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Feather pillows seem to take people back to their carefree childhoods, probably because that’s what everyone used in those days. Incredibly soft, big, and comfortable, they easily lulled you to sleep and made you feel like you were being hugged all over. How could we forget them?

With all the innovative materials flooding the market, people just wanted to try something new. Everyone seems to be sleeping on fluffy clouds of latex or memory foam these days. However, good old feather pillows are still available, so we want to turn our attention to these traditional cushions because they represent good quality and value. 

Here are the two types of feathers that are used in pillow stuffing: 

  • Standard feathers: Come from the outer plumage and are larger and firmer than down. 
  • Down feathers: Come from the inner plumage and are much smaller, softer, and fluffier than standard feathers.

Many pillows are filled with both standard feathers and down, but down is typically reserved for the edges, and the standard feathers go in the middle of the pillow for support and stability. 

Feather pillows are great for people who find other types of pillows too firm and love snuggling with their pillow all night. They are durable, long-lasting, and hardly retain any body heat, so you can keep cool while sleeping. They also tend to be more affordable compared to other types of pillows. 

This guide will discuss what feather pillows are, their benefits and drawbacks, as well as things to consider before you buy. Armed with all this information, you should be able to choose the best feather pillow for your needs. 

The Best Feather Pillows

The Best Feather Pillows Comparison Table



Key Features


WENERSI best feather pillows review by

- Excellent underlying support
- Shapes well with even feather distribution
- Made of high-quality materials


PEACE NEST best feather pillows review by

- 95% feather and 5% down filling
- Breathable and cozy
- Easy to keep clean by machine washing and drying


Pacific Coast best feather pillows review by

- Innovative pillow-in-pillow design
- The firmer inner layer of Resilia feathers
- 300-thread-count cover made of barrier woven cotton

JA COMFORTS best feather pillows review by

- 95% goose feathers with 5% down
- 100% cotton 233-thread-count cover
- Retains its shape quite well


Down & Feather Co. best feather pillows review by

- The filling is 100% goose feathers
- Soft and comfortable in all sleep positions
- Free pillow adjustments plus a 10-year warranty

Continental Bedding best feather pillows review by

- 100% white Hungarian goose down with 700 - Fill Power
- 300-thread-count 100% cotton shell
- Made in the USA

puredown® best feather pillows review by

- Specifically designed for side sleepers
- Maintains shape quite well
- Will not flatten out


downluxe best feather pillows review by

- Soft double-layered cotton shell prevents feather pricks
- Fluffs up to easily resume its shape
- Highly supportive and very responsive


Three Geese best feather pillows review by

- Medium-firm feel
- Multi-chambered construction provides support
- Smooth, soft cotton shell with 600-thread-count


The Best Feather Pillows Reviews

WENERSI: The Best Feather Pillow For Support

The WENERSI goose feather pillow was designed with back and side sleepers in mind. It offers excellent support while compressing and conforming well under your body weight. The fill is comprised of 85% feathers and 15% down blend to make it even softer and more malleable. It responds instantly to pressure, so it will conform easily to your body shape providing support while relieving pressure points where needed. A highly breathable 100% cotton cover with a handmade silver-edged medium-density shell looks quite beautiful.

This pillow comes in Queen or King size with either a soft or firm level of support. After using the soft, we found it to be top quality, luxurious looking with its silver piping, exceptionally pliable, so it conforms quite well without being too lofty around the face. Most feather pillows can be machine washed, but the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning.

This supportive feather pillow works great for side and back sleepers, and depending on your size and weight, you can select soft or firm support. However, this would be an excellent choice for anyone who loves snuggling with a soft, comfy pillow that can easily be folded for comfort.

PEACE NEST: The Softest Feather Pillow

This PEACE NEST pillow comes in Queen, and King sizes with 95% goose or duck feathers and 5% down ratio. Goose feathers tend to be larger and firmer than duck feathers, so they generally offer more support. Channeled pillow construction for even feather distribution works well in any sleep position.

This is a high-quality medium-density pillow that comes with a breathable 100% cotton cover. The seams are double stitched to keep feathers from pushing through. The hypoallergenic shell keeps allergens from building up so people with allergies can sleep comfortably through the night.

This pillow is exceptionally easy to care for because it can be tossed in the washing machine and dryer and safely dry cleaned as well if needed. It can also be intermittently fluffed up on the dryer to quickly refresh it. The layered channeling allows it to easily resume its shape after being compressed and regain its loft with a quick fluff.

PEACE NEST works well for any sleep position, but it is up to you to fold and shape it for comfort. It works best for stomach and back sleepers, however, side sleepers usually fold the pillow for more head and neck support.

Pacific Coast: The Best Down And Feather Pillow Choice

The Pacific Coast Feather Company developed the innovative DownAround pillow with a “pillow-in-pillow” design to provide the softness of down on the outside with the firmer support of feathers on the inside. This is the perfect choice for side and back sleepers.

The fluffy outer layer has a plushy Hyperclean 550 fill power down filling designed in puff-balls for warmth and softness. The center of the pillow is filled with highly resilient Resilia feathers for added firmness, to keep your head from sinking too far down into the surface. The DownAround comes with a 300-thread-count 100% cotton shell made with a specially woven barrier designed to keep the tiny down feathers from pushing through.

The feathers and down both undergo an eight-step eco-friendly washing procedure to thoroughly clean them, eliminating all dust and allergens. This is why Pacific Coast can offer a 30-night sleep trial, a 1-year allergy warranty plus a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on their product. You can easily keep this pillow clean because it’s machine washable and dryable.

JA Comforts: The Most Affordable Feather Pillow

Feather pillows are unaffordable for many; however, JA Comforts down, and feather pillows come in a 2-Pack and at a relatively low price, making this the most affordable feather pillow on the market today. Which is not to say that these pillows are of any lower quality. On the contrary, they are incredibly soft and offer the same temperature neutrality that you would find in more expensive options.

The filling is 95% feathers and 5% down, with the down placed around the edges for additional cushioning. The feather filling is what makes the pillow so resilient and supportive. JA Comforts is ergonomically designed to conform to the body. It provides just the right amount of softness while supporting the curvature of the neck so that it remains aligned with the spine. This pillow retains its shape quite well compared to most other options.

The goose down and feather pillow by JA Comforts is fully machine washable and dryable, unlike a lot of other feather pillows that need to be spot cleaned. It comes with a top-quality 233-thread count 100% cotton cover. The pillow is available in a Standard/Queen size.
Buyers are offered a 90-night sleep trial, which is extremely generous, plus a 3-year warranty.

Down & Feather Co.: The Best Feather Pillow For Versatility

Down & Feather Co. lives up to its name as a manufacturer of down and feather bedding products. While they make quite a few different feather pillows, our very favorite is the Original Feather Pillow. In fact, it’s been their top-rated bestseller for quite some time now. So we aren’t alone in our admiration.

This particular pillow is filled with high-quality Hungarian goose feathers encased in a breathable 100% cotton 220-thread-count shell. This type of feather is less likely to protrude from the shell and poke you during the night. The blue and white striped cover is reminiscent of the classic pillows of decades ago.

This is the perfect pillow for side and back sleepers. A goose feather pillow is a lot firmer under compression, so it will support you better than a pillow of a similar density filled with down. The feathers do a great job of conforming to the shape of your head and neck, offering you the support you need. However, if you’re not getting enough support on your back, just move the pillow under your neck just above your shoulders. This way, it can conform better around your neck and head for added support.

The Original Feather Pillow comes in Standard, Queen, and King sizes. To get the feel you want, you can buy it in soft, medium, firm, extra firm or even extra extra firm. This way, there’s an option to suit every sleep position.

Down & Feather Co. offers buyers a 30-night trial period plus a 10-year limited warranty. Furthermore, they have a 1-year FREE Perfect Pillow Policy, which means they will give buyers free pillow adjustments should yours become misshapen or lumpy.

Continental Bedding: The Most Luxurious Feather Pillow

This is a firm yet fluffy pillow thanks to its 700 Fill Power, which signifies its height and warmth. The higher the fill power, the thicker the pillow, so it can retain more heat than feather pillows with less fill power. Continental Bedding’s Superior Pillow should be perfectly comfortable for back and side sleepers but probably too thick for people who sleep on their stomachs. The soft feather filling makes the pillow luxuriously warm and soft, a feeling that can never be matched by pillows filled with synthetics.

These pillows are filled with hypoallergenic clusters of white Hungarian goose down designed to repel dirt, dust, and other allergens. Some experts claim that Hungarian goose feathers make a far superior filling than any other material you could fill a pillow with. While these pillows are expensive, they are highly desirable because they’re not only sublimely comfortable, they’re very durable and likely worth the investment.

Continental Bedding comes with a soft and breathable 300-thread count damask striped cotton cover, which keeps you nice and cool during the night. These pillows are beautifully finished with sturdy reinforced seams.

Puredown: The Best Feather Pillow for Side Sleepers

This uniquely designed gusseted feather pillow is meant for side sleepers. People sleeping on their side need a thicker, firmer pillow and feather pillows are often shaped and folded to fit these needs. However, this pillow has the shape and thickness needed without having to be folded. If you’re a side sleeper who loves the feel of a goose feather pillow but are tired of having to crunch it or fold it to get comfortable, the Puredown Gusset Pillow is pure joy.

The filling is comprised of 90% grey goose feathers mixed with 10% grey goose down, so it’s luxuriously soft and fluffy, nicely responsive while still being supportive. This pillow will help you sleep better than you ever have in your life. Puredown is made of feathers and down of the highest quality, so it stays fluffed up much longer than you would ever imagine for an ordinary feather and down pillow.

The 2-inch gusset between panels of box-stitched quilting with corded seams keeps the filling in place so the pillow won’t go flat at any time while you’re sleeping. This is what supports your neck and makes this is a very effective design for side sleepers. The breathable 100% cotton shell is sufficiently thick to prevent any quills from poking through. You can choose either a King size or Jumbo size, which in actuality measures like a standard Queen or King.

Puredown manufactures all their products according to the Responsible Down Standard, and all have earned the OXIPOWER, TWICE AS NICE Certification. All materials have been selected by experts and thoroughly cleaned. The Siberian feathers and down are lightweight and odorless.

Downluxe: The Most Durable Feather Pillow

Downluxe has been an established business for the past two decades, building a reputation for making hotel quality bedding products. This pillow is a perfect example of the superior comfort and durability of their products. With a combined 90% feather and 10% down filling, they’ve created the ideal ratio for a high-quality plush, soft, and pliable pillow that provides support and a luxurious feel. Downluxe is great for all sleep positions because you can shape it to suit your needs.

The pillow comes in Queen and King sizes. It has a soft, smooth 300-thread-count cotton damask shell with good airflow for a cooler sleep. The shell has double-stitched seams with piping to keep feathers in and make the pillow machine-washable and dryable (although dry cleaning is recommended).

This Downluxe feather and down pillow is eco-friendly and contains no toxic substances as attested to by its Oeko-Tex 100 approval. Furthermore, a non-biased third-party has independently examined the feathers and down, and the company has adhered to Responsible Down Standards (RDS) and is certified accordingly.

This pillow is also hypoallergenic, breathable, and odorless so that you can sleep comfortably and at the perfect temperature. If you’re looking for an exceedingly soft, fluffy, and pliable pillow that works for every sleep position, this is a product worth taking a closer look at.

Three Geese: The Best High-Loft Feather Pillow

Side sleepers tend to find feather pillows unsatisfactory because they are either too soft and/or too thin for them to get comfortable with. If you sleep on your side, you need more support to reduce pressure in their most sensitive areas and keep your spine aligned.

The Three Geese white goose feather pillow has a higher loft (thickness) than most other feather pillows at over 4” thick, which makes it a medium- to high-loft as well as a medium-firm pillow. This level of support cradles the natural shape of the neck and upper spine. This keeps your head, neck, and shoulders in the right alignment. It is ideal for people for those who don’t want to sleep with their heads too high but like the added loft. The even sleeping surface keeps the body in a horizontal line.

This is also an exceptionally cool pillow, thanks to the airflow of its soft, breathable shell made of premier 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton. The product is certified by Oeko-Tex to be completely free of toxic chemicals and is constructed with three separate chambers: an inner feather-filled chamber for volume and support and two microfiber-filled outer chambers for a cloud-like feel.

You can buy this pillow in Queen and King sizes, and they often come in discounted 2-pack bundles. The company offers buyers a 30-night trial period, and anyone not satisfied is entitled to a full refund.

Feather Pillows & Everything They Have to Offer

After reviewing our picks for the best feather pillows, it is time we discussed the properties that have made them extremely popular among so many loyalists for all these years. 

Feather pillows are typically filled with the plumage of ducks and geese, but sometimes feathers from some other type of waterfowl are used as well. Standard feathers grow in thicker and firmer than down and have a tiny quill on their ends, which can poke through the pillow casing and scratch you. 

On the other hand, down is much lighter and softer than standard feathers. Down comes from the inner plumage and does not have a sharp quill, which is why down is often placed on the top layer or around the pillow’s edges. This way, the feather quills cannot reach through. There are far more feathers on birds than down, which is why pillows with a higher down percentage are more expensive. 

Most pillows made today are filled with a combination of feathers and down to have the best of both worlds - softness and support. Pillows with a high percentage of feathers are typically less expensive. A pillow labeled “down pillow” should contain more than 70% down. A pillow labeled “feather pillow” should contain a minimum of 30% feathers.  

Benefits and Drawbacks of Feather Pillows

The best feather pillows are soft, plushy, and luxurious but also supportive, so there are a lot of reasons to love sleeping with them. If you’re thinking about buying one, it’s important to know their benefits and drawbacks. We’ve compiled a list of those, as follows: 


Less Expensive

When buying a feather pillow, you’ll pay, on average $25 to $50, which is definitely less than you would pay for a down or foam alternative pillow. Also, feather pillows often come in discounted sets of two, which saves you even more money. 

Soft & Fluffy

If you like snuggling with your pillow during the night, you can’t beat a feather pillow for softness and comfort. 


Compared to cumbersome foam pillows, feather pillows are lightweight, fluffy, and airy, which makes them far easier to move around during the night or when making the bed. 

Durable & Long-Lasting 

Feather pillows are known for their long-lasting durability. In fact, they last 25% longer than other types of pillows. Some even last up to 10 years, which is equal to the average lifespan of a good quality mattress.

Breathable & Retain Little Heat 

Standard feather pillows are much less apt to hold onto body heat than their down or foam-filled counterparts. You naturally emit body heat while you sleep, and feather pillows let the heat dissipate off into the air. For people who tend to get hot and sweaty at night, a breathable pillow that does not retain heat is great.


What makes feather pillows so great is that you can fluff them up or scrunch them down into any shape you want. Therefore, they work well for all sleep positions. 


Not Easy to Clean

Some feather pillows cannot be machine washed and dried, so they must be dry cleaned. This can be bothersome and expensive. If you want something low maintenance, they would not be your best choice. 

Poor Pain Relief

Latex and memory foam pillow can relieve pressure points and pain because they conform to your shape, specifically your head, neck, and shoulders. Feather pillows do not have this ability and are not the best choice for people suffering from neck, shoulder, or upper back pain. 

Feather Quills Poke Out

Most feathers have special shells or covers that prevent the quills from poking through, but nothing is foolproof. When they poke out of the shell, they can prick you, which can be annoying. 


Certain kinds of feathers make a bit of a rustling sound when they’re moved around or fluffed up, which can be annoying at night.

Less Supportive 

These pillows are so scrunchy and moldable that they tend to lose their shape over time and become less supportive. Some have been known to lump up, and others simply get flat. At that point, it’s time for a replacement.

Who Would Benefit Most From A Feather Pillow?

Generally speaking, people who would benefit most from using them are as follows:

  • People Who Love Snuggling a Pillow - If you love scrunching your pillow up at night and snuggling with it, a feather pillow would likely be perfect for you because they’re very malleable and cushy. 
  • People Who Sleep Hot - If you frequently get hot and sweaty in your sleep, a feather pillow might work great for you since they retain very little heat and typically sleep cool. 
  • Back & Side Sleepers - People who prefer sleeping on their back or side would likely enjoy a feather pillow for all the reasons stated above; however, anyone weighing over 130 pounds may find the loft too low.

People who would not necessarily benefit from a feather pillow:

  • People with a Sensitive Sense of Smell - Many users mention an ongoing unpleasant odor coming from feathers, so if you have a sensitive sense of smell, this may not be the best choice. 
  • Light Sleepers - People who wake up at the slightest noise might find the rustling sound a little noisy. 
  • Stomach Sleepers - People who prefer sleeping on their stomach may find that they sink too far into a low-loft feather pillow, whereas high-loft pillows may cause spinal misalignment.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

If you have no idea which feather pillow would best meet your needs, then there are some things you’ll want to think about before deciding on a purchase. There are a number of factors that affect how well you sleep, which you need to consider: 

Types of Feathers

When it comes to feather pillows, you need to know about the various types of feathers before you can narrow down your choices: 


Most everyone agrees that the best feather pillows contain some down filling. Down comes from the fine protective layer, which exists underneath the top layer of birds. Down is very light, wispy, and fluffy and is added to make the pillow softer and plushier. A feather pillow without any down added maybe just too firm and uncomfortable for most users, but it will be less expensive than a feather and down combo pillow. The percentage of down could be anything from 5% to 50%, with the rest of the filling made up of standard feathers. 

Duck Feather

Pillows filled with duck feathers are less expensive, but that does not mean you will be unhappy with your choice. There are lots of duck feather pillows on the market to choose from, but they do tend to be less popular than goose feather pillows. The duck filling is slightly off-white; however, this makes absolutely no difference in the feel and quality of the feathers. Plus, you can’t see them through the cover anyway. Some manufacturers bleach the feathers to attain that pure white look, but this takes away the natural element, and we think this is totally unnecessary. 

Goose Feather

As the name implies, goose feather pillows contain the types of feathers found on the back and wings of geese. Goose feathers are more popular than duck feathers because they are of a higher quality, which adds to the cost. Goose feathers are also pure white; however, you may not be able to see this through the outer cover or shell. The best feather pillows are typically filled with a combination of goose feathers and goose down, though it will almost always be more feather than down. 


Feather pillows come in a number of different sizes. Below, we’ve listed the most common sizes so that you can choose the most appropriate option for your needs. For kids, we recommend the Standard and Super Standard sizes. For adults, the Queen and King. 

  • Body (54W” X 20L”) or (48W” X 20L”): As the name implies, Body pillows are as long as the human body, but no wider than a Standard size pillow. These work exceptionally well for side sleepers and those who love snuggling with their pillow. 
  • Euro (26W” X 26L”): Euro pillows are shaped like squares instead of being rectangular. They come in a variety of dimensions, but a Euro-sized pillow is always square. You see Euro sizes used as throw pillows more often than bed pillows. 
  • King (20W” X 36L”): King size pillow is the longest if you don’t count body pillows. They’re 10” longer than the Standard and 6” longer than the Queen! Because of their length, you get the largest sleeping surface, which works extremely well for people who move around a lot during the night. Due to their size, a King size pillow makes a perfect headrest while reading in bed or watching TV. 
  • Queen (20W” X 30L”): The Queen size pillow is 4” longer than the Standard, giving you a bit more space to sleep on. The Queen size is perfect for those who toss and turn all night long because they have the length to accommodate a moving sleeper.
  • Super Standard (20W” X 28L”): The Super Standard size is 2” longer than the Standard, so you get slightly more length, but not much.
  • Standard (20W” X 26L”): This is the most common size being sold, and therefore the least expensive. Because its the smallest, we recommend the Standard size for children. 

Sleep Position

The main reason people sleep with a pillow is for neck support, and your sleep position is actually what determines which pillow will support your neck the best. If your pillow has too much loft (height or thickness) or not enough, you risk suffering from neck pain down the road. 

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need a pillow that will totally fill the gap that exists between their head and shoulders, so their neck is supported and able to relax. Therefore, a lofty pillow 3” to 6” thick should work best. 

Stomach Sleepers

If you’re routinely sleeping on your stomach, you may not even use a pillow. But this may not be such a good idea. Stomach sleepers benefit most when sleeping with a thin pillow that offers a little support. The main thing is that it does not lift your head because you don’t want your neck to bend backward, which could end up causing pain.  

Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back, you need a pillow that keeps your head level with your shoulders. If the loft is too high, your spine will be forced upwards, and if your loft is too low, your neck will droop. Back sleepers benefit most with a higher loft pillow with enough firmness to hold their head in place.

Level of Firmness

In addition to the loft (height or thickness), you’ll need to decide what level of firmness would be most comfortable for you. This is where your sleep position will play a vital role. 

Medium-Soft: If you sleep on your stomach, you’ll likely be most comfortable with a medium-soft pillow, which is just soft enough for your neck to sink into the surface and keep it from craning backward. 

Medium-Firm: Back sleepers do well with a medium-firm pillow because they provide enough softness to cradle and cushion your head, so your neck doesn’t tilt forward while being sufficiently firm to keep your neck from tilting too far back. 

Extra-Firm: Pillows that are extra firm work best for people who sleep on their side because this level of firmness can hold your head at the same level as your shoulders and prevent sinkage. 


One of the main benefits of well-made feather pillows is their long-lasting durability, which you can count on as long as it’s properly taken care of. This being the case, it should easily last 2 to 3 years (and in some cases up to 10!). Although they do flatten out under pressure, they’re very easy to fluff up with your hands or by airing them out in the sunshine for a few hours. 

If you want your feather pillow to last even longer, look for one with double stitching because it’s not only beautiful, the double stitching secures the shape of the pillow and lessens the odds of it being weakened by tears and holes. Low Fill Power pillows tend to lose their loft and become misshapen more easily.

Allergy Sufferers

Many people with allergies have been told to avoid natural fillings, especially feathers because they will trigger allergic reactions, but this is actually a myth. The truth is that if you buy a poor-quality cheap feather pillow, there is a chance that the feathers may have come from a questionable source, and this could be a problem for people with allergies. The best feather pillows contain feathers that have been thoroughly cleaned so that all traces of dirt, dust, and contaminants have been washed away. 

If you are getting allergic reactions from your pillow, then it’s time that you cleaned it according to the directions on the label. Some feather pillows are machine washable and dryable, while others must be dry cleaned. Either way, you likely have a buildup of pollen spores and/or dust mites along the seams that need to be cleaned out. 

Warm or Cold Sleepers

Feather pillows are highly breathable while being naturally insulating. The air pockets make them extremely comfortable to sleep with, something most natural materials and fibers cannot do. This makes them a great choice for anyone who gets hot and sweaty, as well as people who get cold at night. 


When you buy a feather pillow, you need to make sure it has a cover with a tight enough weave to keep the feathers from popping out and poking you. Also, a fabric with a tight weave will keep allergens from getting into the pillow. 

To ensure the cover has a sufficiently tight weave, you will want the fabric to have a thread count anywhere from 200 to 800. This would indicate a high-quality, durable fabric with enough softness to create a nice luxurious sleeping surface. 

One of the most popular choices for the covers of feather pillows is 100% cotton since it’s very soft and breathable, as well. However, many people prefer polyester covers because this fabric makes a comfortable sleeping surface that is soft and water-resistant. 


As discussed above, feather pillows usually sell for $25 to $50, making them fairly inexpensive. Even though they’ve been around for centuries, feather pillows remain the ones most commonly used. You can find them anywhere bedding is sold, Wayfair, Overstock, Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Home Goods and etc. They are also available at most retail mattress stores, like Mattress Firm. You can frequently find feather pillows sold in bundles of two, or what’s called a 2-Pack, at discounted prices. 

Return Policy & Warranty

Whether you’re buying online or in-store, it’s difficult to determine how comfortable you will be sleeping with a pillow just by feeling and looking at it. The only way you’ll be able to tell whether a product is right for you is if you’re able to test it out. The best feather pillows come with a 30-night sleep trial or a reasonable return policy. 

Sleep trials are tied in with the return policy. You are allowed to buy the pillow with the knowledge that you can return it for a full refund if you’re unsatisfied. This is extremely important when you’re looking for the perfect pillow because this way, you have a chance to try out different options before you have to make your final decision. 

You should also select a product that comes with a warranty. You can expect most feather pillows to last at a minimum of 2-3 years. Therefore, you would want one that has a good warranty period. 

How To Wash Feather Pillows?

If you want your feather pillow to last, you need to take good care of it and keep it clean. This will also ensure that you have a healthy, clean sleep environment. Dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and dust, will build up over time, attracting fungal spores. You need to thoroughly clean your pillow every three months to keep it germ-free. 

Check the cleaning instructions before you toss it in the washing machine and dryer because some feather pillows need to be spot or dry cleaned. If you cannot find the tag with the care instructions, follow the steps outlined below to wash your pillow at home safely: 

  • First, look it over carefully for tears or holes. If you find any, you’ll need to mend them before tossing your pillow in the washing machine. If this isn’t done, you’ll ruin the filling inside. 
  • Put two pillows in your washing machine. You need to wash them together to keep the load balanced. 
  • Use a small amount of gentle laundry detergent. Do not use a harsh detergent, bleach, or fabric softener because they will wear out the fabric and filling, so your pillow will come out looking old and shabby. 
  • Put it through on a gentle cycle with lukewarm or cold water. Never use hot water because it can cause shrinkage.
  • Once the washing cycle is finished, run the pillows through again on a rinse cycle to ensure they are thoroughly rinsed, and there is no soapy residue.

Now that your pillows are cleaned and free of any soap, it’s time to dry them. Feather pillows can be hung out in the sun to dry, air-dried, or machine dried, whatever you prefer. If you’re going to throw them in the dryer, make sure it’s set at a low temperature, so your pillows don’t shrink. 

When they are in the dryer, you’re going to need to take them out every few minutes to fluff them up, so the feathers don’t clump together. Some people toss a dryer ball (or tennis ball) in the dryer to help give them some shape, too. 

Your pillows will need to be run through several drying cycles, with intermittent hand-fluffing, before they are completely dry. Never wring them out or twist feather pillows as you can seriously damage the feathers. 


How long does the average feather pillow last?

An “average” feather pillow will not last as long as a “high-quality” one, so it all depends on how well made the product is and if the feathers and down are premium quality. Their lifespan also depends on how well they’re cared for. If you regularly mend the tiny tears and holes that naturally occur and wash your pillow every three months, it should last you 5 to 10 years. A synthetic down pillow usually only lasts 1 to 2 years. 

Feather pillows tend to be expensive, right?

Not necessarily. The best feather pillows contain top-quality feathers that have undergone a rigorous cleaning process, so they will be a little more expensive than a pillow filled with synthetic materials. However, the big bedding brands have huge enough followings to keep costs way down.

Do they have to be fluffed up all the time?

The pillows that made our list are generally able to retain their nice, plump rectangular shape without constantly being fluffed up. While most feather pillows do need to be fluffed up on occasion, it’s not a big deal. They are amazingly comfortable to sleep with as they mold to your body while supporting your head and neck quite nicely. 

Do you get poked in the face by feathers while you’re trying to sleep?

The feather pillows from decades ago may have had this problem, but the pillows currently on the market are filled with small feathers, which are basically harmless. The best feather pillows also have specially designed covers (shells) made of very high thread-count fabrics that keep the feathers and down from escaping and poking you with their quills. 

Are they machine washable?

Many of the feather pillows being sold today can be safely machine washed. To make sure, read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. If you get the “go ahead,” use a gentle/cool cycle and tumble dry on a low setting. Follow the instructions spelled out above in this article. 

Can people suffering from allergies safely sleep with a feather pillow?

It would all depend on what they are allergic to. Generally speaking, many allergy sufferers sleep very well with feather pillows. The best feather pillows contain feathers and down that have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Thick cover materials create a barrier, so users are not exposed to the feathers. 


Many people consider a top-quality feather and down pillow to be essential to a good night’s sleep. It’s more than just a resting place for your head at night; the right pillow can ensure your neck is properly aligned throughout the night so that you don’t wake up with aches and pains. 

We hope this guide provides the information you need to choose the best feather pillow to meet your needs. If you’re still undecided, read the customer reviews on each product because they are often filled with valuable insights. For more resources, read our other guides on various bedding products and brands. 

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