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People will spend a third of their life in bed, and one of the most important things you need for a good night’s rest is a good pillow. In fact, it’s imperative to choose one that will ensure your comfort while also being kind to your wallet.

While there are all kinds of options out there – it’s the bamboo pillow that’s garnered a lot of attention lately. There are all kinds of benefits to using bamboo in various household products, which is why many manufacturers are adding it to their labels.

Why is bamboo such a popular material, especially in pillows and other bed-designed products? First off, bamboo grows extremely fast, which makes it eco-friendly. As a fabric, it’s more breathable and so much softer and moisture-wicking than synthetic or cotton fibers. If you have a problem with getting too hot at night, bamboo will help keep your bed cooler and drier.

Regardless of the reason you want to use a bamboo pillow – breathability, neck support, dust mite prevention, etc. the following products are some of the best the market has to offer.


The Best Bamboo Pillows

The Best Bamboo Pillows Comparison Table



Key Features


Coop Home Goods bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Customize your support level
- Offers fantastic balance between comfort and support
- Breathable and hypoallergenic


Snuggle-Pedic bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Bamboo cover is both soft and breathable
- Uses only eco-friendly foam (Biogreen & Certipur-US Certified)
- Great for people with allergies


Coop Home Goods - Eden bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Adjustable loft
- Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
- Gel-infused shredded memory foam


Zen Bamboo bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Cost-effective
- Resistant to fading and stains
- Breathable and soft bamboo cover


MALOUF Z bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- DOUGH formula produces softer memory foam
- Amazing pressure relief support
- Uses open cell technology to ensure better breathability


Levesolls bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Adjustable height
- Slow rebound memory foam
- Extra bamboo covers


Cariloha bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Cooling gel on the top layer
- Bamboo charcoal memory foam
- Hypoallergenic; ideal for allergy sufferers

Plixio bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Orthopedic support for your neck and shoulders
- Soft but robust bamboo pillowcase
- Two quality pillows for the price of one


Hotel Comfort bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Incredibly soft bamboo-derived duvet cover
- Hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites and other allergens
- CertiPUR-US-Certified memory foam


The Best Bamboo Pillows Reviews

Coop Home Goods: The Best Memory Foam Option

Coop Home Goods bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Customize your support level
- Offers fantastic balance between comfort and support
- Breathable and hypoallergenic

Price:  $59.99

When it comes to bamboo pillows, Coop Home Goods is one of the best options on the market for softness and breathability. Their pillow is manufactured in the U.S. and has a 60 percent polyester and 40 percent bamboo rayon pillowcase.

This is a very comfortable pillow that suits all types of sleepers, no matter what their sleeping position is. The pillow has a side zipper so you can freely add or take out filling to adjust the loft (pillow height). If you’re a back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper, it offers a fantastic balance between comfort and support.

Coop Home Goods is a mixture of microfiber and memory foam, which is vacuum-packed into plastic and folded as tightly as possible. When you remove it from the plastic, it starts to inflate, gaining height and loft. Shake it a bit and push on the sides to ensure it rises quicker. Or, you can just throw it in the dryer for five minutes. Within an hour, it will be fully expanded, and the loft is going to be eight inches high (unless you remove some of the fill).

If you suffer from allergies, then this Coop Home Goods pillow will undoubtedly help you out. It’s both dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic. You can wash the bamboo pillowcase to get rid of stains or dirt. Since bamboo is a breathable material, those who sleep hot will stay cool during the night.

Another significant aspect of these pillows is the stringent, third-party lab testing they go through, which has also earned them Certi-PUR-US and GreenGuard Gold certifications for quality and safety.

Coop Home Goods offers a five-year warranty should your pillow flatten at any time. You can also try the pillow out for 100 days risk-free to see if it’s right for you.

Snuggle-Pedic: The Best Adjustable Bamboo Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Bamboo cover is both soft and breathable
- Uses only eco-friendly foam (Biogreen & Certipur-US Certified)
- Great for people with allergies

Price:  $59.99

The Snuggle-Pedic company produces a pillowcase that’s an amalgamation of materials – bamboo viscose, polyester and lycra, which makes it exceptionally soft to the touch, eco-friendly and cooling during the night.

It’s one of the best bamboo pillows on the market for its orthopedic neck support for any sleeper regardless of their sleeping position. It comes with an outer cover that you can remove, which also allows you to make adjustments to the pillow thickness. With the inclusion of Micro-Vents, the air can freely circulate, and there is no accumulation of heat.

The great thing about this micro-vented fabric is its durability and breathability, which lets the made-in-USA, Biogreen, and Certi-US Certified memory foam spread out. This fabric will absorb sweat and moisture better than cotton. It will also fight against bacteria that can accumulate on the pillow and lead to bad odors.

This Snuggle-Pedic bamboo pillow offers a 120-Night satisfaction guarantee as well as free shipping, which gives you plenty of time to decide if it works for you or not. Customers also get a 20-year replacement warranty. While this does not include physical damage, rips, and tears, it protects you in case the pillow flattens.

Coop Home Goods «Eden»: The Best Cooling Bamboo Pillow

Coop Home Goods - Eden bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Adjustable loft
- Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
- Gel-infused shredded memory foam

Price:  $79.99

The Coop Home Goods products are made in the U.S. and growing in popularity very fast. Their pillow comes with a 40 percent bamboo rayon cover with exceptional cashmere-like softness, which can keep you cool as you sleep. Its gusseted design provides edge-to-edge support, and the adjustable loft means anybody can use it – side sleepers, back sleepers, or stomach sleepers.

Every pillow comes with gel-infused memory foam and a microfiber fill blend. The gel helps provide even more softness and cooling, aids in breathability, and brings out heat to offer users a comfortable temperature all during the night. The gel is blue in color and has small fibers all over it. On the zipper side, you can open it up and feel just how soft and cool the gel fibers are.

What makes Coop Home Goods one of the best bamboo pillows on the market is the strict, third-party lab testing it goes through. It’s been CertiPUR-US, and GreenGuard Gold certified for the utmost quality and safety.

This pillow is filled entirely with shredded memory foam, and because it’s adjustable, you can find the right height that’s best for you. Keep the extra memory foam in a plastic bag, so you can use it when you need it.

Coop Home Goods is all about proving the best customer service, which is why they offer a 100-night sleep trial. If you’re unhappy with the product, you can send it back for a refund. If you keep the pillow, it comes with a five-year warranty that ensures protection against the pillow going flat. 

Zen Bamboo: The Most Affordable Option

Zen Bamboo bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Cost-effective 
- Resistant to fading and stains
- Breathable and soft bamboo cover

Price:  $35.99

The pillows from Zen Bamboo comprise of an incredibly soft gel fiber, which is covered by a jacquard bamboo cover. They are ideal for anybody who wants to buy affordable bamboo pillows. They are great for taking on vacation or guest rooms, as well.

There is a drawback to this pillow – it’s non-adjustable. You can’t remove or add to the pillow’s height unless you cut it apart and sew it for yourself. Still, the very soft gel fiber makes the pillow very comfortable to use for all types of sleepers.

The cover, which is made out of bamboo rayon, is both soft and breathable. Thanks to its no-shift design, you’ll have support all during the night. The pillowcase provides additional support and firmness, but you may need to bunch up the sides a small bit. The first time you use it, you may notice it fluff up a little more after several days, giving you even more support.

The pillowcase is both stain and fade-resistant, and even though you can’t separate the fill from the pillowcase, you can put the pillow in the washer machine to get it cleaned. Allow for plenty of drying time to ensure you can sleep on it again that night. You can always add another pillowcase to the pillow to make washing much easier.

People who suffer from allergies may feel this is the best bamboo pillow out there, as it’s hypoallergenic and completely free of all chemicals and allergens. If you have asthma or other breathing issues, this may be the product you’ve been looking for.

Zen Bamboo provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to get a full refund if you’re unhappy during this time.

Malouf: The Best Solid Foam Option

MALOUF Z bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- DOUGH formula produces softer memory foam
- Amazing pressure relief support
- Uses open cell technology to ensure better breathability

Price:  $79.99

There are five variations to the Malouf bamboo pillow that customers can pick from. While they have similar measurements and lofts, they have different features that make them unique.

With the white pillow, you get a soft dough memory foam. With the blue pillow, you get a temperature-regulating gel foam, the purple pillow has lavender infused in it, and the black one consists of bamboo charcoal. You can find these pillows in the standard size, King and Queen.

The Z Zoned Dough memory foam pillow offers terrific neck and back support, but only if you got the right amount of loft. The pillow can’t be adjusted, which means finding and buying the correct loft is essential in getting a good night’s rest.

Thanks to the exclusive DOUGH memory foam formula, this is one of the softest memory foam pillows on the market. However, it’s not only comfortable but therapeutic too. Memory foam is well-known for offering fantastic pressure relief and helping to alleviate the pain you can get while sleeping. Combine this with the zoned pin-core design for pressure relief, and you can say goodbye to painful awakenings from bad nights.

With the open-cell technology, you can sleep comfortably because more air can flow freely through. Since it’s hypoallergenic, it’s ideal for people who have allergies (it’s also resistant to dust mites).

Memory foam keeps its shape, so you never have to fluff it or worry it’ll flatten. The pillow is covered by a bamboo velour rayon that can be removed and washed when needed. There is a five-year warranty that protects you in cases of manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear to the pillow and its case are not covered. 

Levesolls: The Best Contour Bamboo Pillow

Levesolls bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Adjustable height
- Slow rebound memory foam
- Extra bamboo covers

Price:  $30.99

When it comes to bamboo pillows, you’ll find that this is the only product on the list that includes an adjustable solid memory foam option. How can the manufacturer pull this off? They added an additional thin layer of foam that is snuggled between the two thicker layers. If you have neck pain or sleep in all kinds of positions, this may be an excellent choice for you.

Like other bamboo memory foam pillows, the most significant benefit of sleeping with Levesolls is the cooler night sleep and allergy relief. You have four different heights to choose from, all depending on what you want for that night. If you want additional support for your shoulders, you can choose to add all the layers; however, if you want to sleep on your stomach, then you can use a single layer.

It’s best to know what bamboo pillow size you need before you buy one. This is especially important when it comes to the loft and thickness. With all its layers, the Levesolls pillow will end up being 4.7 inches high on one side and 3.9 inches for the other side. If you use just two layers, the height is 3.5 and 2.8 inches, respectively.

Thanks to this contour shape, one side is thicker than the other. Thus, you can flip the pillow over as you sleep to lower your neck or raise it as you see fit.

This pillow has a unique design to it, which makes it the best bamboo pillow for contouring needs. With the additional solid memory foam layer, it can be used by anyone no matter what their sleep preferences are. It rebounds slowly, and with the gel-infused solid memory foam, you can stay cool all during the night.

Since durability is so important when it comes to bamboo pillows, you should know that Levesolls offers a two-year warranty in cases of defects in the memory foam and quality. This doesn’t extend to the bamboo pillowcase offered with the purchase.

Cariloha: The Best Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow

Cariloha bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Cooling gel on the top layer
- Bamboo charcoal memory foam
- Hypoallergenic; ideal for allergy sufferers

Price:  $109.00

When it comes to the best bamboo pillow on the market, you’ll find that this 100 percent bamboo charcoal memory foam ranks high up there. With a cooling gel infused in the pillow, it’s expensive, but a well-worth-it pillow. The cover is comprised of 70 percent viscose and 30 percent polyester.

With medium firmness, the pillow keeps its shape and contours to your head size, relieving pressure for a good night’s sleep. Since the memory foam is made with holes in it, plenty of air will flow through to ensure a more refreshing night as you sleep.

Bamboo charcoal memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic, helping to resist dust must and toxins. With the cooling gel-top layer, you can rest assured that you’ll stay cool as you sleep (even more so than other pillows on the market). The bamboo viscose cover takes moisture away and keeps odors from seeping into the pillow. You can remove the cover to wash it.

If you’re not happy with the pillow, you have 30 days to request a replacement or refund. If you plan to return it, you’ll cover the shipping costs, and then the company will reimburse you for it. The pillow has a lifetime quality guarantee.

Plixio: The Most Durable Option

Plixio bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Orthopedic support for your neck and shoulders
- Soft but robust bamboo pillowcase
- Two quality pillows for the price of one

Price:  $39.99

Plixio comprises of shredded memory foam with a 60 percent polyester and 40 percent rayon bamboo cover. It’s the best bamboo pillow for side and back sleepers.

Unlike many typical pillows, it won’t flatten after a few months of being used. Instead, it can withstand several years of use. The pillow is made using shredded memory foam that offers a high loft for back and stomach sleepers. However, some stomach sleepers may also benefit from using this pillow as well.

Thanks to its flexibility, the shredded memory foam can contour to your neck and head, making sure the spinal column and back are aligned properly. It is infused with gel that ensures you stay cool all night.

Plixio is hypoallergenic and stain-resistant, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers. The pillow cover is breathable, so no moisture stays on the material. It can also be washed in the washer when needed. These pillows won’t flatten unlike what you see with the down, feather, down alternative, latex, and foam fillings.

The company provides a three-year warranty for any manufacturing defects of the product.

Hotel Comfort: The Most Firm Bamboo Pillow

Hotel Comfort bamboo-pillow-reviews by

- Incredibly soft bamboo-derived duvet cover
- Hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites and other allergens
- CertiPUR-US-Certified memory foam

Price:  $19.97

Hotel Comfort is a very firm pillow, which is made of 60 percent polyester and 40 percent bamboo with a 100 percent polyurethane foam fill. If you like the idea of a hard pillow and bamboo, this is a great choice.

What makes the Hotel Comfort pillow unique is that it uses a very supportive memory foam, which can still contour to the body and give you a good night’s rest. It alleviates any pain you might have in your shoulders caused by flat pillows.

The soft bamboo cover can be washed in a machine, getting rid of any buildup of dust and dirt. Bear in mind that the pillow is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. Thanks to the adjustable Certi-PUR-US Certified foam, the filling won’t shift while you sleep.

The pillow is offered in three sizes. Queen, King, and Body Pillow. You can buy it in a single pack or order a two-pack for it. With a customizable foam filling, you can adjust it to the right shape and size you feel is best for you. It’s ideal for any back, stomach, and side sleeper.

While there is no listed warranty on Amazon, the company does offer a 30-Night sleep trial. If you’re unhappy with the product, you can return it anytime in the 30 days period and get a full refund.

A Look At Bamboo Pillows

The name ‘bamboo pillow’ comes from the outer bamboo shell that keeps the pillow together. Usually called a pillow cover, the fabric uses bamboo plant fibers, which can spin thousands of yarn. 

Bamboo pillows are not like traditional pillows, which are usually filled with down alternative or cotton. They usually have a much higher loft from due to high end, solid memory foam, or shredded memory foam fill. However, each pillow varies in its density and style. The price is going to differ from one pillow manufacturer to the next, as well. 

Still, every one of these pillows ensures a sleeping experience that’s hypoallergenic, breathable, and soft. 

Advantages Of Bamboo Pillows

If you shop smart, you won’t just purchase anything you heard about on the commercial or radio. Instead, you’ll take your time and do some research to find products that are best for you. When it comes to bamboo pillows and their benefits, you’re going to look at the reasons why they are so beneficial to your sleep quality. So, what are the advantages of using a bamboo pillow over other pillow types?


Bamboo, unlike polyester, cotton, and nylon, is naturally hypoallergenic, which means most people will never suffer from allergies when using products made out of bamboo. 

Heat and Moisture Regulation

The bamboo’s viscose rayon is exceptionally effective at taking away heat and moisture that can accumulate on the pillow surface. A key reason people don’t get a good night’s sleep is that they constantly wake up in the middle of the night because of terrible air circulation in their pillow.

If you’re looking at memory foam bamboo pillows, this is extremely important to consider. Memory foam is well-known for heating up. When enveloped in bamboo fibers, the heat will dissipate rather than absorbed into the pillow. This means any sweat or moisture is eliminated before it can build up, allowing for a cooler night’s sleep.


Bamboo is a completely natural product, growing in various locations around the world 365 days a year. This makes it highly sustainable, and even when it’s harvested, it starts growing right away. In a matter of weeks, a full crop is available to process once more. 

Alternatively, cotton is grown once a year and can drain the soil of nutrients. Bamboo doesn’t stop growing due to its grass-like nature – no need for irrigation, chemical pesticides, and it’s not affected by droughts. 

Bear in mind that the processing means used to break down the bamboo fibers do use chemicals, but compare these amounts to those used for other materials, and it’s much less dangerous to the environment. You’re also supporting your local farms who invest in bamboo for their crops.

Ideal For Any Sleeping Position 

These pillows can be found in all kinds of lofts and shapes, which is why you need to take time to really look at ones that will fit your sleep style and needs. Before you buy any pillow, think about how you sleep and then decide which one is best for you. 

Who Could Benefit Most From Using A Bamboo Pillow?

Anybody can benefit from a high-quality bamboo pillow, but some people could benefit more than others. Who are these individuals?

Anybody who suffers from insomnia - Insomnia could be the result of too much heat inside a pillow. The bamboo cover allows air to flow freely, which will take away the heat and let you sleep better at night – all night. 

Anybody who has neck and back pain - A bamboo pillow with the right amount of loft can ease their suffering. Many times, the pain is the result of spine misalignment. If you subject your spine to odd positions, it’s going to become sore eventually. This neck pain can become persistent if left alone. However, with the right pillow loft, you can get rid of this discomfort and feel like yourself again. 

Anybody who suffers from allergies - Thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, people who have skin irritations or allergies with regular bedding materials can use bamboo pillows and not have these problems. If you wake up with a stuffy nose or have skin problems due to irritation, then getting the best bamboo pillow may be the right investment for you. 

Are You Trying To Be Eco-Friendly? Here’s What You Need to Know

Some bamboo bedding manufacturers claim that their pillows are 100% all-natural, but the reality is that it’s not completely true. Yes, bamboo is a much more eco-friendly and sustainable source of filling, but producing it means using chemicals as well. 

For dense bamboo fibers to become incredibly soft Rayon yarn for a bamboo pillow cover, it must be processed in heavy machinery and exposed to chemical enzymes that break the hard cellulose down. 

Still, every manufacturer does not process bamboo bedding in the same manner. Some companies, such as Bamboo Supply Co. and Cariloha, will use a sustainable production that also utilizes advanced filtration and recycling techniques to minimize chemical output and waste.

Don’t forget the saying, “You get what you pay for.” If you’re looking for budget-friendly choices, then you’re getting one of two things – a product that’s not entirely bamboo or a company not worried about the impact it’s making on the environment. 

Things To Consider Before You Buy

The best bamboo pillow for you will depend on what kind of fill you want, what loft is comfortable for you and your budget. There are several things to consider before you purchase a bamboo pillow as well, such as how to properly clean the pillow, if there are any warranties, etc. 

Sleep Position

How you sleep will dictate what kind of bamboo pillow is best for you. Spinal misalignments tend to happen at night, which can cause you to wake up with stiff shoulderssore neck, or aching back. Your sleep position will factor in into which is the best bamboo pillow for you.

Side Sleeper – Most people tend to sleep on their side, but a lofty pillow is necessary to ensure the gap between the mattress and neck is closed. Find a high loft pillow that offers firm support to help you sleep on your side without any soreness.

Back Sleeper – Back sleeping is considered the healthiest sleep position since your spine stays neutral all night long. With this position, you just need a firm and low loft pillow to sleep on. Too much or too little loft will create an unnatural spinal curve.

Stomach Sleeper – Stomach sleeping is the unhealthiest way to sleep, as facing down causes additional stress on the spine that can lead to chronic back issues. Neck pain is also prevalent among these types of sleepers. It’s best to switch to side or back sleeping to get a good night’s rest. If you can’t change your sleep style, low-loft, thin pillows (less than 3 inches thick) and firm mattresses can offer stomach sleepers proper support.

Combination Sleeper – People who are constantly switching their positions in the night need a medium-high and medium-firm pillow to help them stay comfortable as they sleep and move around. 


All the sizes of a bamboo pillow, not including the body pillow, have the same width. It’s the length of the pillow that changes on the size. Bamboo pillows are found in four different sizes:

  • Standard – This is the most common pillow size you’ll see on the market. It’s the shortest one of them all and the most compact. It’s also the least expensive.
  • Queen – These pillows are four inches longer than the standard pillows. They are ideal for people who feel standard-sized pillows are not long enough. They are also great for people who toss and turn all night. 
  • King – These pillows are two inches longer than Queen sized pillows, and are great for people who are restless when sleeping. They are also great for people who love to watch TV or read in bed. 
  • Body – Body pillows are oversized in terms of width and are two times the size of a standard pillow. They’re geared toward people who prefer to sleep snuggled with their pillow. When used in a cradle-between-the-legs position on the side, a body pillow helps to make the spine better aligned with the head and neck.

Fill Material

The majority of bamboo pillow manufacturers will use memory foam to fill their pillows. Memory foam is made via a chemical treatment that causes the material to become supportive and soft. The goal of memory foam is to ensure it cradles your neck, head, and shoulders. Once there’s no weight applied to it, it’s designed to return to its original shape.

There are two forms of memory foam bamboo pillows – solid core or shredded. 

As the name stipulates, shredded memory foam consists of tiny pieces of memory foam that are found inside the pillow’s inner liner. Some of the best bamboo pillows manufacturers offer a zipper on this liner so that you can add or remove shredded memory foam to adjust the pillow. 

If you want more loft, you can add more foam to the pillow. You need a lower loft; you can take some of the foam out. Customizing a pillow is one thing you should really consider because it makes the pillow ideal for any person regardless of their sleeping position. And, if you find the loft isn’t to your liking because it’s not high enough, many of the best bamboo pillow manufacturers will send you additional filling at no charge.

Solid memory foam is one piece of foam that’s cut to fit the pillow size. They either be a flat surface or contoured shape to support the upper body. It’s not uncommon for the solid memory foam to have holes in the core to allow air to flow through, which makes them a great choice for warm nights. 


When looking at different options and considering which ones are the best bamboo pillows on the market, price isn’t always indicative of the best. After all, some bamboo pillows can have a starting price of $30 and are very good pillows. While others can cost $90 or more, and not be ideal for your sleeping needs. 

In general, the price of a bamboo pillow is going to be dictated by three things: the filling, size, and amount of bamboo used in cover material.

Cheaper bamboo pillows will have a standard pillowcase size have and around 40 percent bamboo-derived viscose/rayon cover. The larger size pillows – Queen and King – can easily run into the upper tens of dollars. And, any pillowcase covers made entirely from bamboo will cost far more than the combo pillows. 

Lastly, if you choose a body bamboo pillow, you’re going to pay a lot more money because they are the largest in size.

Safety and Certification

When it comes to buying products, make certifications your best friend. There are a plethora of certifications out there – all of them state a product has met a specific set of standards. Two of the common certifications out there for bedding products include CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard Gold

  • GreenGuard Gold – This certification means products and materials emit very low levels of chemicals, as noted by the standards of the chemical exposure benchmarks. 
  • CertiPUR-US – This certification means materials were manufactured without using flame retardants, TDCPP, PBDEs, etc. They contain no lead, mercury or other heavy metals seen in many other products. It also means the product met the guidelines stipulated by the Customer Product Safety Commission and doesn’t release a lot of volatile organic compounds into the air. 

Special Note – You always want to buy a product that as a low VOC, so you know that little to no dangerous toxins are being released into your home’s air. High VOC levels can cause irritations of the throat, eyes, and nose. You could also have coordination problems, headaches, and nausea. In very severe cases, there could be liver and kidney damage. You could even have problems with your central nervous system. 

Should You Buy Import or USA Products

The majority of people go for U.S. bedding over China products. There’s the perception that U.S. products offer higher quality, use fewer chemicals, and have a better customer support team. However, the real difference is the price. 


The majority of bamboo pillows that use shredded memory foam can be washed in a washing machine. Solid memory foam, on the other hand, should be hand-washed (spot-cleaned). However, the pillowcases of either one can be thrown into the washer. The best thing you can do is read the manufacturer’s care instructions and follow them to the tee. 


The kind of warranty a manufacturer provides can give you some insight into their pillow’s durability. Before products are introduced to the market, they go through stringent tests to see how long they are going to last. The results give the company an idea of what kind of warranty to offer to their consumers.

While bamboo pillows don’t have a specified length of the warranty, you should always look for pillows that offer at least a two-year warranty, especially if the fill is memory foam.  

Pillow warranty tends to cover the workmanship and materials. If the memory foam begins to disintegrate or loses its loftiness, you can file a warranty claim. 

Bamboo Pillows Vs. Other Pillow Types


This type of material is great for orthopedic support, which makes it popular among back pain sufferers. Natural latex also doesn’t have the off-gassing problems, as noted with memory foam. That doesn’t mean latex pillows don’t have a drawback or two.

First off, latex is a harder material, which means it’s not as comfortable to sleep on. While you can get a natural latex pillow to alleviate that issue, it’s usually much more expensive than synthetic latex pillows. 


Down is the softer part of the bird’s feathers, which makes down pillows quite luxurious and moldable. However, there are some critical issues with using down as a pillow fill. For instance, the method used to get the down is often seen as inhumane. They are also very expensive pillows, can’t be easily cleaned, always need to be fluffed and can cause allergies in some people. Plus, down pillows are famous for going flat at night, which causes people to wake up feeling uncomfortable. 

Memory Foam

Traditional memory foam pillows tend to lack the comfort bamboo memory foam pillows have. For example, they are usually hotter, which can get uncomfortable after some time. While bamboo pillows do have a smell to them, standard memory foam pillows often have a pungent odor that can be overwhelming. People who are sensitive to smells or are worried about the off-gassing process may want to forgo the use of anything with memory foam in it. 


Tempur is a type of memory foam that Tempurpedic came up with. It was first created through a NASA contract and is an amalgamation of various materials used to create the memory foam. Since its inception, scientists have refined the material. However, because of its synthetic polyurethane foam blend, it can cause off-gassing odors that can be potentially dangerous to one’s health. 

Other issues you may have with Tempurpedic products are heat retention and cost (which can be extraordinarily expensive). 

Should You Spend Your Money On A Bamboo Pillow?

When looking for the best bamboo pillows and reading all the reviews, you may be wondering if the cost outweighs the benefits and vice versa. Yes, bamboo pillows – even cheaper ones – are very expensive, but not as much as what you’d see with a Tempur-Pedic pillow. 

Although they are expensive, the benefits can make it worth it. We’ve already gone over some of them including:

  • Better heat regulation properties
  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • Better support of head and neck
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly development process

The only thing left to understand is the bamboo pillows’ durability. Traditional pillows need replacing at least once a year to ensure the same level of support. ‘

In turn, bamboo pillows are incredibly durable. Since they regulate both moisture and heat so well, the pillow won’t soak these into the inner layers. Both moisture and heat absorption are the main reasons that cause the breakdown of pillow materials. This means a bamboo pillow will last up to three times longer than traditional pillows, so you can save yourself money that you’d be spending on replacement pillows every year.

How To Properly Take Care Of A Bamboo Pillow

If all you ever used memory foam, then you know how important it is to preserve a memory foam pillow to ensure a supportive sleep environment. The best way to extend a pillow’s life is to take care of it, cleaning and airing it out properly. Washing a pillow and allowing it to air-dry can be too much of a hassle, so the majority of people would rather throw it in the washer and dryer. 

However, the key to extending the life of a bamboo pillow is to wash it by hand (as most pillows are filled with memory foam and cannot be machine-washed). Solid memory foam bamboo pillows must be air-dried as well (using a fan can speed the process up). Shredded pillows can be thrown in the dryer on low heat. 

How To Wash Your Bamboo Pillow

Even the best bamboo pillows need to be taken care of properly to ensure a long life span. When it comes to keeping your pillow looking and smelling its best, washing it regularly is a must. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly care for your pillow. 

Most will recommend it be washed at least once every two months. This will take care of any dead skin cells or dirt on the pillow that can attract dust mites and cause the materials to break down. 

While some manufacturers claim that throwing your bamboo pillow in the washer is fine, it’s really a better idea to wash it by hand. Most washer machines are rough on clothing and bedding materials, even on the delicate setting. Therefore, they can damage the pillow’s cover and structure. 

Cleaning your pillow by hand is the best way to address this issue: just fill up your sink or bathtub with lukewarm water. Put in some mild laundry detergent (no bleach or bleach-added products) since this can damage the rayon yarn. 

Submerge the pillow in the water and gently massage and squeeze it. This will let the soapy water to get through the pillow and clean it thoroughly. Do this for several minutes, and then empty out the soapy water. Refill it with clean, cold water to rinse the pillow out. Repeat the massaging and squeezing steps for several minutes to eliminate the soap from the pillow. You may need to do this several times until the soap is completely gone.

Once you’re done, your pillow will need to be dried; if you can wait and let it air dry, which is a better option. However, if you’re in a rush, you can toss it into the dryer for 30 minutes on a low heat setting. 

How To Fluff Your Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo pillows will be packaged firmly, and once you take it out, it’ll fluff up. However, after a couple of weeks of use, you may find your pillow doesn’t have the fluff it once did. That’s because your neck, shoulders, and back have caused the stuffing to flatten out a bit. All you need to do is throw the pillow in the dryer on a low heat for 15 minutes to get it back to its fluffy stage. This will cause the fibers to break apart from each other and tumbling will actively fluff the pillow stuffing. Take it out from the dryer after 15 minutes, and it’s just like new. 

How To Air Out Your Bamboo Pillow

When you first get your pillow, it may have a chemical smell to it. This is called off-gassing, which is a common issue in many foam-filled products because they require several chemicals to produce. However, this smell isn’t toxic, and, within a couple of hours, it’s usually gone. 

Of course, after using your pillow for months, it’s going to eventually smell thanks to the accumulation of facial oils, sweat, and dead skin. When this happens, you need to sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on it and put it in the sun for a couple of hours. Vacuum the baking soda up and repeat the process for the other side. 


Is It Possible To Be Allergic To Bamboo?

Most people are not allergic to bamboo, and it’s a rare allergy. However, if someone is using a bamboo pillow and does have a reaction, it could be the result of something blended into it, the detergent used, or the population of dust mites. 

How To Know A Bamboo Pillow Is A Fake?

With bamboo-related products on the rise, some companies are allegedly selling fake bamboo pillows. It can be hard to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are fake. The best way to protect yourself from scams is to remember the following:

  • Keep receipts and packaging in case you need to return the pillow 
  • Reach out to the company before you put in an order
  • Read customer feedback
  • Purchase pillows from reputable companies only

How Do I Get My New Bamboo Pillow to Fluff Up?

Anytime you purchase a new bamboo pillow, it will be vacuum sealed and flat (like a pancake). You can throw it into your dryer for five minutes on the low heat setting. Or, if you’d rather do it naturally, you can take it out of the package and leave it be for an hour. 

This is naturally the best thing to do because fresh air means the chemicals will dissipate as the pillow expands. Place it near an open window or in a room that has access to fresh air. 

How Firm Are Bamboo Pillows?

Solid memory foam bamboo pillows range in various levels of firmness and softness. You have the option for a soft, medium, or firm pillow – it all depends on what you want and how you sleep.

One of the key benefits to a shredded memory foam bamboo pillow is that you can choose how much loft and firmness the pillow has. And, if you need it, some companies will give you extra memory foam to add to your pillow.

Should You Use A Bamboo Pillowcase?

The majority of people use a pillowcase to protect their pillows, but some people wonder if sleeping directly on the pillow is possible. Yes and no!

Rayon yarn is very soft – one of the most delicate materials you’ll sleep on. However, if you decide to use your pillow without a pillow cover, you will need to wash it more often to get rid of the hair oils, dust, germs, etc. It also won’t last near as long as a pillow with a pillowcase on it.

Do Bamboo Pillows Have A Smell?

A huge consumer complaint is the smell that surrounds bamboo pillows, which is a powerful chemical smell when they are first pulled out of the package. This smell is not dangerous to your health but can be nauseating for some. 

In most cases, the smell dissipates after a day in the air. However, that still hasn’t stopped some users from wondering why the smell is there in the first place. The odor is the result of the cleaning process manufacturers use before the pillow is packaged. Since cleaning gases don’t air out before the pillow is sealed up, it means it won’t air out until you open and remove it from its packaging. 

Another possible reason for the smell is your choice in pillow fill materials such as the memory foam bamboo pillow. When memory foam is first taken out of its package, you’ll notice a robust chemical smell as the pores of the foam open up and release trapped gas. These smells do disappear within a couple of days; however, if they don’t, manufacturers will replace or refund you the money if you reach out to them about the issue. 

What Are Bamboo Pillows Really Comprise Of?

While the covers are usually the same, consisting of viscose rayon yarn, it’s the filling where you’ll find the most difference. That said, bamboo pillows comprise of the same materials traditional pillows are comprised of. It all depends on the type of pillow you want. Many bamboo pillows use memory foam or shredded memory foam, goose down, and synthetic materials.

What To Keep In Mind

If you want a more natural way in which to get a good night’s rest, a bamboo pillow may be just what you need. Lay your head on one of these bad boys, and you may never spend your money on anything else again. These pillows are so comfortable and will last far longer than the traditional cotton-filled and memory foam pillows you have been using to date. Thanks to Rayon yard and robust bamboo fibers, there’s no need for you to look any further for a decent pillow. 

Why waste another night in pain when you can get the sleep you long for and more using one of the best bamboo pillow sold today?

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