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Is your home the place where people seem to gather and spend the night? Perhaps you have relatives who visit from out of town and would rather spend the night with you than in some hotel? Perhaps your children have friends sleeping over regularly?

Whatever the case, a trundle bed may be the most affordable and space-efficient option for your home. Why is that?

A trundle bed, also known as truckle bed, is comprised of a bed frame on wheels that can fit (with its mattress) under ordinary beds. You can also slide it underneath a specialized bed, such as daybed or bunkbed. These beds are typically twin-sized, and most keep a low-profile after being rolled out, however, some will “pop up” to a taller bed.

There are a plethora of designs to choose from – wood, metal, rustic, and modern – which means you’re going to find a trundle bed design that fits into the rest of your home’s décor even when tucked away.

Ready to learn more about what a trundle bed is, who can get the most use out of one, and the various styles available? Look no further, and see what the best trundle beds are available to the market today.


The Best Trundle Beds

The Best Trundle Beds Comparison Table



Key Features


DHP Best Trundle Bed review by

- Sturdy metal frame construction with metal slats
- Four casters (two locking, two non-locking)
- Trundle weight limit – 225 pounds; daybed weight limit – 400 pounds

Atlantic Furniture Best Trundle Bed review by

- Durable, eco-friendly hardwood
- Slat system offers mattress support
- Easy to assemble

Coaster Home Furnishings Best Trundle Bed review by

- Large storage space
- Comfortable and spacious twin extra sleeping space
- Efficient design

Poundex Best Trundle Bed review by

- Uses high-quality materials (hardwood, faux leather)
- Durable construction
- A gorgeous design that aids in comfort

Dream Solutions Best Trundle Bed review by

- Easy to assemble
- Strong and solid
- Saves space and cost-effective

DHP Sophia Best Trundle Bed review by

- Multiple functions combined in one piece of furniture
- Space-saving design
- Wooden slats improve structural support

Fashion Bed Group Best Trundle Bed review by

- Gorgeous honey maple finish
- Durable design using solid wood construction
- Wood slat decking creates mattress support without the need for a box spring

Zinus Suzanne Best Trundle Bed review by

- Premium wood and steel materials
- Easy to assemble
- The trundle bed is easy to pull out and roll back in

Zinus Eden Best Trundle Bed review by

- Premium support with steel slats
- Easy to put together in minutes (no need for tools)
- Stylish and functional space-saving design

Max & Lily Best Trundle Bed review by

- Sturdy New Zealand pinewood bed frame
- Strong (can handle up to 400 pounds)
- Metal-on-metal design won’t loosen over time

The Best Trundle Beds Reviews

DHP Tokyo: The Best Metal Frame Trundle Bed

The DHP Tokyo daybed includes a pop-up trundle that’s simplistic in its design but has everything you would need to add it to the household. With this trundle bed, you can rest assured that your overnight guests will rest comfortably, and you can still have the space to enjoy during the day.

The trundle bed has a metal frame, which adds to its durability. It’s got a very convenient design and will be compatible with any space of the house, ensuring guests will be happy staying over for the night. Since the metal frame doesn’t take up a lot of space, your home still looks inviting and comfortable. With a brushed bronze finish, the daybed trundle will give any room additional flair.

The company is ensuring you get the flexibility you desire when you use the DHP Tokyo trundle bed. Roll it out and back in easily with its wheels and apply two twin-sized mattresses for your guests’ comfort.

Atlantic Furniture: The Most Durable Trundle Bed

This is a popular full-size daybed with a pop-up trundle thanks to its durability and ease of use, even in the smallest of rooms. It comprises of high-quality solid hardwood and comes in full white color to match the décor of any home. The bed’s trundle rolls easily. The bed accommodates an eight-inch mattress to give users the most comfort possible.

The manufacturer uses eco-friendly hardwood that promises the bed is quite durable. It has a five-step protective finish to extend its lifespan – no toxic chemicals included. The bed is both scratch and water-resistant. It takes no time to put together thanks to its simplistic design.

The Atlantic hardwood is sourced from sustainable resources such as timber from the Para rubber tree as well as plantation-grown mahogany, Italian poplar, and white birch. Thus, no natural forests are used in the manufacturing process.

Coaster Home Furnishings: The Best Trundle Bed With Drawers

If you want a place to hang out during the day and lay your head down at night, the Coaster Home Furnishings is considered one of the best trundle beds on the market. If you don’t have a lot of space in your home or cannot afford to purchase different kinds of furniture, then its special design offers your guests a bed to sleep in easily and effortlessly.

There are three large drawers under the trundle bed that gives you plenty of room for bedsheets, blankets, and clothing to be stored. The trundle’s solid wood construction is robust, ensuring firm support. The head and footboards have a lattice frame. When locked in, due to the drawers’ alignment, the trundle gives a beautiful view in the house.

This trundle bed offers another twin sleeping space that is still comfortable. Its wheel-designed makes it easy to roll in and out of place when you have guests over to stay the night. Coaster Home Furnishings is designed to be used in smaller spaces without cluttering up the room it’s in.

It comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and following the simple assembly steps, you can easily put this bed together yourself – no professional help is needed.

Poundex: The Best Modern Trundle Bed

Our next pick is the extremely comfortable Poundex full-size trundle, a modern bed that’s all about saving you space. This bed has been designed to be both scratch and water-resistant, withstand the test of time, and be safe to use whenever.

This full-size trundle measures 56x76x41, and it comes with an extra hiding sleeping spot that ensures that another person can get a good night’s rest. This is really the only bed you will ever need.

Poundex was created to fit into an eight-inch size of the trundle spot. There’s also no need to invest in other mattress supports because the slats system is more than enough. Best of all, you don’t need a whole of experience to put this trundle bed together. In a matter of minutes, with no additional help and the packet of instructions, you can have the bed ready.

The manufacturer has used eco-friendly hardwood with a five-step protective finish that ensures a life-long product for the purchaser.

Dream Solutions: The Best Trundle with Mattress Package Deal

Dream Solutions’ daybed is designed to last with metal slats used to ensure stability. For when space is an issue, the trundle can be hidden under the daybed until it’s ready for use at night.

This is, by far, the best trundle bed when you have more than one kid spending the night. When the trundle is opened, you get two beds of the same height. The trundle can be rolled out and let down if you want as well. Both a footboard and headboard can be attached to the bed if you want as well.

It’s a smart option for homeowners who want to save both space and money. After all, the trundle is hidden under the high-rise metal frame but can be moved out when needed. The manufacturer provides two orthopedic innerspring mattresses and a pop-up bed frame.

DHP Sophia: The Best Stylish Trundle Bed

If you’re all about furniture that can be used in all kinds of ways and is stylish too, then the DHP Sophia trundle bed is what you’re looking for. It’s great furniture for a sitting room that can be turned into a comfortable bed when you’re ready to sleep.

The manufacturer has provided both a modern and timeless Victorian look with its slightly-sleighed arms, brown linen, and tufted fabric. The construction is solid, using multiple wooden slats for its trundle and twin-size daybed (no need to purchase a box spring). This daybed has no back to it, which makes it a very versatile piece of furniture where you can use it as a room divider or push it up against a wall.

The roll-out trundle ensures this product is ideal for any family gathering or sleepover (useful as a sofa and a bed). DHP Sophia is an all-in-one living room/bedroom furniture. It’s a place for you to relax in the day and sleep in at night. Why get anything else?

Place it in a child’s room for a guest bed that can also be used as a sofa when friends are not over. Or, add it to the living room to give it some additional style and a place for guests to sleep when they do come over.

This little piece of furniture is highly-functional, easy-to-use, and extremely comfortable. The only drawback is that it’s only suitable for people up to 200 pounds.

Fashion Bed Group: The Best Wooden Trundle Bed

If you want to create an amazing look for your child’s room and give them some extra sleeping space, then Fashion Bed Group is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s made of wood and works like a trundle bed without looking like one. With the honey maple finish and wood design, the work that went into the furniture ensures it will look amazing in any room it’s placed in.

In several steps, you can convert the bed from a daybed design to sleepover central, which is something many parents would like to have for their children’s room. Best of all, solid wood was used to make the arms of the bed frame, ball finials, and headboard back, which ensure the product is durable and resilient (to withstand any abuse it may take).

Thanks to the bed’s support system, there’s no need for a box spring. The daybed’s frame goes completely around the bed with its headboard, footboard, and backside. You can also add a simple bed rail to the bed to keep your toddler safe while sleeping.

The daybed and trundle bedding system are extremely functional and well-constructed, but the company does offer a 10-year limited warranty in cases of manufacturing defects.

Zinus: The Best Space Saving Design Trundle Bed

Zinus is all about giving its customers a fashion bed frame that’s also functional. This bed frame system gives you a space-saving design that you can apply two twin sized mattresses to. You can either use it as one single bed or turn it into two single sized beds. The company used durable materials to construct the frame and ensure long-lasting use.

With this daybed and trundle bed frame set, your kids can enjoy having a friend sleepover without having them sleep on the floor. After all, it produces an extra sleeping space for your guests. In the day, it can be used as another space to sit.

Its metal/wood design has created a very stylish look that’s also practical and durable (something parents look for in furniture for their child’s room). Premium steel was used to manufacture this bed, giving it a durable and sturdy frame. Wood was added to the bed to increase the stability and give it an elegant look.

Parents want to keep their children safe while sleeping, which is what the manufacturer has kept in mind. It’s the best trundle bed system for your younger children as well as older ones. The bed will remain in its place thanks to the steel-raised frame at the top and bottom of the bed. The manufacturer stands behind the product with a five-year warranty.

Zinus Eden: The Best Trundle Only Option

The trundle-only designs are best if you already have a bed with enough height clearance to fit the trundle and a mattress. Zinus offers an affordable trundle bed option with its practical design and classic simplicity. The frame is sturdy and appropriate for both children and adults. It’s easy to assemble, as you don’t need tools to do so.

Like any trundle-only frames, the mattress’ height you can use depends on the full-frame clearance. The majority of trundle beds offer up to six inches, but thicker mattresses are sometimes more comfortable. No matter what you decide, the trundle bed’s solid steel slats ensure guests get the support and comfort they need all night. There are no sides to this trundle bed, making it easy to remove from under the primary bed.

The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty.

Max & Lily: The Best Trundle Bunk Bed

Max & Lily’s trundle bunk bed is over 36 inches between both beds, with the bottom bunk roomy enough for the children and parents. The top bunk has a 14-inch guardrail to keep top sleepers safe and fit standard mattress sizes. Mattresses for this bed can range up to nine-inch thick. And, when your kids grow up, the furniture can grow up with them.

Max & Lily offers a solution to sleepovers with its added trundle, as there is more bed space, and it rolls on casters. It also comes with lower and upper bunk slat rolls and a reversible straight ladder with rounded edges and hand-holding rail to ensure easy, safe climbing. The weight limit of this construction is 400 pounds.

When it comes to convenience, Max & Lily’s trundle bunk bed is the best in saving you space where space is an issue. It’s designed for a smaller room with ceilings that are higher than eight feet. The bunk beds can also be separated into two free-standing twin size beds. The hardware is countersunk, and the color match with an easy-to-maintain finish to ensure a clean look.

Max & Lily, which is a member of the Maxwood Furniture brand, is a kid furniture manufacturer that includes trundle beds, storage, bunks along with storage solutions, chairs, and tables in modern looks, quality construction, and amazing colors.

Max & Lily’s trundle bed meets or surpasses all safety standards set forth by the federal government on children’s furniture. It uses a strong New Zealand pinewood construction that is heavy-duty and non-toxic.

Buying Guide

Since the 16th century, trundle beds have grown in their popularity for several reasons: they are comfortable, adjustable, cost, and space-efficient.

When it comes to accommodating overnight guests, these beds are highly sought-after. If you’re in the market for a spare bed, you can find the style you want at a reasonable price.

However, before you purchase any kind of bed, you should learn as much as you can about the different kinds of trundle beds on the market. In the guide below, we cover what a trundle bed is exactly, features to look for, who can benefit from using one, and different types of mattresses available. 

Trundle Bed: What Is It?

These beds are unique pieces of furniture with a mattress on top and another one that slides out from underneath. They provide two times the mattress without taking up precious floor space. Trundle beds resemble bunk beds in that they’re close to the floor, reducing those unavoidable ladder accidents. 

There are all kinds of designs you can choose from, but the most common sizes are a twin and full frame on top with a twin frame that slides out from underneath. While trundle daybeds are most likely what you will come across, you can also see a trundle bunk bed or conventional bed format with a trundle mattress underneath.

Who Can Benefit From Using Trundle Beds?

Trundle beds don’t take up a lot of room, which makes them ideal for guests and kids (teenagers included). However, the unique construction of this kind of bed makes the base close to the ground – something people who have mobility issues need to keep in mind. 

Now, there are all kinds of reasons to use a trundle bed, including but not limited to:

Office Use – If you’re staying late at the office, such beds can give you some sleeping space that doesn’t involve a chair or couch.

Sleepovers – They are ideal for either toddlers or teenagers who are spending the night with each other. This way, they can sleep in comfort on a memory foam mattress.

Convenient Guest Bed – If you suddenly find yourself with guests in your home, these beds take the worry out of where they will sleep.  

When You Don’t Want To Move The Real Bed – Trundle beds can be useful for new parents when they don’t want their baby to sleep alone (or without them). The baby sleeps on a trundle bed while parents can stay in their master bedroom. 

Advantages of Choosing a Trundle Bed


It’s not uncommon for kids to love bunk beds. After all, who wouldn’t love the feeling of being able to touch the ceiling? However, the bunk beds of today are just not as sturdy as those in the past, and the quality of materials that they are made from is questionable. Trundle beds can keep your children and other guests safe as they are not high enough to cause injury. Most are made with a sturdy base to support up to 400 pounds. 

Money Saver 

It can be expensive to buy furniture, especially a bed. However, a trundle bed can save you a ton of money. The majority of them will cost about the same as a regular bed, but you get two for the price of one. Best of all, the most popular models use a twin mattress that is used on other types of beds. Thus, no more money spent on different types of bedsheets. 


From twin trundle beds, full size, and more, these beds are very stylish. If you’re concerned about finding one that will fit into your home’s décor, rest assured that you have many colors and designs to choose from. Such a bed can go into a bedroom to give you a place to sit down and relax. Or, you can make it the focal point of a room where other room décor brings out its design and color. The décor in your home won’t ever go out of style when you use one of the best trundle beds as its centerpiece. 

Space Saver

Children eventually ask their parents if they can have a friend sleepover. And, even if you don’t have kids, you’re liable to have your own friends spend the night from time to time. Coming up with places to sleep for everybody can be difficult, especially for smaller homes, mobile homes, or apartments. This is where a trundle bed can come in handy. 

For example, three people can easily sleep on such a bed, so long as you have a mattress that fits the frame. And, if you purchase a daybed trundle bed, you can use it as a sofa during the day and a bed at night. 

A really great aspect of trundle beds is that some manufacturers have installed drawers in them. No worries about where to store clothing or bedding for your guests. And, when they’re not in use, you can always use it as a storage drawer. If you take the mattress off, you can have enough room to store your clothes or bed linen.

What To Look For When Buying a Trundle Bed

Types of trundle beds

Bunk Bed and Trundle - Bunk beds are seen as an alternative to trundle beds, but bunk beds that come with a trundle is a worthwhile option to fit multiple people in a small sleeping space. While guests will have to share a room, children tend to find it exciting. Bunk beds that come with a trundle are great for parents who have two kids who must share the main bed. 

Daybed and Trundle - Daybeds are an amalgamation of a bed and sofa – most have three sides with a high back to support pillows when used as a sofa. They can be used as a regular bed or an occasional one, but are usually very comfortable and can be found in all kinds of designs. You can either get a daybed with a trundle or purchase a separate trundle to go under the daybed, which ensures more function in small spaces. 

Trundle Drawer - The classic trundle drawer can be attached to both standard bed frames or day and bunk beds. Rather than an open space under the bed for the trundle, the trundle itself is a drawer under the main bed. Yes, this style is a bit more expensive, but it looks good and doesn’t allow dust to accumulate under the primary bed. 

Trundle-Only - If money is an issue here, the trundle-only option is the cheapest on the market. With a trundle-only frame, you can add it to any bed frame with enough space for a trundle. Most are made of plain steel (slats and wheels that can support the mattress) and are useful for unexpected sleepovers. Cheaper options usually cannot withstand higher weights, which is something to be mindful of if you plan to sleep adults on the trundle.

Type of trundle bed frame

When you’re in the market for a trundle bed, you need to consider the frame first and foremost. The majority of frames are created to look aesthetically beautiful, as they are usually the focal point of a room (living room). This is also true of daybeds with a trundle bed. However, safety is an important aspect to bear in mind, too, so be sure the mattress area can support a lot of weight. 

People are visual creatures, which is something furniture manufacturers have kept in mind when making their products. When you’re out shopping, consider your home’s décor and how the trundle frame’s color and the material will look. What kinds of materials can you choose from?

Upholstered Frame – Trundle beds that use the upholstered frame usually have a softer surface thanks to the leather and fabrics used. They make for great daybeds because people can sit on them comfortably.

Wooden Frame - Wooden frames look stylish because of the wood’s naturally-occurring knotholes and wood grains. These frames often bring out a warmer feel due to their earthy color. There’s no just one choice of wooden frames, but several kinds that you can consider - each wood type speaks volumes about its color. One drawback? They can be difficult to move, especially if the design includes drawers.

Metal Frame - These frames are typically not a solid piece – usually, they have a grill design, which makes them lighter. For trundle daybeds, metal frames tend to be quite uncomfortable to sit on because the back is grilled and not solid enough. 

Type of mattresses

If a trundle bed is what you’re considering for your home, know that you have several kinds of mattresses to choose from – sprung mattress, foam mattress, zoned, mattress, and more. Of course, the kind of mattress you get will affect how comfortable you will feel. Most of these mattresses are twin-sized, which helps to maintain uniformity.  

Foam Mattress – More and more people have opted to purchase the foam mattress because they distribute the weight of the sleeper evenly, making it very comfortable. Since the mattress won’t snap back into position, the sleeper gets the support and pressure point relief they need to avoid any ache problems.

Continuous Spring – With this mattress, the coils are weaved closer together, which means the person on the mattress pushes the pressure evenly throughout it. This allows for even support.

Pocket Sprung Mattress – This is a foam mattress where every coil is wrapped in a layer of fabric, providing support where needed. No more pressure on the pressure points, giving users the most comfort possible.

Open Coil Mattress – The coils of this mattress type are equally distributed, making it ideal for twin beds because the mattress is only being used by one individual. If more than one person is sleeping on the mattress, the coils will drift to the center of the mattress.

Zoned Mattress – The center of this mattress has more coils, which gives it more support (ideal for teenagers). 

Sprung Mattress – Coils offer great support to children because they are lighter and therefore do not require as much support.

It’s important to note that every mattress is not the same, which is why you must be mindful of what mattress is best for you and your guests. If you go with a less expensive foam mattress, they’re not as durable and can lead to sleeping problems. You want a minimum of four inches of dense foam between you and the core mattress. This ensures the mattress retains its shape.  

Storage Space 

Each trundle bed style stores the trundle in their own way. The two main methods are loosely stored under the bed or using a trundle drawer to keep it hidden. Some frames have extra cubby holes or drawers to increase the storage space.


Most people will consider the aesthetics of the furniture they look at. The same rule applies to trundle beds. Many contemporary (modern) models are usually cheaper than other styles. But, if you look hard enough, you can find affordable classic, shabby chic, mid-century modern designs that will meet your needs and be within your budget. However, while you want your trundle bed to look good, it’s more important to consider the material and features. 


Any time you buy something significant – be it furniture, car, or any other expensive item – you want to check out the customer reviews to learn what people are saying. There are many brands that offer high-quality products but at a low price. Customers are going to be your best bet to determine whether or not a company is worth doing business with or buying from. With these reviews, you can make an informed choice when choosing the best trundle bed to buy.


Set your budget now because, without it, you could spend more than you really need or want. Once you know how much you’re willing to spend, you have a better idea of what to look for. While cheap doesn’t always mean poorly constructed, expensive doesn’t always mean quality. Therefore, you really need to do your homework and research to find the best trundle bed for your home. 

Daybed vs. Trundle Daybed: Is There Really A Difference?

When it comes to a daybed or a trundle daybed, is there any real difference in them? Oddly enough, there are some differences that could make it a little more difficult to decide which one is best for you.

Mattress – Both have mattresses, but the difference is in the portion of the mattress.

Design – Daybeds look like a sofa but have a wood or metal frame with two arms on both sides and back support with pillows. Trundle beds, on the other hand, have no back support and look like a normal bed (with a footboard and headboard). 

Mattress Support System – Trundle beds and daybeds tend to have a similar memory foam support system, ensuring users to have a comfortable sleep.

What Is The Difference Between Twin Mattress And Trundle?

Trundle beds and twin mattresses do have some significant differences to them. For instance, trundle beds are equipped with two mattresses that fit within the frame’s structure. There are three pieces to the frame – two side panels and a back one. These beds may or may not come with a built-in trundle drawer, which allows owners extra storage space, while caster wheels allow the drawer to be easily pulled out and pushed back in. 

A twin mattress normally needs a box spring as well as a steel frame for maximum support. Trundle beds, however, just need a flat base platform with supporting slats.  

Twin mattresses typically measure at 39x75-inches, but trundle bed frames and the unit itself sets some limitations. While a twin mattress can be used on these beds, it’s not uncommon to need the adjusted size. Twin mattresses may come with a depth of 6 to 18 inches while trundle bed mattress is about eight inches thick. Many come with a built-in mattress using materials that increase one’s comfort and support while sleeping. 


Does It Matter How Thick The Mattress On My Trundle Bed Is? 

Absolutely! Be sure to read the reviews above and take the mind of the recommended mattress thickness for the trundle pull out. Most negative reviews you’ll see come from people who failed to factor this in and purchased a mattress that was too thick for their trundle bed. Too thick of a mattress can keep it from being easily stored under a regular bed or daybed, which means you would have to return it and buy another one. To be safe, the best mattress thickness for a trundle bed frame is six inches. 

What’s The Weight Limit Of A Trundle Bed?

How much weight a trundle bed frame can hold depends on the manufacturer – what materials they used and other factors. Review the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit to ensure you buy one that can handle the weight you need. (The above-recommended options can hold a minimum of 250 pounds – that does not include the mattress weight). 

Can Wheeled Trundle Beds Move While Someone Sleeps On It?

It’s quite possible that a wheeled trundle bed can move even if someone is sleeping on it. However, many of them have a locking mechanism to ensure they don’t move while in use. Plus, if a trundle bed is used on a smooth floor such as tile or wood, it’s more likely to move than if it was used on rug or carpet. 

Do All Trundle Beds Come With A Daybed?

A daybed doesn’t always come with a trundle bed and vice versa. Some trundle beds resemble a typical bed, while others are stand-alone models that can be stored under any furniture tall enough to house it. 

Should A Special Mattress or Foam Be Used With Trundle Beds?

You can actually use any kind of foam mattress on your trundle bed. If you want a plush foam mattress, you can use it, but make sure you know the recommended weight limits of the bed from the manufacturers.

How Safe Are Trundles?

Many trundle manufacturers use non-toxic materials, making them very safe for your health and the environment. Be sure to choose a company that explicitly states that they use non-toxic materials and meets safety standards.

What To Keep In Mind…

Trundle beds are unique pieces of furniture, serving a useful purpose in everyday situations. They are a good investment into the flexibility of your living space.

When in the market for the best trundle bed, be sure to consider any of the above-mentioned products. However, always choose one that fits with your style and meets your needs for years to come. You never know when overnight guests are going to visit, but being prepared is a great feeling. 

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