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When you buy a new mattress, you want to keep it looking and feeling its very best at all times. A very effective and affordable way to do that is to buy a waterproof mattress pad.

The key purpose of a waterproof mattress pad (also known as a waterproof mattress protector) is to keep your mattress free of spills and stains that can wreck your investment and void your warranty.

While there are many styles of waterproof mattress pads available, it’s essential to understand that they do not provide any additional padding to the mattress. Rather, they are a thin layer of material that wraps around a mattress to be nearly undetectable under your sheets. Now, some waterproof mattress protectors have features that go beyond water damage prevention. Therefore, you need to know what you are looking for in a mattress pad before you make a purchase.

There are many different products on the market, which vary in their quality and price. In this guide, we offer a list of the best waterproof mattress pads on the market today, discuss their benefits and drawbacks and well as provide useful tips for finding the right product for your bed.

The Best Memory Foam Pillows

  • SafeRestthe best waterproof mattress pad overall
  • Utopia Beddingthe best budget option
  • Classic Brandsthe best down alternative waterproof mattress pad 
  • LUCIDthe best bedbug waterproof mattress protector
  • SureGuardthe best non-toxic waterproof mattress pad
  • Coop Home Goodsthe best cooling waterproof mattress protector
  • PlushDeluxeamazon’s best rated waterproof mattress pad
  • FRESHFITthe best waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting
  • Maloufthe most breathable option
  • One’s Ownthe most eco-friendly mattress protector

The Best Waterproof Mattress Pads Comparison Table



Key Features


SafeRest best waterproof mattress pad review by

- Hypoallergenic cotton terry surface with a membrane back coating
- Fitted sheet design
- OEKO-TEX Certified

Utopia Bedding best waterproof mattress protector review by

- Bamboo blends create ultra-tech polyester
- Durable construction
- OEKO-TEX Certified

Classic Brands best waterproof mattress pad review by

- 100 percent 300-thread count cotton cover
- Stitched quilted design
- Baffle box construction

LUCID best waterproof mattress protector review by

- Cotton terry surface with polyurethane backing
- Extremely thin design
- Fitted sheet style

SureGuard best waterproof mattress pad review by

- High-quality cotton terry cover
- Free from Vinyl, PVC, Phthalates, fire retardants, and other toxic chemicals
- GREENGUARD Gold certified

COOP HOME GOODS best waterproof mattress protector review by

- 60 percent polyester, 40 percent bamboo rayon
- Breathable material, soft and quiet
- Hypoallergenic and OEKO-TEX certified

PlushDeluxe best waterproof mattress pad review by

- Soft, cotton terry material
- Repels all types of liquids
- Freely flowing air due to breathable membrane

FRESHFIT best waterproof mattress protector review by

- Breathable natural bamboo terry cloth cover
- Does not use PVC or phthalates
- Ultra-thin membrane fabric, eliminating noise

SLEEP TITE best waterproof mattress pad review by

- Free of dangerous toxins
- Sleep Tite Technology used
- Manufacturer-offered 15-year warranty

One’s Own best waterproof mattress protector review by

- Hypoallergenic and pest deterrent
- Safe thanks to the biodegradable Thermo Polyurethane
- Tencel topper pad comprised of 100 percent eucalyptus fiber

The Best Waterproof Mattress Pads Reviews

SafeRest: The Best Waterproof Mattress Pad Overall

SafeRest is a winner of Amazon’s award for the Best Waterproof Mattress protector. This pad comprises of cotton and comes with a cotton terry hypoallergenic surface. On the back, there is a membrane coating that’s not only waterproof but is also noiseless and breathable.

According to the manufacturer, the 100 percent waterproof claim is aimed at preventing all sorts of fluid accidents – be it minor or major – which helps to keep the mattress looking its best at all times.

While SafeRest can be purchased in an array of sizes, the manufacturer promises not to alter the feel of your mattress and no sliding or slipping while you sleep. Free of PVCs, vinyl, phthalate, and other dangerous toxins, the protector has a fitted sheet design to ensure a perfect fit.

For people with allergies, this is an excellent addition to their bed. It’s been registered as a Class 1 Medical Device with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its health and healing properties.

SafeRest comes with a 10-year warranty and is guaranteed to protect against allergens, bacteria, dust mites, and more (along with the protection against urine, fluids, and perspiration). Easily cleaned, this mattress pad is also great for families with pets or young children.

SafeRest users have raved about how absorbent their mattress pad is – for keeping mattresses free of fluids. It’s lived up to its claim of being the best of the best waterproof mattress protectors on the market today.

Utopia Bedding: The Best Budget Option

If money hinders you from getting the best of the best, don’t let it stop you from considering the Utopia Bedding Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector. Despite its low price, it’s still a high-quality mattress pad and is an ideal starter protector if you want to learn more about these products before you spend more money on a premium product.

This pad is comprised of bamboo rayon and polyester, which means it’s also hypoallergenic. Available in many different sizes, it comes in a fitted sheet style to aid in your comfort. Thanks to this design, and the elastic around it, the pad is not going to move even as you change positions at night.

Another great aspect of this budget-friendly mattress protector is its breathable, cool-flow technology. In the past, the materials of mattress pads made sleeping uncomfortable because they didn’t allow for air to flow freely through. Today’s manufacturers have realized that need for cooler sleep, and have taken into consideration that mattress protectors need to be breathable, so you don’t overheat during the night.

You can easily take care of this mattress pad by throwing it in the washer to get cleaned – ideal for people who suffer from allergies. If you have children or pets, this is also an excellent product to provide protection from their messes on the bed.

Despite the low price, Utopia Bedding buyers will find that their pad was designed well and can protect the mattress from all kinds of stains and spills. Thanks to the durable construction, your mattress will stay dry, and you stay comfortable. Plus, Utopia Bedding customers often report that they stay cool – something not typically experienced with other cheap mattress protectors on the market.

Classic Brands: The Best Down Alternative Waterproof Mattress Pad 

When it comes to the best down alternative waterproof mattress pads, Classic Brands is all you need to turn to. It’s considered to be one of the more luxurious mattress protectors on the market and doesn’t look like any other mattress pad sold. Rather, the Classic Brands protector blends in with your standard bedding. This look was designed for people who don’t want to make the fact of using a mattress pad too obvious.

The 100 percent waterproof design will keep your mattress from being damaged by allergens, spills, and stains. Its deep pocket panels and true baffle box construction ensure the pad stays quiet even as you move around at night. Thus, it’s an ideal mattress protector for people who need some added comfort while they sleep.

Classic Brands offers its protector in various styles and sizes, and it’s very soft cover is noted as being comprised of an extremely delicate 300 thread count cotton.

Best of all, you can quickly care for this waterproof mattress pad. All you need to do is throw it into a washer machine on a cold setting and tumble dry it on low heat.

When it comes to waterproof mattress pads, Classic Brands is considered one of the best, especially for the price stated. For those who buy this product, it’s noted that you’ll get a comfortable, soft to the touch mattress pad that stays in place as you sleep and ensures you get a good night’s rest.

LUCID: The Best Bedbug Waterproof Mattress Protector

When it comes to bedbug protection, the LUCID waterproof mattress pad is the best there is. It’s well-designed to keep allergens such as bacteria, dust mites, and bedbugs from getting into the mattress and making a home out of it.

LUCID is completely waterproof, so no types of liquids – be it water, sweat, or urine – will get through. Besides being liquid-repellent, it’s also breathable, as the protector uses a cotton top and side panels to allow air to flow freely through.

This bedbug waterproof mattress protector is made with an ultra-thin material and in a fitted-sheet style. With the right size and fully elasticated pockets, it will never move while you sleep even if you toss and turn all night long.

On top of that, the ultra-smooth feel and safety assured fabric properties are great for any family member who has allergies or for a child who wets the bed. It’s also recommended for households with pets.

LUCID Mattress Protector customers will notice how effective it is on all mattress types, protecting them from all sorts of damage. It’s also regarded as one of the easiest waterproof mattress pads to clean, which is something many busy people look for in their bedding products. The manufacturer offers a 15-year warranty, which means the company is confident in their product.

SureGuard: The Best Non-Toxic Waterproof Mattress Pad

SureGuard contains no vinyl, phthalates, or PVC and uses low chemical emissions in the production process, so it’s no wonder that it’s considered one of the best non-toxic and eco-friendly waterproof mattress pads on the market.

Available in an array of sizes for the best fit on your mattress, you’ll hardly notice it’s even on your bed. With SureGuard, you won’t be disturbed by any noise that’s often associated with cheap mattress protectors. Its soft material not only keeps the mattress underneath as comfortable as before but also allows you to sleep cooler.

The cotton terry fabric cover is completely waterproof, repelling liquids, sweat, bedwetting, and stains of all kinds. It’s a hypoallergenic material, which blocks dust mites, bacteria, mildew, and mold from getting into the mattress - a great choice for people with allergy issues.

You can easily clean this product – just toss it into the washer and dryer, and that’s it. It will look and feel like new every time. Along with the many advantages that come with this pad, you also get the 10-year warranty.

SureGuard customers will notice how quiet their pad is when placed over the mattress. It’s a very durable product that retains its properties even after being washed for years. If you want a safe protector that guards against liquids and other things that can ruin your mattress, this is the one to go with.

Coop Home Goods: The Best Cooling Waterproof Mattress Protector

The Coop Home Goods Lultra Waterproof Mattress Protector is noted as Amazon’s Choice for the best cooling waterproof mattress pad on the market. It’s able to provide users with a more refreshing night sleep thanks to the breathable Lultra polyester material, and bamboo-derived viscose rayon. The waterproof membrane allows for more airflow to go through the pad so you can stay cool all during the night.

Another popular aspect of the protection is its noiseless design, which gets rid of the cheap, plastic sounds that you were previously used to. No phthalates, PVC, or vinyl were used in the product, which makes it a healthy, hypoallergenic choice for people who suffer from allergies.

To retain all these properties, you can throw the pad into the washer and dryer for easy cleaning. Available in a selection of sizes, an AccuFITY mesh band ensures a great fit on all types of mattresses. The product is OEKO-TEX certified and has a 15-year warranty.

As a Coop Home Goods customer, you’ll find that their pad will not only protect your mattress from incontinence, liquids, and sweat but also keep you cool at night. This is especially useful if you have a memory foam mattress. It’s incredibly soft, comfortable and noiseless, as it won’t move while you do in the night.

PlushDeluxe: Amazon’s Best Rated Waterproof Mattress Pad

The Ultimate Comfort Mattress Encasement from PlushDeluxe is noted as being one of the best waterproof mattress pads on the market as well as Amazon’s choice for mattress protectors.

Thanks to the PlushDeluxe’s encasement quality (a fine, practically invisible zipper and secure Velcro flap), it protects your mattress from bedbugs. However, it also uses a breathable membrane so that air can flow freely through while also repelling liquids. This means you stay cool as you sleep.

The pad contains no PVC, phthalate, or vinyl, ensuring you a night free of noise that can come from mattress protectors that move during the night.

Due to its hypoallergenic qualities, your mattress can stay fresh and free of allergens, bacteria, and dust mites. If you suffer from eczema, asthma, or any other breathing or skin condition, this may be the right choice for you.

There are several sizes to choose from, and the cotton terry soft surface material uses every bit of that waterproof protection to repel liquids of all kinds – be it sweat, bedwetting, water, etc. – on every surface of the mattress.

When you need to wash the mattress protector, just remove it and throw it in the washer. Durable and long-lasting, it retains its effectiveness after each wash. It’s a high-quality mattress pad with a 10-year warranty.

What can PlushDeluxe buyers expect from their product? It’s an extremely durable and soft pad due to the construction and material used in the development. It’s noted as doing what it claims it can do, ensuring stains and liquids do not damage the mattress underneath.

FRESHFIT: The Best Waterproof Mattress Protector For Bedwetting

If you have a bedwetter in your family, then the FRESHFIT Waterproof Mattress Pad may be what you need to protect your mattress from becoming soiled. It uses an integrated protection system to ensure it is completely waterproof. It’s been rated as Amazon’s Choice for the Best Mattress Pee Protector. FRESHFIT is ideal for households where there are pets, pregnant women, young children who are potty training, and incontinent seniors.

The pad uses a breathable natural bamboo material and terry cloth, which means there is no chance for overheating and sweating. You’ll stay cool all night long.

FRESHFIT will stretch perfectly over your mattress (provided you got the right size), which ensures a layer of protection that you will never notice. The ultra-thin membrane inside the fabric means you won’t hear any noise from the protector as you toss and turn while sleeping.

The FRESHFIT Mattress Protector can be purchased in many sizes, with the manufacturer offering a lifetime limited warranty. It can be machine washed for easy cleaning. If you have allergies or a respiratory condition of some type, the pad’s integrated protection system will ensure allergies are a thing of the past.

What can customers of this waterproof mattress pad expect? It’s the best answer to addressing fluids and spills that can seep into a mattress and damage it. Soft to the touch, this is a healthier and non-toxic mattress protector, which makes it safe for all members of the home to use.

Malouf: The Most Breathable Option

When it comes to the most breathable mattress pads, the Malouf Waterproof Mattress Protector is our choice. It’s also Amazon’s Choice for the Best Sleep Tite Mattress Protector.

The product is free of PVC, vinyl, and phthalates, and uses the most advanced technology and construction. With a universal fitting, it’s an entirely waterproof mattress pad that will keep allergens, bacteria, dust, and dust mites from building up and getting through the fabric. It’s ideal for people who suffer from allergies and have certain skin conditions such as eczema.

A cooling and quieter of mattress protectors, it can repel liquid while ensuring a better night’s rest. The H2Pro and Allergen membrane used in conjunction with the cotton surface material means blockage of the larger molecules from the pad while ensuring the airflow through the microscopic pores.

Malouf offers a 15-year warranty – proof of how confident they are in their product and the technology used in the design. While an expensive product, Malouf comes in all kinds of sizes, so anyone, regardless of their mattress size, will find a style they like.

Malouf buyers will find it’s a high-quality mattress pad that continually works to keep their mattress looking like new for many years. It’s noise-free and can keep you cool as you sleep. Best of all, you can purchase it for use on any adult or children’s beds.

One’s Own: The Most Eco-Friendly Mattress Protector

If you’re looking for the best waterproof mattress pad that’s eco-friendly, then look no further than One’s Own. It’s an extremely durable product with fantastic protection from every angle. It’s been designed to keep mattresses from becoming ruined due to leaks and spills. One’s Own is a Tencel-topped protector that comprises entirely of eucalyptus fiber to ensure the softest, most luxurious, lightweight sleeping surface. This also ensures the pad is absolutely quiet as you sleep.

One’s Own is also completely hypoallergenic, meaning it can repel any dust mites and other allergens while also being resistant to the growth of mildew and mold. It also contains no toxic chemicals, thanks to the biodegradable Thermo Polyurethane. The TPU ensures a micro-porous surface, so the pad allows air to flow through and keeps you cool as you sleep.

Since the eucalyptus fiber whisks away all kinds of moisture and oils, it encourages an overall healthier environment outside of the protector. Phthalate and vinyl free, the material offers safety, softness, and comfort.

The One’s Own design is a fitted-sheet style, which offers a plethora of sizes to pick from and are easily washed and dried. Best of all, the manufacturer provides a limited lifetime guarantee. What more could you want from a waterproof mattress pad?

Reasons To Buy A Waterproof Mattress Pad

A considerable household investment you’ll make is your bed’s mattress, which can run you hundreds to thousands of dollars and will have a warranty. However, in many cases, a mattress warranty does not cover damage due to spills, fluids, and other moisture. For that reason, you can reduce the chances of voiding that warranty by protecting it with a waterproof mattress pad. 

Think of it as extra protection for your mattress, helping it to stay fresher for longer. There’s less chance for it to develop mildew or mold, which can develop when moisture soaks into the surface. Another reason to buy a waterproof pad is to keep those unwanted stains out of your mattress. People who suffer from incontinence or children who still wet the bed could benefit from a waterproof protector on their bed as well. 

The best waterproof mattress pad will also reduce the chance for allergens to accumulate. If this is an important aspect for you, you need to look for one that offers hypoallergenic properties

And finally, cleanup of an accident is so much easier with a waterproof protector – just take it off (and other bedding) and put them in the wash. 

Key Considerations When Buying A Waterproof Mattress Pad

There are so many choices on the market, which is why it’s easy to become confused about which product is best for you. To narrow down your choices, you need to focus on the factors that make them different from each other. What are some of these factors to consider when you’re out buying the best waterproof mattress protector for your needs?


Your mattress’s size is going to determine what size of mattress pad you will need. Be sure to get the depth and size of your mattress before you go shopping for a protector. You want one that will fit the whole mattress to ensure total protection. 


There are four general styles of waterproof mattress pads to choose from:

  • Pads – These are created to provide protection to a particular area of the bed and are usually placed above the bedsheet. Pads are typically not secured in place, unlike the many other choices you have to pick from.
  • Six-Sided Protector – With this style, every side of the mattress is protected, with a zipper sealing up the mattress itself. Often noted as a mattress encasement, this style ensures ultimate protection for your mattress. This is especially useful for people who have allergies or are worried about bed bugs. 
  • Fitted Sheet – This style goes over the top and sides of your mattress and has a fitted corner to keep the protector in its place. It’s similar to what you see with the typical fitted sheet, with the difference being that a waterproof pad is equipped with specialized backing to keep the bed protected from spills, fluids, and other accidents. 
  • Fitted Pad – This design is similar to the fitted sheet, other than it’s thicker on the top and offers a softer feel than the usual fitted-sheet type protector.


The fabrics manufacturers use to make waterproof mattress pads are designed into two categories – top cover and waterproof backing. What are the most popular materials that are used in the top cover?

  • Lyocell – Commonly known as Tencel, this is a wood-pulp based textile, which has a softer feel to it. Though not completely waterproof, it does fairly good against some liquids. 
  • Rayon – This is a semi-synthetic fabric. It comprises of natural materials but uses different chemicals, which gives it its breathable, cooling features.
  • Polyester – This is a synthetic material that has many kinds of feels to it. Polyester has some softness to it (less than cotton) but with more breathability and less absorption.
  • Cotton – This fabric is often very soft, which is why it’s used in the manufacturing of all kinds of products – bedding and clothing. However, cotton is also absorbent, which is why it needs a high-quality waterproof backing if it’s going to work as a protector/pad.
  • Blends – Some manufacturers use an amalgamation of materials listed above, to create a certain performance or feel of the fabric.

Many manufacturers use an adhesive on their mattress pads/protectors to give it a waterproof backing. Some of these materials that are used include:


Polyurethane is an ultra-thin membrane that is applied to waterproof fabrics but can never be felt or heard while you sleep. It offers ultimate protection against liquids and is a breathable material thanks to the microscopic pores that let air flow through the cover. It keeps you sleeping cooler while stopping liquid and allergens from getting through to the mattress. Compared to vinyl, polyurethane is much quieter as well. 


These types of waterproof mattress pads are not as breathable as the polyurethane mattress pads but are incredibly effective (due to vinyl’s thickness) in protection against liquids and allergens such as dust mites and bed bugs. They can also be easily cleaned. However, vinyl has a multitude of disadvantages to it:

  • Vinyl often contains toxins such as phthalates, which can be dangerous to children and pregnant women. However, some vinyl products are sold as phthalate-free.
  • It’s noisy and loud due to the crinkly nature of the plastic
  • The material isn’t breathable, which means moisture and sweat stays trapped and creates a sticky, wet surface
  • It locks in heat, which makes a bed feel warmer.

Allergens – The majority of waterproof mattress pads will decrease the accumulation of allergens. However, if you are sensitive to allergens, it may be best to go with a mattress encasement as opposed to a mattress pad or protector. 

Bed bug Protection – If bed bugs are a concern of yours, you want to buy a waterproof encasement – something that offers six-sided protection and a zipper to close it up. 

Comfort – The amount of thickness of the top of the pad will affect how your bed ends up feeling. If you have a thin protector, you won’t feel much difference from before. But a pad with a thicker top may make the mattress a little softer and more comfortable. 

Breathability – People who tend to overheat while sleeping may want to find a more breathable material in their waterproof protectors such as synthetic blends or rayon. These fabrics tend to not lock in heat. Some pads may also use specific materials to increase cooling while sleeping. 

Noise – Some waterproof mattress pads use materials that are quite noisy. This is especially true for protectors that have a plastic feel to them. However, if you use a cotton waterproof mattress pad or blended synthetics, you won’t notice much, if any, noise coming from them. 

Return Policy – Some manufacturers offer an in-home sleep trial, but many do not offer any kind of returns. Therefore, before you buy your waterproof mattress protector, make sure what rights you have if you need to return it. 

Warranty – When shopping for the best waterproof mattress pad, you want to look for a manufacturer that offers a solid warranty. The ideal guarantee is one that lasts for about 10 years and provides protection from manufacturing defects. You also want to read over the care instructions provided on the product label. By taking proper care of your mattress pad, your warranty may never need to be used. 

Cleaning and Care

To get the most from your waterproof mattress pad, you want to take care of it properly. While a majority of them can be washed and dried in the washing machine, it’s crucial to use the lowest possible temperature. Why is that? High temperatures can break down the adhesives that are necessary to maintain the waterproof backing. 

You can also choose to hand-wash and line dry your protector/pad if you’d like. There may be times when you just need to do a quick spot clean. Do so using a mild soap.

Remember, the more a protector goes through the washer, the quicker it begins breaking down. If you have a regular schedule for washing your bedsheets, you may not need to wash it as often as those items.

Always look at what the manufacturer recommends for care and cleaning. This can vary from one product to another. When you care for the protector as intended, it will last a long time. 


Over time, the top layer or the waterproof backing on a mattress pad/protector will degrade, usually as the result of continuous washing and drying. Now, depending on how often you will wash your pad or protector, it should last you for years.

The anticipated lifespan of these products is also affected by the quality and material used. Poorly generated adhesives tend to wear out quickly. Therefore, if you notice your pad is thinning out or is not protecting the mattress from spills and stains anymore, you need to replace it with another protector. 


Will A Waterproof Mattress Pad Make Noise?

Previous designs of mattress pads were noisy because of their cheap, filmy materials and crinkly structure. Today, the materials used are similar to the fitted sheet design, meaning they are far more comfortable and luxurious. Due to their structure, mattress pads will stay in one place and do not make a sound as you lie on them.

Does A Mattress Pad Change How A Bed Feels?

In the past, plastic mattress protectors were notorious for being felt through the sheets, which made for an uncomfortable night’s rest. Today, the best waterproof mattress pad manufacturers have made it so you cannot feel them while you sleep. This is due to the sheet-like, soothing materials (noted in all of the above-reviewed products). 

Can You Use A Memory Foam Mattress and a Mattress Protector Together?

Most of today’s mattress protectors are suitable for any mattress types, which also includes memory foam mattresses. Consider any of the above-reviewed products for your memory foam mattress. 

Is A Mattress Topper and Mattress Pad The Same Thing?

It’s important to understand that a mattress topper isn’t the same as a mattress pad or protector. A topper can add some depth, height, and cushioning, changing how the bed looks and feels. A pad/protector doesn’t improve the bed’s consistency but instead is used to protect the mattress underneath.

What You Need To Keep In Mind…

Remember, the goal behind a pad or protector is to keep your mattress looking and smelling its best while also extending its lifespan. If you have allergies or need more protection on your bed, then a waterproof pad is the surefire way to get all this and more.

When it comes to finding one of the best mattress pads on the market, you really need to do your homework. Keep in mind all the critical factors that go into the purchase, such as your mattress size, style, your personal needs, ease of care, breathability, and so many more. With this information in hand and the above list curated for you, your shopping will be just a little easier.

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