillow review by

- All-natural latex provides ultra-firm support
- Available in a variety of sizes
- 250-thread count sateen cover

Price:  $49.85

The name Simmons Beautyrest is synonymous with pillows and mattresses, which is why it’s not a surprise that their latex pillow is so great. People who need additional firmness and support will find that this pillow alleviates their concerns.

Simmons Beautyrest is great for back and stomach sleepers - its thin firm design will keep your head even with the rest of your body. If you run hot, the pillow is great in keeping you cool and comfortable while you sleep. However, if you sleep on your side, this may not be the right pillow for you. There’s not much of a loft to it, which means your spine and head may not be in alignment.

Simmons Beautyrest comes in three sizes, and since it comprises entirely out of 100% all-natural latex, it’s hypoallergenic (resistant to dust mites and mildew). You can wash the pillow along with the soft, comfortable 250 thread count sateen zipper cover.

CozyCloud: The Most Comfortable Pillow with Bamboo Cover

CozyCloud most comfortable pillow review by

- Hypoallergenic bamboo cover
- Chiropractor created and recommended
- Offers proper spine and neck alignment

Price:  $32.00

CozyCloud, which was designed by a chiropractor, uses shredded memory foam that’s been deemed CertiPUR-US certified and is eco-friendly.

This pillow is made for any sleeping style, but most useful for people who sleep on their stomachs thanks to its firmness and conformity. It’s been found that stomach sleepers need more softness and support from a pillow, which is something CozyCloud took into consideration. Their pillow offers amazing support for the chest and stomach regions.

The pillow’s comfort level makes it feel like it’s made from down feathers and not memory foam (which keeps the pillow from flattening out after long-term use). However, chiropractors recommend CozyCloud because of its superior support of the neck and shoulders. If you have back pain, it can help with spine alignment by cradling your neck and head and supporting all the important pressure points.

Polyester and bamboo weave make the pillow cover, which takes away the heat and improves breathability. Thanks to the fiber blends, the pillow will cool down rapidly, and you won’t get too hot while sleeping. The fabric is known as AirVent and is noted to offer four times more airflow than the typical standard pillow cover. Airflow and cooling are extremely important features of a memory foam pillow because the foam filling heats up easily and makes people sleep hotter.

There is a small negative point to CozyCloud, as well. When you first open it, you may notice a chemical odor, but over time, this fades. However, if you are smell-sensitive, you may need to avoid this pillow altogether or wait to use it after a few days of being unboxed.

Thankfully, this pillow can be easily cleaned. You can just wash it in the machine and throw it in the dryer on a no-heat setting. You can find CozyCloud in both King and Queen size, and the manufacturer offers 30-Night return policy (no questions asked) and a 10-year warranty.

Overall, CozyCloud offers amazing orthopedic support features, comfort, support, and the cooling ability for a reasonable price tag.

WENERSI: The Most Comfortable Down Pillow

WENERSI most comfortable pillow review by

- Superior underlying support
- Uses only high-quality materials
- Shapes well with even feather distribution

Price:  $62.99

Back and side sleepers can rejoice with the introduction of the WENERSI goose down and feather pillow. It provides amazing support while compressing and conforming well under your body weight. The fill is a mixture of 15 percent down and 85 percent feathers, which makes the pillow soft and flexible without being too lofty around the face. Since it responds to pressure right away, it will conform to the body shape quickly, offering the needed support while alleviating pressure points.

One of the things you’ll notice about WENERSI is its top quality, luxurious look. It uses an extremely breathable, entirely made of cotton cover with a handmade silver-edged, mid-density shell. You can buy the pillow in either Queen or King size with a firm or soft support level.

While the majority of feather pillows are machine-washable, WENERSI recommends that you use a dry cleaner to keep the pillow clean.

If you love to snuggle with your pillow, you can’t get much better than a soft, comfy goose down pillow that can be folded for ultimate comfort.

Down & Feather Co.: The Most Comfortable Feather Pillow

Down & Feather Co. most comfortable pillow review by

- Uses 100 percent goose feathers 
- Great for any sleeping position
- Offers 10-year warranty

Price:  $42.97

There is no doubt that Down & Feather Co. is the leading manufacturer in down and feather bedding products. Although they make several kinds of feather pillows, our very favorite is their Original Feather pillow. It’s been their best seller for many years. And, for a good reason!

This pillow uses high-quality Hungarian goose feathers that are filled into a breathable, 100% cotton 220-thread count case. While it’s possible the feathers will poke out of the shell, it’s not very likely to happen. One thing you may notice is that Down & Feather Co. uses the classic pillow design of the blue and white stripes on its cover.

Whether you sleep on your back or side, this may be the most comfortable pillow on the market for you. Being a goose feather pillow, you’ll find it’s much firmer even under pressure. It will support you better than a down pillow of similar density. The feathers will conform to your neck and head, providing you with the needed support. However, if you’re not getting enough support on your back, move the pillow under the neck and above your shoulders.

You can buy Down & Feather Co. in three sizes – Standard, King, and Queen – and in many feels such as soft, medium, firm, extra firm, and extra-extra firm. No matter how you sleep, there is always a good option for you.

Down & Feather Co. provide their buyers with a 30-night trial along with a 10-year limited warranty. The manufacturer also provides a one-year free Perfect Pillow policy. Based on this guarantee, buyers get free adjustments should your pillow become lumpy or distorted.

Beans 72: The Most Comfortable Buckwheat Pillow

Beans72 most comfortable pillow review by

- Completely adjustable
- Five different sizes to choose from
- 100 percent unbleached cotton cover

Price:  $44.99

If you want to sleep well at night, getting the most comfortable pillow for your bedroom is a necessity. And, getting the right size is a good way to start. Of course, not every brand is going to have a decent selection of sizes. However, Beans72 is not like other manufacturers – there are five size options for you to choose from.

Travel/Child - 11” x 16”
Japanese - 14” x 20”
Twin/Standard - 20” x 26”
Queen - 20” x 30”
King - 20” x 36”

Every Beans72 pillow is filled with completely organic U.S.-grown buckwheat hulls and a 100 percent unbleached cotton cover. For individuals who run a little hotter at night, the cotton cover’s breathability feature is a plus. You can also purchase more buckwheat hulls from the manufacturer to give the pillow more height if that’s what you desire.

Beans72 is helpful to people who have the following issues: Muscle tension, and pain, Stress, Headaches, Stiff neck.

Since the pillow won’t collapse, it will conform to your head and neck, ensuring they stay aligned with your spine. Thanks to the use of buckwheat hulls, air can flow freely through the pillow, so it stays cool.

Along with the Beans72 standard buckwheat pillows, you can try their aromatherapy pillow with the amalgamation of buckwheat hulls and crushed lavender.

Beans72 is usually priced less than other pillows with similar properties, which is great for those on a budget. The company also offers a 30-night sleep trial, so if you’re not happy with the product, you can send it back within 30 days to get a full refund with no questions asked.

Getting The Right Pillow For Your Sleeping Needs

A person’s health is dependent on a well-rested, uninterrupted sleep, and most of the ability to get this type of sleep means having the right sleeping products. When it comes to pillow choices, you want a pillow that gives you all the comfort and support you need during the night. 

Bear in mind that when you’re in the market for a pillow, you want one that’s proven to be extremely durable to make the most out of your investment. You also want to ensure the pillow will support the body’s pressure points in the head, shoulders, and neck. 

 Regardless of what kind of pillow fill you get – down, feather or memory foam – you can find one that will meet your comfort level, material preference, and price. Do your research, and you won’t regret your decision to find the most comfortable pillow instead of just buying any kind in the store. 

Types Of The Most Comfortable Pillows

The current bedding market is loaded with pillows of all types, which can make it difficult for consumers to choose the most comfortable pillow for themselves. However, it’s the pillow material that determines your comfort during sleep in most cases. What are the commonly-seen fill types that you can choose from?


These pillows are loaded with dense buckwheat hulls and are wonderful in keeping you cool as you sleep. The drawback is the noise, as the hulls are noisy and don’t respond to movement. If you move around often during sleep, this could be an issue for you. However, if you have allergies, know that buckwheat is hypoallergenic. 


These down-alternative pillows are made of man-made materials such as polyester, which is designed to give a down-like feel. This kind of pillow is available in most stores and is very common thanks to its low price tag. Two positive aspects of polyester are its softness and hypoallergenic properties. 


This type of material is very soft, made of the softer feathers of ducks and geese (think undercoat of a bird). Down pillows are breathable and odorless but do not offer any real support if you need firmness for your shoulders and neck. 


feather pillow comprises of bird feathers and is extremely comfortable. You can easily mold them to a particular position or shape because of the flexibility they offer. While the feather quills may poke out of the pillow every now and then, it seems to be a popular choice for a pillow due to its functionality and low price.


There are two types of latex pillows – synthetic and natural (a combination of the two is also available). Natural latex is extracted from the tree sap, which makes it eco-friendly. While synthetic latex is ideal if you want a cheaper option, natural latex is more expensive. However, natural latex offers amazing cooling properties and durability that make the price worth it. 

Polyurethane Foam

If you go with a polyfoam pillow, you’ll get a more balanced feel to it than latex or memory foam. It’s also cheaper than other materials, but cheaper doesn’t mean it’s the worst. First off, it sleeps cooler than memory foam but still not as cool as latex. Drawbacks? Polyurethane foam has a smell to it and isn’t as durable. 

Memory Foam

This fill material has grown significantly in popularity, especially with sleepers that suffer from neck and back pain. It has a slower response time and provides a good ‘hug,’ which means memory foam will quickly contour to your head and neck, providing support where it’s most needed. The only drawback is the heat retention, which means memory foam sleeps hotter than other materials. However, pillow manufacturers include gel on top that addresses this issue.

Shredded Memory Foam

Shredded memory foam is just how it sounds – small pieces of memory foam that can still provide good support and a firm feeling. If you have back and neck alignment issues, a pillow made with shredded memory foam can help you get a better sleeping posture. Shredded memory foam is a man-made material, which means you may notice a chemical smell to it when a pillow is new.

Pillow Sizes

When searching for the most comfortable pillow on the market, you’re going to come across all kinds of pillow sizes. There are actually six common sizes, along with some corresponding pillowcase sizes. Keep in mind that pillowcases are usually up to two inches wider and up to four inches longer than the pillow itself. So, what are the typical sizes you’ll find on the market?

  • Body – Body pillows were created to give sleepers something to snuggle up to during the night. They are also great for people who sleep on their side or pregnant women. 
  • Euro – These pillows can be found in all kinds of dimensions, but, for the most part, are square-shaped. They work wonderfully for people who like to read in bed. However, in Europe, people will use these pillows to sleep on.
  • King – These pillows, similar to the Queen size pillows, provide more room on the sides of the head – another reason toss-and-turners should consider this pillow size. They are also useful as backrests for people who like to sit up in bed. 
  • Queen – These pillows offer additional room on both sides of the sleeper’s head, which makes this size ideal for people who constantly toss and turn during the night.
  • Super-Standard – These pillows are a bit longer for sleepers who feel the standard size is too small. 
  • Standard – The most common pillow size sold is the standard size. Standard-size pillows are typically the shortest and least expensive of all pillow sizes. A standard pillow is ideal for Twin or Full-size beds, and two standard pillows can be used on King or Queen size beds.

Common Sleeping Positions That Affect Pillow Buying Decisions

The reality is that everybody does not sleep the same. Some people love the idea of sleeping on their backs while others prefer sleeping on their sides or stomach. And, when it comes to finding the most comfortable pillow, your sleep position is just as important as the density, loft, and type of pillow you get.

Now, you may be wondering what loft is. In fact, it’s a pillow’s height when placed on a flat surface without any additional pressure applied. To find the most comfortable pillow, you should know how you typically sleep and choose the right loft according to that. 

Stomach Sleepers 

If you like sleeping on your stomach, you don’t need a pillow with a high loft. In fact, stomach sleepers can even sleep without a pillow. The idea is to have your head stay in alignment and not raised too high. If you use a soft mattress and a high loft pillow, you will most likely suffer from neck or back pain eventually. 

Back Sleepers 

Back sleepers need to keep their spine and neck in perfect alignment, which means you don’t want a pillow that offers too much loft (even if you feel that’s what you need). A low-to-mid loft is better when looking for the most comfortable pillow to use. Heavier sleepers may also want the higher loft to compensate for the increase in shoulder and head weight. 

Side Sleepers

If you tend to sleep more on your side, it’s best to find a pillow that offers high or an adjustable loft where you can set the height to your preference. This will ensure better neck and spine alignment. When it comes to materials, the most comfortable pillow material for side sleepers will be shredded memory foam or latex foam because of their pressure point relief properties. If you’d rather have something natural, a goose-down or buckwheat pillow can be adjusted to meet your needs. 

How To Find The Most Comfortable Pillow For Specific Medical Condition

If you have neck, shoulder, or back pain, or suffer from chronic conditions like sleep apnea or snoring, then your pillow can be your saving grace and reduce the symptoms. What are some common medical conditions people suffer from, and how the right pillow can address those issues?


Pregnancy pillows are shaped like a C or U, so the expectant mother can get support and stay comfortable as she sleeps. These pillows will ensure no added pressure is placed on the stomach. Moms often buy it after having their babies. What should you consider if you decide to buy a pregnancy pillow?

  • Filling – Body pillows with feathers are great, but if you’re allergic, memory foam fill is a worthwhile alternative. 
  • Size – If you’re not very tall, you don’t need a big pillow. 
  • Washable Cover – More expensive pillows will come with covers that can be washed in the washer. Think about how stressful it can be to try and clean it during winter days.


It’s advised that toddlers not sleep on regular pillows because their neck and head proportions are not like a fully grown adult. Therefore, when searching for the most comfortable pillow for a toddler, you need to be mindful of the following:

  • Fill Material – The most popular choice of fill is memory foam, but if you want to use a feather fill product, go for it. 
  • Cover – When it comes to the cover, you want something organic (no dyes, chemicals, or other toxins). A polyester or cotton blend is an ideal option.
  • Firmness – It’s not a good idea to buy a soft product for babies or toddlers, as this raises the suffocation risk. Instead, choose medium-firm options that are safe. 
  • Allergies – It’s not uncommon for babies to have allergies. Therefore, be sure to pick a pillow with a hypoallergenic cover and material such as Bamboo.

Sleep Apnea 

Sleep apnea pillows were made to help people who have obstructive sleep apnea, as they force them to sleep on their sides and still give the neck and head the support they need. If you have sleep apnea, you shouldn’t sleep on your back since this increases the episodes of sleep apnea. 


If you suffer from migraines, you know how bad the pain can be. It can last for hours or even days. And, it can keep you from carrying out even simple tasks. Migraines are caused by a spasm in the main artery that brings blood to the brain. The pain, nausea, light sensitivity, and other symptoms are the result of the constriction of this artery. 

An indirect reason for migraines is improper sleeping posture. However, a pillow that naturally aligns your neck and spine can help avoid any additional irritation on the nerves. Be sure to use buckwheat, latex, or memory foam fill pillows to keep the natural alignment in place.

Neck Pain 

There are two common reasons why people suffer from neck pain – the wrong/old mattress or the pillow. When shopping for the most comfortable pillow, do not forget to consider your preferred sleeping position and weight. Memory foam is ideal in alleviating pressure points, but if you want something natural, then down, feather, or latex is great.

Word of Caution: Since there are some underlying conditions that can lead one to have neck pain, it’s always best to check it out with your doctor.


This isn’t just a problem for the sufferer but for their partner too. If you snore lightly, it may be that you need a more comfortable pillow to sleep on – one that gives you enough head elevation. 

Most side sleepers rarely have a snoring problem; this is more of a back sleeper issue. While holding your head up is good, this will eventually lead to neck pain. Memory foam is the ideal choice for snorers because it provides pressure relief on the neck and head while alleviating the snoring too. 


The reason people suffer from allergies while sleeping is that they have the wrong type of pillow. Materials such as down feathers collect more dust mites, which can trigger allergic reactions. Another issue is that some people are directly allergic to down (or other material types). On the other hand, superior-quality memory foam, cotton, buckwheat, and latex seldom cause allergies issues thanks to their hypoallergenic properties

Warranty and Trial Periods

Your pillow is not much different than a mattress – it takes time for you to get acquainted with sleeping on something new. That’s why many manufacturers provide a sleep trial period for buyers to take advantage of. In many cases, you can buy the pillow and return it for free, or less the cost of shipping.

Always look at the pillow warranties being offered too. Most only cover manufacturer defects, but can last anywhere from one year to a lifetime.

How To Properly Care For Your Pillow

When you regularly care for your pillow, you extend its lifespan. This is great for everybody, but it is especially important for people who suffer from allergies. Be sure to look over the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. 

Down and feather pillows must be regularly fluffed to keep their loft and shape. It may be that the pillowcase for your pillow is removable and machine washable. The pillow itself may need spot cleaning and air drying while others can be washed and dried in the machine. Some pillows may need to be dry cleaned. 

Keep all this in mind when looking for your most comfortable pillow. 


Should You Consider Any Certification For Pillows?

You can always choose any pillow you want, but if you want certification-verified pillows, then be sure to look for ones with the Certi-PUR US certification on the memory foam material. These use no toxic chemicals and are deemed safe for use.

Is Sleeping On A Hard Pillow Bad?

The only time you need to sleep on a firm pillow is when you have chronic conditions such as sleep apnea, and you need the firm support to address the problem. A hard pillow isn’t recommended for normal sleepers because it can’t help with the pressure point relief.  

Is A Softer or Firmer Pillow Better?

For side sleepers, it’s best to go with a mid-to-firm pillow to ensure proper support between the shoulders and neck. Stomach sleepers need a softer pillow to give their stomach and chest soft support. Of course, how soft or firm you go is dependent on your preference and sleeping style. 

What You Need To Keep In Mind…

As you see, finding the most comfortable pillow means searching for one that’s best for you. There is no perfect pillow out there. When out shopping, you need to consider your own situation – needs and desires. What fill do you want? What kind of sleeping position do you sleep in? Do you want a cooler pillow or something that stays warm during the night?

Now that you know a little bit more about pillows, you can take what you have learned and go shopping for the right pillow. There are many manufacturers out there with products in various price ranges that will meet your needs. Check out the suggestions above, and decide which one of these or any others are best for you. 

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