Are you happy with the amount of sleep you get every night? If not, it’s often the lifestyle that gets in the way. Whether you work nights, love gaming, or are a student, it’s a difficult balance to master. 

Whatever your position, we urge you to remember the importance of sleep. Even when a new baby has entered your life or a new job, your health depends on a good sleeping pattern and this is why your lifestyle decisions are so important. Today we want to offer some simple advice for people who want to maintain a healthy body, sleep well, and still have time for hobbies (it’s not just a myth!). Let’s get that balance right! 

1. Cut nicotine

Present in tobacco, nicotine is never good for anybody who wants to boost their health. If you needed a specific reason, nicotine has stimulating effects, so it will keep you awake if you smoke too close to bedtime. 

2. Don’t exercise too late

While smoking is always bad, exercise is always good - as long as you don’t exercise just before bedtime. Doing so would keep you awake because the body is in recovery mode. We recommend exercising during the day and in the early evening at the latest. This way you can boost your energy levels and get into bed feeling tired. 

Fun fact: Exercise will also relieve stress (a known problem for those with insomnia!). 

3. Reduce caffeine

While some people need coffee to get up in the morning, others need it morning, late morning, lunch, early afternoon…you get the idea. Just like nicotine and exercise, caffeine will keep you awake if you consume too much or too late, so we recommend stopping at least four hours before you plan to sleep. And, according to experts, healthy adults shouldn’t exceed four cups of coffee per day. 

We mentioned coffee, but be aware that caffeine can be found in plenty of other foods and drinks. Also steer clear of soda, tea, and chocolate before bedtime. 

4. Eat early 

We appreciate that life gets in the way sometimes, but try to avoid heavy meals in the evening. If you get hungry in the hours before bedtime, try a nonsugary snack that’s low in fat. Alternatively a glass of milk may do the trick. 

5. Lose fatty, spicy, and acidic foods

Fatty, spicy, and acidic foods can lead to heartburn (a nightmare when you’re lying in bed and trying to sleep!). As we lie down, stomach acid gets into the esophagus and we have an uncomfortable night ahead. 

In more cases than not, poor concentration, lethargy, and irritability can be traced back to lack of sleep the previous night. Life can get busy at times, but don’t sacrifice sleep. Pay attention to what you eat and drink, when you exercise, and more, and your lifestyle and sleeping pattern can work in tandem! 

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